When Whiteness Starts Seeing Itself

The fact that white people are suddenly having to recognize themselves as having a race has only added to growing resentment over the country’s demographic changes.

Kali Holloway

Cuba: 60 Years of a Brutal, Vindictive, and Pointless Embargo

Where Obama was willing to try “engagement,” Biden administration policy remains mired in Cold War clichés. The Nation has always believed there is a better way.

Peter Kornbluh

Congress Could Finally Ban Its Members From Trading Stocks—and Not a Moment Too Soon

Ending a thousand conflicts of interest can begin with a single step.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Latest in Politics

A black-and-white photo with a mushroom-shaped explosion.

The Tularosa Downwinders Have Waited 75 Years for Justice

Even though the first atomic bomb exploded in their state, New Mexicans were never compensated for the health consequences of nuclear contamination. These campaigners have vowed to change that.

Sofia Martinez
Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares

Virginia Is for Suckers

If you were a Joe Biden/Glenn Youngkin voter, you ignored a lot of evidence that the man in fleece was no moderate.

Joan Walsh
Danielle Allen Is Running for Massachusetts Governor to Revive American Democracy

Danielle Allen Is Running for Massachusetts Governor to Revive American Democracy

Can she convince the state’s voters to put her ideas into practice?

Serena Cho

State Politics


Chloe Maxmin

What a Progressive Champion From Rural Maine Can Teach Democrats About Winning

Chloe Maxmin can show Democrats new paths to victory.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
student protest tuition

How Canceling Student Loan Debt Would Be Strategically Smart for Biden

The country desperately needs relief, and the president needs a political win.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Ban CRT Card

The Black Core of the Culture War

Something happened to Black discourse on the way to the backlash—and that’s no joke.

Joshua Adams

The Right

The Presidency

Voting rights protest

Democrats Failed Forward on Voting Rights

Biden forced the Republicans, and two Democrats, to go on record saying voting rights don’t matter—or at least, not more than preserving the filibuster.

Joan Walsh and The Nation

Biden Asks the Best Question: “What Are Republicans For?”

At his press conference, the president tried to get the media to examine the GOP as intensely as they grilled him about his poll numbers and inflation troubles. It’s unlikely to work.

Joan Walsh

Stop the Stumble Toward War With Russia

The last thing we need is a war by proxy or, God forbid, directly with the Russians.

Katrina vanden Heuvel


Mitch McConnell frog face

Mitch McConnell’s Klanian Slip

In saying the quiet part out loud, McConnell confirmed what many of us already knew: White people think they’re the only true Americans.

Elie Mystal
Radical Change

Radical Change

Who knew? Scenes from our series “The Greater Quiet” for the week of January 17.

Steve Brodner
We Wouldn’t Be in This Mess if D.C. Were a State

We Wouldn’t Be in This Mess if D.C. Were a State

The problem in the Senate runs deeper than Sinema and Manchin. It’s an unrepresentative chamber that must be made more representative. 

John Nichols

Coronavirus and Politics

ICE Is Detaining More Immigrants. Covid Is Putting Them in Danger.

ICE Is Detaining More Immigrants. Covid Is Putting Them in Danger.

The Biden administration is placing millions of incarcerated people—including over 20,000 who are in ICE detention—at risk of a Covid-19 illness, disability, and death.

Sophia Gurulé and Abdullah Shihipar

“If These Demands Are Not Met, We Will Be Striking by Not Attending School”

An interview with Ayleen Serrano and Nikayla Dean, organizers of Oakland’s student Covid protests.

Eoin Higgins

How Much Longer Can We Keep Doing This Without a Vaccine?

All parents are struggling during the pandemic, but those with kids too young to be vaccinated are barely holding on.

Regina Mahone