The Real Reason Why Andy Puzder Won’t Become Labor Secretary

Puzder did the one thing Republicans can no longer tolerate. 

David Dayen

Climate Disobedience in the Time of Trump

Ken Ward and Emily Johnston are willing to spend decades in prison for shutting down tar-sands oil pipelines. They want you to understand why.

Wen Stephenson

What Did President Trump Know and When Did He Know It?

Michael Flynn is out, but until there’s an investigation by Congress, we’re at the mercy of intelligence leaks for the story.

Joan Walsh
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Focus on Reproductive Health

What It’s Like to Be Black and Pregnant When You Know How Dangerous That Can Be

I knew I had a find a way to have a healthy birth—despite what the statistics were telling me.

Dani McClain

What's Killing America’s Black Infants?

Racism is fueling a national health crisis.

Zoë Carpenter

The Story Behind the Maternal Mortality Rate in Texas Is Even Sadder Than We Realize

We don’t know exactly why these women died—but we know that they were poor and lacked medical care.

Katha Pollitt
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Special Report

Big Oil’s Grip on California

In America’s greenest state, the industry has spent $122 million in the past six years to shape regulation and legislation. It wins more than you think.
Michael J. Mishak, Center for Public Integrity

On the morning of June 21, 2011, a worker named Robert David Taylor was walking through an oil field west of Taft, California, when he noticed a plume of steam coming from the darkened earth. Taylor, 54, was a Chevron supervisor who had spent three decades around Kern County’s Midway-Sunset… Continue Reading >

The Trump Administration

The Real Battle for Obamacare Began at 2:11 This Morning

The confirmation of Tom Price has changed the game. 

David Dayen

Betsy DeVos Has Been Confirmed. Now the Fight Really Begins.

DeVos will have significant influence over how civil-rights protections for students are enforced, and how the for-profit college and student-loan industries are regulated. 

Zoë Carpenter

Did Trump Break the Law With His Executive Order on Regulations?

A new lawsuit filed in DC makes the case.

David Dayen

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