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The Chauvin Verdict Represents an Absolute Minimum of Justice

It’s incredibly important that the jury found Chauvin guilty, but reining in the cops cannot happen through individual prosecutions.

Elie Mystal

Police and Law Enforcement

Chauvin Trial Verdict: All Roads Lead to 38th & Chicago

After 10 hours of deliberation, the jury found the former Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd guilty of murder. But the fight for justice is not over.

Alyssa Oursler and Anna DalCortivo
Criminal Justice

The Chauvin Verdict Has to Be Just the Beginning

The three guilty verdicts are a huge victory—and not enough.

Joan Walsh

Americans Got a Taste of Paid Leave. Will They Get It for Real?

During the Covid pandemic, American workers had access to guaranteed paid leave for the first time in history. Advocates say now is the time for paid leave for all.

Bryce Covert
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Democrats Should Talk Even More About Defunding the Police

The greatest upside for congressional Democrats is to solidify their strength with the young people by embracing popular progressive policy positions.

Steve Phillips

Mayor Lori Lightfoot Has Failed Chicago

The quest for justice for Adam Toledo requires that Lightfoot resign.

Jasson Perez

Crises Collide: Homeless in America When Climate Disaster Strikes

In some cases, solutions to homelessness and the climate crisis might be one and the same.

Andrew McCormick


Was Marx Also a Social Democrat?

In a new book, Shlomo Avineri explores the social democratic impulses and Jewish origins of Karl Marx.

Bruce Robbins

How ‘Things’ In Fiction Shape the Way We Read

Sarah Wasserman’s recent book looks at how the objects we take for granted in stories can reveal even deeper meaning.

Sophie Haigney

How Covid Transformed US Theater

The art form has been forced to reinvent itself.

Alisa Solomon

Derek Chauvin trial

How BLM Is Subtly Shaping the Chauvin Trial

From the jury selection to the witness stand, the judge in this case is allowing the movement for Black lives to inform the deliberations in a strikingly new way.

Sonali Chakravarti

How the Supreme Court Gave Cops a License to Kill

Derek Chauvin’s defense team is hoping that the 1989 Graham v. Connor ruling will be his ticket to acquittal.

Elie Mystal

Report From the Chauvin Trial: Blitzkrieg at Brooklyn Center

Operation Safety Net, the multiagency task force created for the Derek Chauvin trial, ambushed and arrested protesters outside a suburban police station Friday night.

Alyssa Oursler and Anna DalCortivo


The Bewildering Search for the Islamic State in Congo

Will a Texas hedge fund drag the US into another dangerous quagmire?

Helen C. Epstein

After ‘the Death of Hong Kong’s Democracy,’ an Ex-Legislator Fights Beijing From Exile

Ted Hui fled Hong Kong, but he hasn’t given up the struggle.

Sharline Liu

Cuba Moves Into the Post-Castro Era

On the 60th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, many US officials still can’t seem to accept a socialist country “under their very noses.”

Peter Kornbluh

Watch and Listen

Listen: Organizing at Amazon: What Went Wrong?

Jane McAlevey on the fight in Bessemer, plus Amy Wilentz on Hunter Biden.

April 15, 2021

Listen: The Next Fight Against Voter Suppression

Dale Ho on Georgia, plus Karen Greenberg on ending our forever wars.

April 8, 2021

View: Mexico Could Soon Become the Largest Legal Marijuana Market in the World

But activists say the law fails to address the widespread pain that decades of militarized enforcement have caused.

February 25, 2021