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The Climate Apocalypse According to Joy Williams

With her first novel in 20 years, Harrow, the radical environmentalist envisions an uncompromising politics necessary for defending the natural world.

Stephen Piccarella

Science and Health

Covid Is Here to Stay. This Is How We Should Respond.

Learning to live with Covid-19 is not an individual state of mind.

Abdullah Shihipar

There’s No Good Reason FBI Director Chris Wray Still Has a Job

Wray has a pattern of refusing to pursue powerful men like Brett Kavanaugh and Larry Nassar on behalf of women and people of color.

Elie Mystal
Occupy Movement

What Occupy Wall Street Organizers Would Do Differently

Do they still stand by the leaderless revolution?

Various Contributors
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Occupy at 10

Did Occupy Wall Street Make a Difference?

Did Occupy Wall Street Make a Difference?

Flash in the pan or the prelude to political organizing as we know it today?
Ruth Milkman, Stephanie Luce and Penny Lewis
Ten years ago this month, Occupy Wall Street unexpectedly inaugurated a new wave of protest. The domestic manifestation of a worldwide explosion of digitally networked social movements, it scaled up rapidly, attracting enormous public and media attention. But the protesters were evicted from New York City’s Zuccotti Park and other… Continue Reading >


Sinema Drinking Wine

Kyrsten Sinema’s Grapes of Wealth

The Arizona senator’s wine-soaked politics offer a bold and colorful bouquet of disparate notes, with a hint of corruption.

Tom Gogola

Joe Manchin Giveth on Voting Rights—and Joe Manchin Taketh Away

The West Virginia senator has finally agreed to support critical voting rights legislation, but refuses to do what’s necessary to pass it.

Elie Mystal
Blinken Providing Testimony

Blinken Derangement Syndrome

The party that brought us the Benghazi hearings has a new obsession.

John Nichols


Migrant Silhouettes

Germany’s Secret Success: Turning Immigration Into a Nonissue

Despite predictions of electoral disaster, Angela Merkel’s decision to admit 1.7 million asylum seekers has become politically popular.

Linda Mannheim
President Joe Biden addressing the nation on Afghanistan withdrawal

Blinken and Biden Are Right: Afghanistan Is Not Saigon

But not in the way they think.

Alfred McCoy
Bangladesh garment factory

Sweatshops Won’t Help the World’s Poor, but Unions Could

Influential liberals said low-paid manufacturing jobs would help the Global South. They were wrong then—and they’re especially wrong now.

James North


In the Shadow of 9/11

In the Shadow of 9/11

Did the War on Terror put our democracy at risk—or reveal its flaws?

Samuel Moyn
Adalbert Stifter’s View of Oberplan

Adalbert Stifter’s Disappearing World

His uncanny writing bears witness to the early stages of capitalism offering a glimpse of the natural world before modernity.

Ratik Asokan
White Lotus.

Who’s to Blame in “The White Lotus”?

In the weeks since the release of Mike White’s latest HBO series, debate has centered on the show’s politics. Is it liberal satire or spectacle? 

Vikram Murthi

Watch and Listen

Listen: Abortion Politics and Republican Power

Rick Perlstein on the Texas law, plus Eric Foner on Tulsa.

September 9, 2021

View: The Fierce, Enduring Legacy of America’s Anti–Afghanistan War Protests

These photos from 20 years ago remind us that resistance to the war began even before the war itself.

September 9, 2021

Listen: High School Football in the Shadow of the Nation’s Capital

Author Devon Ashby joins the show to talk about his new book on Maryland high school football. 

August 24, 2021