Ruben Gallego Is More Than Just an Alternative to Kyrsten Sinema

The Arizona Senate candidate is an outspoken progressive who has stood up to presidents of both parties over military interventions.

John Nichols

The Original Sin Is We Classify Too Much

How overclassification fails us and harms national security.

Elizabeth Goitein

The Department of Defense Has Delivered Another Massive Intelligence Failure

Chinese emissions represent at least as great a threat to US security as the multitude of weapons enumerated in the Pentagon’s 2022 report—so why was it not addressed?

Michael T. Klare

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Biden delivers remarks on status of Afghanistan evacuation.

Biden’s Foreign Policy at 2

Is America back?

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Banners on Harvard's campus

Harvard Changed Its Mind on Ken Roth—Not on Allowing Free Speech About Palestine

If even a highly respected establishment figure like Ken Roth can be targeted for speaking out against Israel’s abuse of Palestinian human rights, where does that leave student organizers like us?

Nadine Bahour and Shraddha Joshi
Has the Peace Movement Kept Up With the Times?

Has the Peace Movement Kept Up With the Times?

“No justice, no peace” is more than a slogan. It’s a precondition for achieving a more peaceful life in this country.  

Nan Levinson

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US Foreign Policy

Hagel speaks with Afghanistan troops

When It Comes to the US Military, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure

Constant warfare and preparations for more of it overseas have led only to costly defeats, and the budget just keeps getting bigger.

William Astore
Merrick Garland at press conference

Why Biden and Trump Are Both Trapped in Secret-Document Scandals

The real problem is the national security state’s love of classification.

Jeet Heer
Chinese military march in front of missile

A Pentagon Report on China Fuels a Military Spending Frenzy in the US

How the media is misrepresenting what’s in the document.

Michael T. Klare




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