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Homeland Security Is Quietly Tying Antifa to Foreign Powers

An intelligence report obtained exclusively by The Nation mentions several Americans, including a left-wing podcast host.

Ken Klippenstein


The Deaths of 150,000 Americans Are on Trump’s Hands

Trump and his lackeys are guilty of criminal negligence, if not far worse. Who will hold them accountable?

Elie Mystal

Bipartisan Support for Wall Street, Crumbs for Main Street

Democratic votes to make the Federal Reserve the silent partner in big business plunder in March make it easier for Republicans to stiff the unemployed in August.

Jeet Heer
Police and Law Enforcement

When You Have Diabetes, Even a Routine Police Encounter Can Turn Fatal

Diabetics are often denied necessary care in police custody, leading to life-threatening complications and even death.

Natalie Shure
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The Enduring Wisdom of John Lewis

John Lewis’s last words resounded over a funeral marked by former presidents and civil rights giants. May we all heed them.

Joan Walsh

Congrats, Dems: You Just Let Trump’s Chief Henchman Off the Hook

Bill Barr’s long-awaited testimony before Congress should have been a chance for Democrats to hold him accountable. Instead, it was just bad summer theater.

Elie Mystal

The Spectre of Socialism Haunts Mike Pence

The GOP’s founders included abolitionists, radical land reformers, and activists who had joined “an experimental socialist community."

John Nichols


The Sad Sex Lives of Overeducated Millennial Malcontents

Andrew Martin’s characters in Cool For America aren’t having much fun. Instead, they are restless and self-defeating.

Jennifer Schaffer

The Philosophical Leftovers of Gilles Deleuze

What is there left to learn from the work the French thinker left behind?

Andrew Marzoni

The Biography That Reimagined a Life—and the Genre

Diane Johnson’s The True History of the First Mrs. Meredith and Other Lesser Lives uses speculation and fabulation to correct the biases of history.

Marie Solis


In Quarantine, on the Plains of Colombia

A photographer captures a child’s fears and hopes on a ranch on the Llanos.

Juanita Escobar, The Nation and Magnum Foundation

What Would It Take to Avert Military Escalation With China in the South China Sea?

The US and China’s dance in the South China Sea bears a troubling resemblance to 1914 Sarajevo—and the eve of World War I.

Michael T. Klare

A Century of Struggle in Palestine

Rashid Khalidi’s new history offers a political and personal portrait of more than a hundred years of colonization and resistance in Palestine.

Kaleem Hawa

Watch and Listen

Listen: To Fight the Coronavirus, We Need a Massive Campaign of Disruption

Gregg Gonsalves on Covid-19, plus Meagan Day on the eviction crisis.

July 16, 2020

Listen: The NBA at the Breaking Point

NBA scribe Michael Lee joins the show to talk about the NBA restart and Stephen Jackson’s comments.

July 14, 2020

View: Making George Floyd’s Life Matter

As the people of Minneapolis grieve the loss of one of their own, they’re also fighting for a future free of police brutality.

June 8, 2020

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