Where Would We Be Without the New Deal?

A new history charts the forgotten ways the social politics of the Roosevelt years transformed the United States.

Michael Kazin

The Rescue of the New York Public Library

Activists thwarted NYPL trustees’ harebrained plans and restored democracy to this vital public institution.

Scott Sherman

What Happened to Andrew Cuomo?

>Ross Barkan’s The Prince tracks how the son of a progressive New York governor transformed into one focused on one thing above all else: power.

Raina Lipsitz

Latest in Politics

India Walton

India Walton: ‘Finally We’ll Be Able to Put Resources Behind All of These Bold, Visionary Ideas’

The winner of Buffalo’s Democratic mayoral primary knows that the key to making the bold progressive change the city needs is control of the budget and prioritization of resources.

John Nichols
Morales Supporters Gather Outside

Diagnosing the Morales Campaign Meltdown

It all sounds like a bad family therapy session. What does the psychiatric literature have to say?

Alexis Grenell
Like JFK, Biden Has Good Reason to Be Wary of the Military

Like JFK, Biden Has Good Reason to Be Wary of the Military

In the 1960s, anti-communism provided an entry point for the far right. Today, it’s opposition to anti-racism.

Jeet Heer

State Politics


India Walton

Progressives Around the Country Are Recalling Sewer Socialism’s Proud History

At the local level, sidewalk socialists represent a movement whose time has come.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Eric Adams

Eric Adams Won as a Centrist, but Bold Progressives Took the Other 2 Citywide Contests

Important victories for progressives Jumaane Williams and Brad Lander, along with key council candidates, are a reminder that New York voters can produce multiple mandates.

John Nichols
India Walton

The Political Revolution Comes to… Buffalo?

The stunning victory of socialist challenger India Walton over the city’s four-term incumbent has ignited a revolution here—if she can keep it.

Geoff Kelly

The Right

The Presidency

The Political Brilliance of the American Rescue Plan

The Political Brilliance of the American Rescue Plan

Biden’s stimulus plan took the question of recovery off the table. Now the Democrats can focus on passing large-scale economic reforms.

Mike Konczal

Closing the Largest Generic Drug Plant in the US Is a Sick Joke

But Joe Manchin’s daughter, a company executive, is laughing all the way to the bank.

Laura Flanders

3 Things Biden Can Do Right Now to Stop Covid and Save Lives

Unless the president changes course, and confronts Big Pharma, the past six months will indelibly tarnish his legacy.

Gregg Gonsalves


Cuba US Embassy

Now Is the Time for Biden to Restaff the Havana Embassy

A never-before-published letter from the US Embassy community in Cuba argues that Washington should sustain full diplomatic functions despite the risks.

Peter Kornbluh and William M. LeoGrande
Civil rights Cambridge protest 1963

The ‘Creative Chaos’ of Gloria Richardson (1922–2021)

The civil rights activist was a militant advocate for her community as well as a canny strategist.

Barbara Smith
Protesters March Against The Tokyo Olympics

Why Tokyo Turned Against the Olympics

The city is the center of a great experiment at a dangerous new phase of the pandemic.

Chelsea Szendi Schieder

Coronavirus and Politics

The Human Costs of the Pandemic Olympics

The Human Costs of the Pandemic Olympics

The Tokyo Games should be a warning to potential Olympic hosts everywhere.

Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff

Anti-Asian Racism and the 2020 Olympic Games

How can IOC President Thomas Bach force through these games against the will of 80 percent of the population? It helps if you don’t even know who they are.

Dave Zirin

Which Is the More Prescient Dystopia? ‘Gattaca’ or ‘Parable of the Sower’

Is it the 1997 film starring Ethan Hawke or is it Octavia E. Butler’s 1993 novel?

David M. Perry and Niela Orr