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Dismantling Bretton Woods to Pay the Climate Bill

Mia Mottley, the prime minister of Barbados, has a plan to create a new financial system that would fund climate spending.

Tina Gerhardt

Jails and Prisons

Desmond Meade on Why Love Is “the Most Powerful Word in the Universe”

The executive director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition was homeless, addicted to crack, and suicidal. Now, he has met the president, been one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people, and won a MacArthur grant.

Karlos K. Hill
Transgender Rights

No One Can Take Away Our Joy

Across time and place, and amid grueling violence, trans people love and care for our own.

Chase Strangio

Staughton Lynd’s Radicalism From Below

The historian and activist dedicated his life to showing how, and helping, working people not only imagine but build a better world.

Marcus Rediker


The Malaise, Mess, and Art of Black Millennial Womanhood

The Malaise, Mess, and Art of Black Millennial Womanhood

Chantal V. Johnson’s debut novel typifies an emerging genre in fiction, one that interrogates the intimate and creative life of Black cosmopolitan women.

Marina Magloire
A Fragmentary History of California

A Fragmentary History of California

Ashton Politanoff’s fascinating You’ll Like it Here, a hybrid book on the Golden State in the 20th century, looks at the novelistic details of everyday life.

Dustin Illingworth
Inside the Dreams of Ling Ma

Inside the Dreams of Ling Ma

The stories in her collection Bliss Montage tackle the troubles of the real world by transporting us to the realm between sleep and waking life.

Jennifer Schaffer-Goddard


Prospective students tour the Harvard campus

Is the “U.S. News” Ranking System Finally Starting to Crumble?

While it’s tempting to view the decision by three elite law schools to pull out of the magazine’s rankings as little more than elite posturing, it could have real effects.

Elie Mystal
Sharon Lewis, a Pueblo of Acoma Native

Why Democrats Lose When They Ignore the Native Vote

Indigenous organizers and activists say that the party can’t afford to overlook them any longer

Simon Moya-Smith
The Democrats Have a Crypto Problem

The Democrats Have a Crypto Problem

The high costs of taking money from Sam Bankman-Fried.

Jeet Heer


Palestinian protesters in Gaza City

Why My Organization Has Chosen to Defy Israeli Military Orders

Al-Haq was among seven civil society groups raided by Israel and ordered closed in August, but we do not believe in following illegal orders—and so we will remain open.

Shawan Jabarin
Barack Obama greets Xi Jinping

Why Did the US-China Relationship Collapse, and Can It Be Repaired?

Ending mindset of zero-sum conflict among elites in both countries is needed to address existential dangers.

Jake Werner
Biden and Xi shaking hands

Biden and Xi Skirt the Abyss

But Taiwan remains a major military flashpoint.

Michael T. Klare

Watch and Listen

Listen: Is NFL Football a Blood Sport?

On this week’s episode of the Edge of Sports podcast, we speak to filmmaker Isaac Solotaroff to talk about his new film, Bloodsport.

November 22, 2022

Listen: Joan Walsh on the Georgia Runoff; Gustavo Arellano on the LA Vote

On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, discussions about the elections in Los Angeles and Georgia.

November 17, 2022

Listen: Abortion and the Election

On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Moira Donegan talks about why American voters are energized for reproductive freedom.

November 16, 2022

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