The Israeli Firm NSO—Makers of Pegasus Spyware—Must Be Banned

And why the Biden administration has taken unprecedented action against a company with such deep ties to the Israeli government.

Phyllis Bennis and Omar Barghouti

The Reconstruction of Gaza Has Been a Failure

The 2014 plan has largely institutionalized Israel’s control of the region and failed Gazans.

Ariel Gold

We Need to Take China’s Military Strength Seriously

What’s happening between China and Taiwan should put those of us who fear a major outbreak of war on high alert.

Michael T. Klare

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Ian Fishback

Duty, Honor, Country: Ian Fishback and the Idea of America

This uniformed whistleblower sacrificed his life for this nation no less than the several thousand who fell in battle.

Andrew J. Bacevich
Ping!! How Those Trump/Russia Stories Got Shopped to the Media

Ping!! How Those Trump/Russia Stories Got Shopped to the Media

Thanks to recent indictments and ongoing lawsuits about an alleged Trump computer back channel to Moscow, we can now see just how journalists got played—and who played them.

Barry Meier
For Once, Hats Off to “The New York Times”

For Once, Hats Off to “The New York Times”

The paper of record may be guilty of milquetoast politics, but credit is due for its brave exposure of a US war crime.

D.D. Guttenplan

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F-35 Lockheed Martin

We’re Spending Money on War When We Could Be Building Roads

Our problem in this country isn’t lack of funds, no matter what the Republicans, Manchin, and Sinema may claim.

Andrea Mazzarino
Military personnel carry flags

Our Blind Faith in the Military Will Destroy Us

Show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you worship.

William Astore
China America

Potential Legislation on China Amounts to a New Cold War

The $250 billion "Innovation and Competition Act" leverages industrial policy to ratchet up militarization and potentially instigate global conflict.

Aída Chávez




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