Hello, Poetry, You ‘Lamenting Pleasure’

Reading poetry over the phone, David Ferry and loved ones find an antidote to loneliness.

Elizabeth Emma Ferry and Stephen Ferry

The Biden State Department Nominee Who Worked for Saudi Arabia and Big Oil

Financial disclosure forms reveal that one of the president’s nominees, Jose Fernandez, worked for Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and fossil fuel companies, including Chevron.

Aída Chávez

Virginia Republicans Are Disenfranchising Their Own Voters

Even with 37 (count ’em) nominating conventions for the gubernatorial primary, the party shut out about 98 percent of potential GOP voters. Is this their vision for the future of voting?

Joan Walsh

Latest in Politics

Frances Fox Piven Wants You to Raise Hell

The great theorist of disruptive power explains “dissensus” and how social movements spur elected officials into action.

Mark Engler

Republicans Will Punish Democrats for Every Reform They Make

But that shouldn’t stop Democrats from embracing big and sweeping changes while they can.

Elie Mystal

Ranked-Choice Voting Is Already Changing Politics for the Better

In an era of heated divisiveness, cynical punditry, and exhausting negativity in politics, we need to push for systemic electoral change.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

State Politics


Jamaal Bowman Explains How Progressives Will Make Biden’s Presidency Even Bolder

In response to the president’s address and in an exclusive interview with The Nation, the new congressman calls for transformative change.

John Nichols

Humanity Faces a Climate Emergency—Shouldn’t That Be News?

A sense of catastrophe has faded even as the environmental emergency has intensified.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Remembering Ramsey Clark 1927–2021

There will never be another like him.

Victor Navasky

The Right

The Presidency

Student Debt Is Devastating American Families—Here’s How

Advocates collected thousands of responses from borrowers across the country, and their stories show just how debilitating student debt has become.

Cody Hounanian and Whitney Barkley-Denney

As Yemen’s Famine Worsens, Biden Does Nothing

It remains unclear what, if anything, Biden has done to stop the Saudi Arabia–led military intervention.

Chris Gelardi

Last Night Was Joe Biden’s Moment. May There Be Many More.

Scranton Joe, once the neoliberal senator from Delaware, translated left ideas into unthreatening but inspiring language Wednesday night. Which is a huge accomplishment.

Joan Walsh


Can Capitalism Be Fixed?

In his new book, Branko Milanovic charts what has gone wrong with contemporary capitalism while also insisting we must reconcile ourselves to its contradictions.

Alyssa Battistoni

How to Stop Andrew Yang

Ranked-choice voting allows New Yorkers to block this celebrity candidate even without a clear progressive front-runner.

D.D. Guttenplan

Joe Biden Wants to Transform Care Work in America

We must start by viewing care work as an essential component not just of the economy but of life itself.

Mike Konczal

Coronavirus and Politics

How Theater Can Help Us Survive

The saga of Chilean director and playwright Oscar Castro is a vivid example of how art can help us endure—and thrive.

Ariel Dorfman

The Story Behind Your Salad: Farmworkers, Covid-19, and a Dangerous Commute

Each day, Mexican farmworkers endure a grueling journey to get to their jobs in US lettuce fields. This year, that journey turned potentially deadly.

Esther Honig

India Desperately Needs Biden’s Help to Address the Covid-19 Surge

It starts with ensuring that the vaccine is treated as a public good. With cases surging in India and the death toll skyrocketing, the world can’t wait.

Madhuri Sastry and Suchitra Vijayan