The Next Generation of Democratic Socialists Has Started Winning Local Elections

Campaigning for economic and social justice, they are winning municipal races in states like Illinois and Georgia.

John Nichols

How Congress Could Give Trump the Green Light to Go After Medical Marijuana

The government shutdown fight has big implications for medical marijuana patients. 

George Zornick

The CFPB Just Sued a Crooked Mortgage Servicer, but Indicted Itself

The lawsuit against Ocwen is welcome, but should have happened four years ago.

David Dayen
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Forum On Russia

It’s Not ‘McCarthyism’ to Demand Answers on Trump, Russia, and the Election

Using the language of the anticommunist witch hunt for this moment is a mistake.

Katha Pollitt

On Trump, McCarthyism, and the Russia Hacking Charges

One legacy of the McCarthy era is the cloud of suspicion that still hangs over anything connected with the former Soviet Union.

Victor Navasky

It’s Time for the Left to Take Questions About Russia, Trump, and Hacking Seriously

It’s healthy to be skeptical. But it’s possible to take skepticism too far.

Joshua Holland
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A Right-Wing Think Tank Is Trying to Bring Down the Indian Child Welfare Act. Why?

Native Americans say the law protects their children. The Goldwater Institute claims it does the opposite.
Rebecca Clarren

On the wall above his desk,
 attorney Timothy Sandefur keeps a copy of The Liberator, a 186-year-old abolitionist newspaper that features an etching of a slave auction on its masthead. Sandefur is the vice president for litigation at the Phoenix-based Goldwater Institute, a nonprofit right-wing think tank with a donor… Continue Reading >


Bill McKibben: This Is Our Last Chance to Save the Planet

Plus, Frances Fitzgerald on evangelicals and Trump, and Andrew Bacevich on our endless war in Afghanistan.

Start Making Sense and Jon Wiener

The World Hasn’t Had This Many People Dying of Starvation and Disease Since World War II

And the United States is complicit in their death.

Michael T. Klare

As We Approach the Peoples Climate March, Here Are Six Ways to Fight to Save the Planet

The stakes are higher than ever before.

Brandon Jordan

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