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The Power Historian

What was Arthur Schlesinger's "vital center"?

David Marcus

A Shimmery Cube

What is the science behind how we experience architecture?

Paul Goldberger

International Territory

Three new books map the ambiguities of the UN’s extraterritorial status.

Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

From the Magazine

The Many Worlds of Nicole Krauss

In her new novel, Forest Dark, fact and fiction blur.

Sue Halpern

Alberto Giacometti and Alice Neel, Face to Face

The two artists have more in common than it might seem.

Barry Schwabsky

The Rage of White Folk

How the silent majority became a loud and angry minority.

Steven Hahn
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History & Politics

The War to End All Wars

The ardent but flawed movement against World War I.

Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Barbarian Virtues

James Scott's search for the origins of the state.

Samuel Moyn

In Search of the ‘Vital Center’

Is the politics of moderation really the best way to avoid tyranny?

Daniel Schlozman


George Saunders’s Lincoln

The novel ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ examines the Civil War as the root of America’s violent past—and as a possible source of empathy that might release us from it.
Jon Baskin

The title stories of George Saunders’s first two collections of fiction, CivilWarLand in Bad Decline and Pastoralia, are both set on the grounds of historical-reenactment parks. As in the recent HBO drama Westworld, the features of the parks are gradually revealed from the perspective of the people working there. But… Continue Reading >


The Two Andrew Jacksons

Jacksonian democracy may have been liberating for some, but it was repressive for many others.
Michael Kazin

This spring, a mere 172 years after his death, Andrew Jackson was back in the news. In March, Donald Trump made a quick visit to the Hermitage, the once-sprawling plantation that our seventh president had outside of Nashville. Jackson, Trump declared, was “the People’s President,” a man who “shook the… Continue Reading >


Lorde Grows Up

In her new album, Lorde captures a generation struggling for independence.

Steph Burt

From Jazz Clubs to Classrooms

Recent releases by two jazz-program graduates, Ryan Keberle and Tyshawn Sorey, make potent cases for whatever educational methods work.

David Hajdu

Mal Waldron’s Ecstatic Minimalism

The jazz pianist’s style was simple, but the themes that gave shape to his music were not.

Adam Shatz


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