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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fights the Power

The insurgent candidate from the Bronx is challenging Democrat Joseph Crowley with a scrappy grassroots campaign and a platform based on economic justice.  

Raina Lipsitz


Lessons From the Death of Seattle’s ‘Amazon’ Tax

A strong housing movement needs strong politicians as allies.

Jimmy Tobias
Immigration Policy

The Trump Administration Still Has No Plan to Reunite Families It Tore Apart

The 2,300 children who have been taken from their parents face a tangled legal process and a shortage of lawyers to help them through it.

Zoë Carpenter

Merkeldämmerung: The Transatlantic Right Has Germany’s Chancellor in Its Sights

Angela Merkel’s hard-right opponents have a powerful ally in the Trump administration, which apparently sees itself as headquarters of a xenophobic, right-wing International.

Paul Hockenos
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From the Magazine

Immigration Policy

The Deportation Machine Obama Built for President Trump

Before the end of his first term in office, the Obama administration expanded a small program by about 3,600 percent.

Marisa Franco and Carlos Garcia

What It’s Like Inside a Border Patrol Facility Where Families Are Being Separated

The Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy has overwhelmed Ursula, where children sleep in cages, the lights never go off, and detainees are brought in 24 hours a day.

Zoë Carpenter

More Immigrants Died in Detention in Fiscal Year 2017 Than in Any Year Since 2009

According to a new report, subpar medical care is contributing to deaths in ICE detention.

Michelle Chen


Young Women of Color Are Running to Win

And they want to unseat these white male incumbents.

Sean McElwee

Donald Trump’s Trade Wars Could Lead to the Next Great Depression

And we’ll be the ones who pay the price.

Nomi Prins

Trump’s Executive Order Turns Family Separation Into Family Incarceration

It also opens up military bases as detention centers and indicates an intention to reopen the Flores settlement.

Julianne Hing

Special Issue: A new foreign policy


Once Again, the Right Wing Wins in Colombia, Amid Divisions on the Left

But Gustavo Petro’s presidential candidacy was the most successful leftist campaign in modern Colombian history, after decades of isolation and political assassinations.

Miguel Salazar

France’s National Front Is Dead, but Its Politics Are Alive and Well

Despite the failure of Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid, the party’s virulent anti-Muslim message has found a growing audience.

Cécile Alduy

After 2 Months of Unrest, Nicaragua Is at a Fateful Crossroads

If there’s no negotiated peace with a return to order, the conflict could spin out of control, bringing the chronic violence and insecurity of the country’s northern neighbors.

John Perry


The Long Road to ‘Citizens United’

Adam Winkler's new history argues that the problem with Citizens United is its inability to see the distorting effects of concentrated wealth.

David Cole

How Did Vietnam Transform White Supremacy?

Kathleen Belew’s sobering new history tracks the hidden relationship between the war and a resurgence in racial violence.

Patrick Blanchfield

‘Supernatural’ Fanaticism

TV for the narrowcast generation.

Loren A. Lynch

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Politics of the 2018 World Cup

Author and academic Jules Boykoff stops by to talk 2018 World Cup.

June 19, 2018

View: PHOTOS: These Students Are Sick and Tired of Gun Violence

“That could be me, my friends, my family.”

April 26, 2018

View: ‘A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’

Aura Hernández fled to the US seeking safety. Instead, she encountered threats, harassment, and assault.

April 2, 2018


Take Action

We All Need to Fight to End the Separation of Immigrant Families

In just five weeks, federal immigration authorities separated more than 2,300 children from their parents.

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