Mike Pence Might Be Even Worse for Women Than Donald Trump Is

Trump’s vice-presidential pick is a flaming reactionary.

Katha Pollitt

The RNC Is a Disaster—So Why Can’t I Sleep at Night?

A book on Hitler’s mass appeal explains why we can’t underestimate Trump.

D.D. Guttenplan

What Happens When Violence Is an Everyday Occurrence

Recent horrific incidents are a consequence of the weakening of social inhibition against the use of violence.

Mary Kaldor
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The Republican National Convention

The Horrible Humbling of Scott Walker

You know all that #NeverTrump talk? #NeverMind, says the intimidated governor.

John Nichols

Protesters in Cleveland Bring the Wall to Donald Trump

“He’s been calling for a wall…and we’re bringing it.”

Julianne Hing

‘Hillary for Prison’ Has Officially Gone Mainstream

The GOP convention has been one long plea for Hillary Clinton's incarceration.

George Zornick
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We Still Need a Future to Believe In

A forum on how to build the political revolution with Naomi Klein, Alicia Garza, Michael Moore, Frances Fox Piven, Robert Reich, Kshama Sawant, Josh Fox, and more.
Various Contributors

While Bernie Sanders came achingly close, he won’t arrive in Philadelphia with enough delegates to secure the Democratic nomination. Even so, Sanders and his supporters made an unprecedented insurgent bid—winning 22 states, 43 percent of the popular vote, and almost 1,900 delegates, and raising nearly $230 million, mostly in small… Continue Reading >

The 2016 Election

Donald Trump’s Rise, Roger Ailes’s Fall

Fox News’s racism, faux populism, and anti-PC agitprop prepared the ground for Trump’s takeover of the GOP.

Leslie Savan

9 Percent of the Wisconsin Electorate Just Got Their Right to Vote Back

A federal court ruled that those without voter ID can vote by signing an affidavit.

Ari Berman

Sick and Tired of Hillary’s E-mail? It’s Not Over Yet

Republicans have one more gambit: suing her under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jon Wiener
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