The Great Trump Heist Is Underway

Protests erupted almost immediately in the streets of Washington.

George Zornick

Anti-Fascists Will Fight Trump’s Fascism in the Streets

In stark contrast with many liberals, antifa activists refuse any dialogue with Trumpism.

Natasha Lennard

Donald Trump Has No Mandate—Sad!

He pretends to be a strongman to compensate for his weaknesses.

John Nichols
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Focus on Resistance

Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

When it comes to stopping Trump, petitions aren’t going to do it.

Frances Fox Piven

How to Resist Donald Trump in DC This Weekend

Are you traveling to the nation’s capital this weekend? Here’s what you can do. 

George Zornick

The Congressional Resistance Grows as Dozens of House Members Boycott Trump’s Inauguration

More than 10 percent of House members have now announced they will protest rather than celebrate on Inauguration Day.

John Nichols
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Barack Obama

Obama’s Civil Rights Legacy—and Ours

Today’s turmoil in race relations may be a testament to the progress his administration made.
David Cole

Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president, formerly a civil-rights activist and constitutional lawyer, approaches the end of his second term with relatively high approval ratings, low unemployment, and 10.9 million more jobs and 20 million more Americans enjoying access to health care than when he took office. These developments,… Continue Reading >

The Trump Administration

Betsy DeVos Just Flunked Her Senate Test

From guns in schools to accountability for for-profit colleges, the nominee for secretary of education either could not or chose not to answer most serious policy questions.

Zoë Carpenter

As Attorney General, Jeff Sessions Would Be a Threat to Civil Rights

He will be the most dangerous on issues where the Obama administration has been the most successful.

Ari Berman

Bernie Sanders Just Showed the Country How Wrong Tom Price Is for HHS

Price tried to spin his way around the moral question of whether health care is a right, but Sanders wouldn’t let him.

John Nichols

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