Not Rights but Justice: It’s Time to Make Nazis Afraid Again

The history of anti-fascism is not one of asking; it’s one of direct confrontation.

Natasha Lennard

Historical Amnesia About Slavery Is a Tool of White Supremacy

Where we have (mostly) condemned slavery, we as a country have refused to condemn its defenders.

Mychal Denzel Smith

Fighting White Supremacy Means Owning Up to American History

Trump’s failure to swiftly condemn racist violence is appalling. But he’s right that it’s always been part of this country’s story.

Collier Meyerson
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How the Police Failed in Charlottesville

Police must learn from past protests to avoid stoking further violence.

Alex S. Vitale

In Charlottesville, It Felt Like the Confederacy Was Trying to Rise Again

But progressives, leftists, and people of conscience were determined not to let the hate warriors get their way.

Jordan Green

Trump’s Message to the Country: #NotAllNazis

The press conference of August 15th will live in infamy.

Dave Zirin
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Special Report

The Quiet Audacity of the Democratic ‘Better Deal’

An alphabet soup of new agencies could shake up federal oversight.
David Dayen

The Democrats continue to roll out their agenda, and I’m noticing a pattern. Want to lower the cost of prescription drugs? They’ve got a “price gouging” enforcer, the director of a new agency dedicated to investigating drug manufacturers that jack up the cost on their products. How about breaking concentrated… Continue Reading >

Trump and Russia

What Did Trump and Kushner Know About Russian Money Laundering, and When Did They Know It?

And why did the Justice Department abruptly settle a criminal case handled by the same Russian attorney who met with Trump officials last year?

Bob Dreyfuss

Russia v. Health Care (and Everything Else)

Vying for the media’s attention.

Leslie Savan

What Power Does Trump Have to Stop the Russia Investigation?

David Cole on the president pardoning himself.

Jon Wiener

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