The Baggy Monster

Elif Batuman’s bold and defiantly imperfect novel.

Evan Kindley

In Brexit's Wake

A new book about Brexit captures the deeper crisis undergirding Britain’s bid to leave the EU.

John Harris

The Ambiguous Legacy of Obama's Foreign Policy

He may have talked about precision and constraint when it came to the national-security state, but he ultimately failed to leave us with a new strategic vision.

Karen J. Greenberg
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From the Magazine

The Enduring Struggle

Frederick Douglass’s radical vision of democratic politics.

Matt Karp

The Serendipiter’s Journey

Gay Talese’s eye for detail turned out to be not only his strength but also his greatest weakness.

Michelle Dean

At Labor’s Crossroads

Three new books about the SEIU reveal the challenges of organizing in 21st-century America.

Rich Yeselson


When Downtown Was Up

A new exhibition on New York’s artist-run galleries reminds us of a vibrant but now distant past.
Barry Schwabsky

In the early 19th century, French art seemed to have a solid and smoothly functioning institutional framework organized around the Royal Academy, the École des Beaux-Arts, and the annual salons, at which the works of accredited artists were displayed; their most important patron was the French state, and small-scale private… Continue Reading >


Chuck Berry’s Poetry Endures

Berry was a highly original and influential guitarist and as great a songwriter as rock ’n’ roll has ever produced.

David Hajdu

Brian Eno’s Skeleton Key

His new album insists that there’s no such thing as a mistake.

Amanda Petrusich

Austra’s Ear for the Moment

The band’s new album calls for the future by harkening to the past.

Erin Vanderhoof


Is ‘The Salesman’ the Best Foreign-Language Film of 2016?

Stuart Klawans on Asghar Farhadi’s new feature.

Stuart Klawans

Light and Love From Year-End Movies

Retrieve what you like, during these darkest weeks of a very dark year.

Stuart Klawans

History on Trial, On-Screen

Challenging Holocaust deniers was messier in real life than in the new film Denial.

D.D. Guttenplan


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