Berlin Votes on Whether to Expropriate Corporate Landlords

Instead of just complaining about the city’s rampant gentrification, the Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen campaign offers Berliners a chance to do something to increase the supply of affordable housing overnight.

Andrew Pasquier

Pick Up the Stone: The American Way of Vengeance

The line from defeat in Afghanistan to deputizing bounty hunters in Texas can be traced in blood—and history.

John Scagliotti and JoAnn Wypijewski

China Is Dismantling Hong Kong’s Unions

Empowered workers would be a threat to the Chinese Communist Party.

Maya Wang

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Uniting Against the American War Machine

Uniting Against the American War Machine

Twenty years and trillions of dollars later, the US counterinsurgency in Afghanistan failed—so when will we stop rewarding the military-industrial complex?

William Astore
Biden Afghanistan War

It’s Time to Break Up the Military-Industrial Complex

Despite the end of two decades of war, a congressional committee just voted to increase the Pentagon’s budget by $24 billion.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

Progressive Democrats Fight to Limit Defense Spending

The House is poised to pass a military budget this week that’s even bigger than President Joe Biden requested, but left-leaning lawmakers are putting up a fight.

Aída Chávez

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US Foreign Policy

Blinken Providing Testimony

Blinken Derangement Syndrome

The party that brought us the Benghazi hearings has a new obsession.

John Nichols
President Joe Biden addressing the nation on Afghanistan withdrawal

Blinken and Biden Are Right: Afghanistan Is Not Saigon

But not in the way they think.

Alfred McCoy
Migrant Silhouettes

Germany’s Secret Success: Turning Immigration Into a Nonissue

Despite predictions of electoral disaster, Angela Merkel’s decision to admit 1.7 million asylum seekers has become politically popular.

Linda Mannheim




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