On the John Deere Picket Line in Iowa With UAW Local 281

With $1.6 billion in profits just in the third quarter of this year, the company has ample time and money to squeeze striking workers—unless national unions step up their support.

Dave Leshtz

How to Survive Being a Student-Survivor

Important lessons on victims’ rights and the ways to maximize their luck with Title IX.

Finley Muratova

The Most Progressive Governor In America?

Many who were once skeptical of the former investment banker now admit that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s policies are compassionate and forward-thinking.

John Nichols

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Gary Youngkin

Can “Glenn Trumpkin” Both Embrace and Escape the Disgraced Ex-President?

Running for Virginia governor, Youngkin is trying to have it both ways with the GOP base.

Joan Walsh
Bernie Sanders Shows Democrats How to Deal With Joe Manchin

Bernie Sanders Shows Democrats How to Deal With Joe Manchin

In a Sunday opinion piece, Sanders reminds West Virginians that their senator is blocking Medicare expansion and policies that lift children out of poverty.

John Nichols
Joe Manchin committee hearing

Manchin’s Shameful Child Care Stance Isn’t Just Bad Politics. It’s Self-Defeating Policy.

The senator is forcing a choice among four crucial pillars of a holistic solution to help struggling families.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

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Katharine Hepburn

Breaking Glass: Curriculum “Diversity” and Its Discontents

On teaching literature and the limits of representation.

Diana Senechal
Biden Should Be Selling His Plan, Not Compromising Away Its Promise

Biden Should Be Selling His Plan, Not Compromising Away Its Promise

Instead of downsizing his infrastructure plan to appease Manchin and Sinema, the president should rally the people to defeat corporate greed.

John Nichols
Pramila Jayapal’s Perfect Pitch

Pramila Jayapal’s Perfect Pitch

The Congressional Progressive Caucus chair is standing firm against Manchin, Sinema, and corporate “centrists,” and winning accolades as a master negotiator.

John Nichols

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Democrats Are Ready to Abandon Black Voters, Again

Democrats Are Ready to Abandon Black Voters, Again

The data scientist David Shor is urging Democrats to dump their racial justice message if they want to maintain any power. That’s a terrible idea.

Elie Mystal

Greta Thunberg Is “Open” to Meeting Biden at the UN Climate Summit

In the lead-up to COP26, the Swedish activist talked about Biden’s climate plan, the media’s responsibility, and what gives her hope.

Mark Hertsgaard

Why the Media Is (Mostly) Screwing Up What’s Happening With Democrats

Progressives are the pragmatists; Conservadems are blocking Joe Biden’s agenda. That’s it. That’s the story.

Joan Walsh


Dollar bill

Poverty Can Happen to Anyone

Our new podcast, Going for Broke, lets Americans living on the edge have the last word.

Ray Suarez
Why Activists Are Calling on Kathy Hochul to “Free Them All”

Why Activists Are Calling on Kathy Hochul to “Free Them All”

Speaking in midtown Friday, activists called on the New York governor to commute the sentences of abuse victims “as a first step towards reparations.”

Victoria Law
The Moon and Six-Pence

The Moon and Six-Pence

Pandora’s box. Scenes from our series “The Greater Quiet” for the week of October 11.

Steve Brodner

Coronavirus and Politics

Tuskegee Study Drawing Blood

America as a “Shining City on a Hill”—and Other Myths to Die By

Time to begin the dirty, essential work of undigging our history, before it kills us all.

Gregg Gonsalves

Women Yell Things to Me. But They’re All Compliments.

Ever since I let my hair go to its natural white, I’ve gotten only positive feedback, especially from women. My conclusion? Representation matters—for older women, too.

Joan Walsh

Pandemic Solidarity Transformed Our Society. Now We Need It Again.

In attempt to stem the tide of death, cities, states, and the federal government passed unprecedented reforms. Fighting to keep them is an important way to counter pandemic depression and isolation.

Abdullah Shihipar