Why Does Trump Want to Stop Investigating Chemical Accidents?

Eliminating a critical agency that costs as much as four Mar-a-Lago trips. 

George Zornick

The Health-Care Bill Embraces the GOP’s Scariest State-Level Experiments

We all live in Kansas now.

Kai Wright

Worried That Voting Machines Could Be Hacked? There’s a Bill to Prevent That.

The SAFE Act would permanently place our election systems in the same category as other critical infrastructure.

John Nichols
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The Supreme Court

Neil Gorsuch Is Not Another Scalia. He’s the Next John Roberts.

Gorsuch puts a handsome face on an ugly ideology.

Ari Berman

In E-mails, Neil Gorsuch Praised a Leading Republican Activist Behind Voter Suppression Efforts

Gorsuch’s ties to Hans von Spakovksy suggest a hostility to voting rights.  

Ari Berman

Senate Democrats Can Block Trump’s Supreme Court Pick

If Democrats can hold onto 41 of their 48 votes, they can postpone a final floor vote indefinitely.

William Yeomans
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Special Report

How Donald Trump Speaks to Ohio’s Autoworkers

Where coastal elites see a buffoon, many here see a man of action.
D.D. Guttenplan

Lordstown, Ohio—The first thing that hits you is the silence. On a normal day, the General Motors assembly plant here is one of the noisiest, busiest places on the planet. It churns out the Chevy Cruze—some 299,227 in the past year alone, rolling off the line every two minutes, seven… Continue Reading >

Obamacare Repeal

Saving Obamacare Is Not Enough—We Need Medicare for All

The terms of the health-care debate must be shifted.

Dennis Kucinich

Trumpcare Isn’t Health Care. It’s a Tax Cut for the Wealthy.

And maybe that’s the whole point of the bill.

The Nation

Trumpcare Is a Political Disaster—for Trump

Failure to pass a bill reveals the White House’s weakness. But passing the bill will ravage Trump’s base.

Joan Walsh

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