Mar-a-Lago Raid Highlights the DOJ’s Hypocrisy on the Espionage Act

The Espionage Act has long been used to punish whistleblowers. But despite acting against Trump, the Justice Department usually gives a pass to high-ranking officials who disregard the national security system they’re sworn to uphold.

Freddy Martinez

Democrats Should Make a Much Bigger Deal of the Threat Posed by Trump

Democrats will suffer in the midterms if they don’t make absolutely clear the possible consequences of the former president’s disdain for democracy and the rule of law.

John Nichols and The Nation

Trump Didn’t Bring Down Liz Cheney—Her Conservative White Base Did

Cheney, like her father, spent a lifetime feeding the rage of right-wing Republicans. Now they’ve turned on her.

Elie Mystal

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Salman Rushdie speaks on stage at a 2019 discussion of

Salman Rushdie Joins Indian Writers on 75 Years of Independence

Shortly before he was attacked, Rushdie joined with dozens of Indian literary artists to lament the rise of Hindu nationalism and the fragile state of the country's democracy.

Pranay Somayajula
In July, President Biden appears and smiles at the White House after testing negative for Covid-19

Stop Telling Americans That They’re “Tired of Covid”

Shifting responsibility for the pandemic onto individuals is bad policy—and risks becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy of doom.

Martha Lincoln
US Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.)

Liz Cheney Is No Abraham Lincoln

As she positions for a presidential bid, the defeated representative imagines herself as Lincolnesque. That’s absurd.

John Nichols

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Poor Peoples Campaign

Democrats Are Losing the Working Class, but You Shouldn’t Blame the Left

The reason people are disenchanted is that this economy doesn’t work for them.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Reverend Barber speaking in front of signs

Why the Poor People’s Campaign 2022 Matters

On the nonviolent struggle to end poverty, racism, militarism and planetary crisis.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
Why Prosecutorial Reform Will Outlive Chesa Boudin’s Recall

Why Prosecutorial Reform Will Outlive Chesa Boudin’s Recall

Many other progressive attorneys general have handily won reelection in recent years.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Right

The Presidency

Donald Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building

The Twilight Years of American Hegemony

What could better fit an America in decline than a president in decline, the more radically so the better?

Tom Engelhardt

What's Next for the Student Debt Cancellation Movement?

With President Biden announcing his decision on student debt relief soon, advocates for forgiveness are ready to celebrate, reflect, and continue the fight.


Pelosi’s Taiwan Gambit

The House speaker’s proposed visit adds to mounting tensions between the US and China. 

Michael T. Klare


Oakland’s Largest Homeless Camp Dodges the Bullet—for Now

Oakland’s Largest Homeless Camp Dodges the Bullet—for Now

Under a freeway maze near a train yard, residents of Oakland’s largest and oldest encampment are being forced to leave. Where will they go?

David Bacon
Haitian migrants reaching out of a boat

Recent Migrant Deaths Highlight the Danger of Deterrence

Deterrence is a failed strategy for reducing migration—while driving up the number of migrants who die trying to come to the United States.

Gaby Del Valle
Yuh-Line Niou and Mondaire Jones

New York Progressives Team Up to Bash a Rival. The Loser Is “The New York Times.”

The paper’s endorsement of a wealthy white attorney in a newly created congressional district provoked a serious backlash.

Joan Walsh

Coronavirus and Politics

Afghanistan Soldier Sunset

What the Military’s Recruitment Crisis Means for America

The human frailties that hinder enlistment are symptoms of something more sinister than a military lacking bodies.

Andrea Mazzarino

Steven Thrasher on "The Viral Underclass"

The Nation spoke with Thrasher about who makes up the viral underclass—the subject of his new book—and what we should do to confront the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Charlotte Rosen

Monkeypox Makes It 3 Strikes, and Now We’re Out

We know what to do. We have the tools. We simply don’t want to do it.

Gregg Gonsalves