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January 29-February 5, 2018, Issue

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  • Books and the Arts

    Paul Kingsnorth’s England

    In two new novels and a recent collection of essays, the English environmentalist and activist captures a country coming apart.

    Christopher de Bellaigue

  • The Precarious Generation

    It’s not the kids these days that we need to worry about, but the world their parents helped build.

    Sarah Jones

  • Errol Morris’s Paranoid Style

    In Wormwood, the filmmaker reminds us that sometimes skepticism is the only thing we can trust.

    Evan Kindley

  • Lil Peep’s Optimist Love Songs

    Gustav Åhr was emo-rap’s most visible representative and the genre’s most mainstream success, but what set his music apart was not its despair but its deep sense of hope.

    Bijan Stephen

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