Keith Ellison Is No Anti-Semite

The candidate for DNC chair is being criticized for taking positions that are perfectly consistent with the views of the majority of American Jews.

John Nichols

Did the Opioid Epidemic Help Donald Trump Win?

New research shows that Trump made huge gains in counties with the highest rates of death from drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

Zoë Carpenter

Trump’s Lies About Voter Fraud Are Already Leading to New GOP Voter-Suppression Efforts

Republicans are rushing to make it harder to vote in states like Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Ari Berman
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Standing Rock

Indigenous Activists at Standing Rock Told a Deep, True Story

And that’s why they won at least a temporary victory.

Bill McKibben

The Lesson from Standing Rock: Organizing and Resistance Can Win

Indigenous water protectors are showing us how to fight back—and how to live again.

Naomi Klein

Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Turns the Course of History

The Army Corps of Engineers says it will not grant a necessary easement to complete the pipeline.

John Nichols
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How the Active Many Can Overcome the Ruthless Few

Nonviolent direct action was the 20th century’s greatest invention—and it is the key to saving the earth in the 21st century.
Bill McKibben

I know what you want from me—what we all want—which is some small solace after the events of Election Day. My wife Sue Halpern and I have been talking nonstop for days, trying to cope with the emotions. I fear I may not be able to provide that balm, but… Continue Reading >

Focus on the Trump Transition

Trump’s Transition Team Is Dirty, and It’s Dark

Trump has packed his transition team with corporate executives and lobbyists, and he doesn’t want you to know what they’re doing. 

George Zornick

With Ben Carson at HUD, America’s Cities Really Could Become Hellholes

The neurosurgeon has blasted the agency’s work as “social engineering” and “communist.”

Joan Walsh

Trump’s Team of Faux Populists and Real Crony Capitalists

For progressive Democrats, the challenge now is not just to fight Trump’s policies but also to listen to the people he is betraying.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

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