Why Does the Far Right Hold a Near-Monopoly on Political Violence?

Studies show that most people across the political spectrum abhor it. So what might explain the disparity?

Joshua Holland

This Union Ironworker Has a Plan to Beat Paul Ryan

A construction worker takes on the speaker of the House—and sparks fly.

John Nichols

Running for Governor, Stacey Abrams Has a Plan to Turn Georgia Blue

She united the Democratic Party’s competing wings to launch her historic campaign. Now she has to turn out a different kind of electorate.

Joan Walsh
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Focus on Health Care

The Senate GOP Isn’t Fixing Health Care. It’s Waging Class War.

A draft bill released Thursday offers tax cuts to the rich at the expense of the poor and the elderly.

Zoë Carpenter

Who Is Getting Rich Off the Secret Health-Care Overhaul?

A small group of people knows what the public doesn’t, and that’s ripe for scandal.

George Zornick

The Fight to Save the Affordable Care Act Is Really a Class Battle

Starting to mitigate America’s yawning class divide is exactly what the ACA did. And that’s exactly what the Republican plan would undo.

Angela Bonavoglia
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Life and Death in Brownback’s Kansas

Twenty-one states have refused to expand Medicaid, leaving millions of sick Americans without decent healthcare.
Kai Wright

This article was reported in partnership with the Investigative Fund at the Nation Institute. RaDonna Kuekelhan and her sister, Cathy O’Mara, have spent their whole lives in and around southeast Kansas, a largely rural area wedged up against Oklahoma and Missouri. Long pastoral stretches separate the region’s smattering of ghostly… Continue Reading >

Georgia Special Election

Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats

It’s time to bury the Panera Bread strategy.

D.D. Guttenplan

Karen Handel Has a Long History of Suppressing Votes

She’s purged voter rolls, blocked Democratic candidates from running, and supported strict voter-ID laws.

Ari Berman

The Lessons We Learned From Jon Ossoff’s Defeat

The midterms will be much different, but Democrats need better candidates.

Robert L. Borosage

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