Chuck Schumer: ‘I Believe That Democracy Is at Risk and We Cannot Fail’

The Senate majority leader talks in a Nation exclusive about the night before the insurrection, his weekly leadership conference, and his timeline for passing major legislation like S 1.

John Nichols

Virginia’s Shrunken GOP Electorate Finally Picks a Nominee for Governor

After two days, a 37-site drive-up “convention” yields a self-funding political neophyte who made Taylor Swift sad. Welcome to election integrity!

Joan Walsh

History Lessons From 3021

Maybe one day the future will learn from our mistakes.

Tom Tomorrow

Latest in Politics

Republicans Love Hypocrites, and Elise Stefanik Is the Hypocrite Du Jour

A review of the records shows that Liz Cheney has been far more loyal to Donald Trump than the ex-president’s new favorite. So how’d we get here?

John Nichols

Rushing to Judgment on Scott Stringer

The facts are too scarce, and the stakes are too high, to jump to conclusions.

Katha Pollitt

Democrats Are Calling on Biden to Renew Diplomacy With Iran

In spite of the president’s criticisms of Trump for backing out of the Iran deal, he has done little to reinstate it.

Aída Chávez

State Politics


Jamaal Bowman Explains How Progressives Will Make Biden’s Presidency Even Bolder

In response to the president’s address and in an exclusive interview with The Nation, the new congressman calls for transformative change.

John Nichols

Humanity Faces a Climate Emergency—Shouldn’t That Be News?

A sense of catastrophe has faded even as the environmental emergency has intensified.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Remembering Ramsey Clark 1927–2021

There will never be another like him.

Victor Navasky

The Right

The Presidency

The Biden State Department Nominee Who Worked for Saudi Arabia and Big Oil

Financial disclosure forms reveal that one of the president’s nominees, Jose Fernandez, worked for Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and fossil fuel companies, including Chevron.

Aída Chávez

Student Debt Is Devastating American Families—Here’s How

Advocates collected thousands of responses from borrowers across the country, and their stories show just how debilitating student debt has become.

Cody Hounanian and Whitney Barkley-Denney

Frances Fox Piven Wants You to Raise Hell

The great theorist of disruptive power explains “dissensus” and how social movements spur elected officials into action.

Mark Engler


Climate Justice Is About More Than Just Fossil Fuels

A true commitment to climate justice is much broader: It necessarily entails building local resilience to climate impacts.

Matthew Sehrsweeney

Can Guantánamo Ever Be Shut Down?

Dealing with the forever prison of America’s endless wars.

Karen J. Greenberg

The Arizona GOP’s Attack on Democracy

The Republican Party is determined to hold power, even against the will of the electorate. But working-class immigrants are fighting back.

Sasha Abramsky

Coronavirus and Politics

‘Sometimes I Miss the Lockdown’

On silence, solidarity and a feeling, a year later, of life on thin ice in the city.

Thomas McKean

Parking Lot Crematoria Burn Through the Night as Covid-19 Overwhelms Delhi

Rage at Modi builds amid catastrophic government failure.

Fahad Shah

Is the Shine Starting to Come Off Bill Gates’s Halo?

The billionaire’s role in perpetuating vaccine apartheid in the name of protecting intellectual property rights has begun to draw criticism.

Tim Schwab