When Time Stopped Forever

Han Kang’s new novel mines the violent past and uncertain future of South Korean politics.

E. Tammy Kim

Austra’s Ear for the Moment

The band’s new album calls for the future by harkening to the past.

Erin Vanderhoof

Saul Friedländer’s Many Lives

What is the relationship between the Holocaust’s history and its memory?

Peter E. Gordon
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Edward Jay Epstein’s Alternative Facts

A new book suggests Snowden may have been a spy, but what it reveals is its author’s own duplicity.

Sue Halpern

Marx’s Revenge

He may have lived a 19th-century life, but his ideas keep coming back with a vengeance.

Benjamin Kunkel

The Rise and Resilience of Black Lives Matter

Wesley Lowery’s new book charts the origins of a movement

Nathalie Baptiste


Kerry James Marshall’s Enigmatic Authority

It seems a mistake to call him a realist in any but the loosest sense.
Barry Schwabsky

The main attraction at the Met Breuer these days is “Mastry,” the big Kerry James Marshall retrospective that has recently moved there from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and which will travel to the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, this spring. But for those who went to see… Continue Reading >


A Victory Lap for Run the Jewels

With the Trump presidency on the horizon, Killer Mike and El-P do what’s become customary for them: They urge us to get up and fight.

Marcus J. Moore

Cosmopolitan Pop

DJ /rupture and MIA capture the new global spirit of pop music.

Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

The Donald Glover Experiment

Who says the comedian, actor, rapper, TV writer can’t be everything all at once?

Marcus J. Moore


Is ‘The Salesman’ the Best Foreign-Language Film of 2016?

Stuart Klawans on Asghar Farhadi’s new feature.

Stuart Klawans

Light and Love From Year-End Movies

Retrieve what you like, during these darkest weeks of a very dark year.

Stuart Klawans

History on Trial, On-Screen

Challenging Holocaust deniers was messier in real life than in the new film Denial.

D.D. Guttenplan


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