Alex Azar, Trump’s HHS Pick, Has Already Been a Disaster for People With Diabetes

While he was at Eli Lilly, the company more than tripled the price of its best-selling insulin.

James Elliott

ICE Admits Gang Operations Are Designed to Lock Up Immigrants

The gang database is a weapon that allows ICE agents to indiscriminately round up immigrants of color.

Julianne Hing

Here’s a Path to Medicare for (Almost) All That Isn’t Doomed to Fail

Bernie Sanders and John Conyers are proposing massive changes, for a huge number of people, in a very short space of time. There’s a better, less risky way.

Joshua Holland
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Election Coverage

Anti-Trump Fervor Can’t Fully Explain What Happened This Month

Democratic candidates ran on bold, progressive ideas that inspired voters.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Our Revolution Candidates Won Big Last Night

Democrats won major races, and Republicans are running scared. But there’s an even more important lesson to be learned from this latest round of victories.

Collier Meyerson

‘I’m Everything Trump Hates,’ Says the New Mayor of Hoboken

Tuesday brought historic victories for candidates like Ravi Bhalla, who faced down racist attacks and won.

John Nichols
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Special Report

The Plot to Loot America’s Wilderness

A little-known bureaucrat named James Cason is reshaping the Department of the Interior.
Adam Federman

One day in Mid-March, James Cason, the associate deputy secretary at the Department of the Interior, convened an impromptu meeting of the senior staff of the Bureau of Land Management. Cason, whose office is on the sixth floor, rarely wandered the halls, and some career civil servants still had never… Continue Reading >

Republican Tax Cuts

Trump’s Latest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme: Pass His Own Tax Plan

Trump and many members of his cabinet would reap billions if the GOP tax cuts become law. 

George Zornick

Senate Republicans Are Trying to Give the 1 Percent a $1.9 Trillion Tax Break

Senators Bernie Sanders and Tammy Baldwin led the opposition with a pair of amendments that challenged a “horrible bill.”

John Nichols

The GOP Tax Plan Fails the Children

By not expanding the Child Tax Credit, Republicans have missed a chance to help every struggling American family.

Bryce Covert

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