Kanye, the Religious Right, and the Upsurge in Anti-Semitism

On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Sarah Posner discusses the cultural and political alliances holding the GOP together.

Jeet Heer

Is Eric Adams Bringing Back the Asylum?

Adams calls his new involuntary hospitalization order a “moral mandate” to “deliver for our most vulnerable.” What the policy actually delivers is an era akin to the age of the carceral psychiatric ward.

Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant

Sarah Palin Is a Faux Populist. Alaskans Chose the Authentic One.

Voters saw that Palin was in it for herself, while Democrat Mary Peltola was the real deal.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Latest in Politics

The Terminator

The Terminator

The former president announced his intentions to dismantle the constitution. The GOP’s indifference was deafening.

Chris Lehmann
People in Tokyo hold up blank protest signs in solidarity with mainland Chinese protesters.

The Twitter User Taking on the Chinese Government

“Teacher Li” has become a one-person news outlet and a crucial source of information about the protests in China for those both inside and outside the Great Firewall.

Han Zhang
Construction workers build a new home.

How Houston Halved Homelessness—and What California Can Learn From It

Houston, like California, follows the Housing First model, but Texas’s most populous city has a vast supply of low-cost homes.

Ned Resnikoff

State Politics


Police arrest a suspect

The Midterms Showed Democrats Don’t Need to Pander on Crime

The Democratic Party shouldn’t panic over the issue.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
John Fetterman supporters celebrate

Democrats, Time to Go Big

Resist the illusory allure of moderate centrism.

Robert L. Borosage
New York Governor Kathy Hochul speaking

Vote the Working Families Party Line

Signal your support for a more economically fair and inclusive New York.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Right

The Presidency

Activists rally with signs in support of unionized rail workers outside the Capitol.

On the Wrong Track: Why Biden Abandoned Rail Workers

The White House has leveraged the power of Congress to ratify the bargaining terms that management wanted. This outcome is as depressing as it is predictable.

Chris Lehmann

Without the US and China’s Cooperation, Climate Catastrophe Is Inevitable

What if the two countries moved beyond simply talking and started working together to champion the radical lowering of global carbon emissions?

Michael T. Klare

Reverend Barber's Pastoral Letter to the Democratic Party

“I am troubled by the satisfaction many seem to have with a political reality that will lead to continued policy violence.”

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II


Yale Grad Student Labor Union

After 3 Decades, Yale Graduate Workers Are Finally Unionizing

It’s been 34 years since grad students at Yale University first tried to organize. Now, these workers are on the cusp of forming a labor union.

Yash Roy
Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Adams family values.

Steve Brodner
The Many Confessions of Sam Bankman-Fried

The Many Confessions of Sam Bankman-Fried

The former crypto CEO can’t stop explaining himself.

Jacob Silverman

Coronavirus and Politics

Biden receives Covid booster shot

Pandemic Year 3: Who's Got the Power?

Has public health failed us? Or have we failed public health?

Gregg Gonsalves

The Social Explosion of China’s Pent-up Pain

The anger in China is rooted not in the urban capitalist classes but in the brutal regimes of wealth accumulation, labor extraction, and political power.

Rebecca E. Karl

Nancy Fraser’s Lessons From the Long History of Capitalism

She talked to The Nation about capitalism’s evolutions and what the left can do to better prepare for the next political crisis.

Rhoda Feng