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I Was Vermont’s Democratic Nominee for Governor. I Have A Grave Warning for My Party.

I am publicly pleading with the party that chose me as its standard-bearer to reverse a decision that will turbocharge our state’s homelessness crisis.

Brenda Siegel


Katherine Dunn’s Counterculture Parables

Dunn’s books are often described as cult classics, which fits not only in the sense that they inspire devotion but also in the sense that cults of personality always appear in them.

Nora Caplan-Bricker
War on Terror

Two Decades Later, We Still Know Too Little About the Government’s Torture Program

Attempts to keep that blindfold in place in the name of “national security” have helped sustain darkness over light.

Karen J. Greenberg

If Ken Paxton’s Staff Can Do It, Why Can’t Dianne Feinstein’s?

The Texas attorney general was impeached because his staff had the courage to sound the alarm about their boss. When will the senator’s staff be brave enough to do the same?

Elie Mystal


Jeremy Strong in the finale of “Succession.”

The Janus-Faced End of “Succession”

At once cruel and compassionate, the finale of the much-loved HBO show revels in the space between tragedy and comedy.

Vikram Murthi
Michelle Williams and Hong Chau in “Showing Up.”

Kelly Reichardt’s Cinema of Class Conflict

In her latest film, Showing Up, she continues a career-long project of examining the bitter resentments produced by inequality. 

Alex Kong
George Lucas looks at the Death Star.

What Makes Special Effects Work?

In Empire of Effects, Julie Turnock examines how George Lucas and Industrial Light & Magic transformed the way we make and view movies.

Malcolm Harris


Republicans Attacked These Queer Students' Lives. So They Fought Back.

Republicans Attacked These Queer Students’ Lives. So They Fought Back.

How three Kentucky high schoolers joined forces to stand up to a GOP assault on their rights—and brought hundreds of people along with them.

Shahamat Uddin
Protesters at a rally for Banko Brown outside of the San Francisco district attorney's office on May 17, 2023.

The Killing of Banko Brown Shows What San Francisco’s Real Crisis Looks Like

A Black, trans, unhoused man was shot to death by a security guard. The DA refused to press charges. Why isn’t the national media paying attention?

Toshio Meronek
Anti-Trans Legislation Is Becoming a National Security Issue

Anti-Trans Legislation Is Becoming a National Security Issue

Bans on gender-affirming care are forcing some military families to seek compassionate reassignment.

Colleen Hamilton


Can the British Labour Party Win Power Without a Left Wing?

Can the British Labour Party Win Power Without a Left Wing?

Despite being far ahead of the ruling Conservatives in the polls, Labour’s leadership seems determined to purge its way to electability.

Rachel Shabi
Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia, permanent representative of Russian Federation to the United Nations, and Ambassador Zhang Jun, permanent representative of China to the UN, engage in conversation during the UN Security Council meeting on Nord Stream pipeline explosions at the UN Headquarters on February 21, 2023, in New York City.

The Diplomatic Wins at the Heart of China’s Ascendancy

Its diplomatic feat of restoring relations in the Middle East reflects less its position as a rising power than the startling decline of American regional credibility.

Juan Cole
Rachid Ghanhouchi leaves a meeting with Tunisia's anti-terrorism prosecutor in Tunis last November.

The Throttling of Tunisian Democracy

Rachid Ghannouchi’s unjust imprisonment is an ominous sign for the enemies of despotism. 

John Keane

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