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Progressives Won’t Wait for Biden to Set the Course

If Biden plans to fulfill his campaign trail promise that he’ll be the “most progressive president since FDR,” he’ll have to help lead the push for progressive policies.

Robert L. Borosage


How Climate-Driven Disasters Threaten Climate Progress

As climate change fans the flames of wildfires up and down the West Coast, those same fires also endanger efforts to combat climate change.

Josh Lappen
Election 2020

Trump Keeps Slinging Mud, but This Time It’s Not Sticking

Smear merchants like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani are trying to peddle a sequel to the Clinton scandals of 2016—but they’ve lost their groove.

Jeet Heer
Election 2020

Can Jaime Harrison Really Beat Lindsey Graham?

It won’t be easy—despite some polls showing the race in a dead heat and Harrison raising money hand over fist.

Kevin Alexander Gray
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‘Roe v. Wade’ Is Nonnegotiable

Don’t believe the hot takes that say we can do without it.

Katha Pollitt

Progressive Kara Eastman Is Pulling Ahead in Omaha’s Bellwether Congressional District

A champion of economic, social, and racial justice could beat a Republican incumbent in eastern Nebraska.

John Nichols

These Are the States to Focus on to Flip the Senate

Democratic challengers in Georgia and Texas have a great fighting chance, and they need more help than promising contenders in other states.

Steve Phillips


Captive of the Caucasus: The Long War Over Nagorno-Karabakh

How a little-understood war between Azerbaijan and Armenia threatens democracy.

Viken Berberian

The US Is Still the World’s Biggest Arms Dealer

Regardless of who is elected president this November, American arms businesses will continue to export arsenals to the Middle East and around the world.

William D. Hartung

The Far Right Holds a Grip on European Campuses

Groups like the Identitarian movement are borrowing strategies from the left and targeting students.

Jessica Bateman


How Did We Get Here?

Three new books by prominent liberal intellectuals—Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson’s Let Them Eat Tweets, Robert B. Reich’s The System, and Robert P. Saldin and Steven M. Teles’s Never Trump—give strikingly different answers.

Nicholas Lemann

One Weird Trick for Destroying the Digital Economy

Tim Hwang thinks we should burst the bubble of the ad-supported internet before it’s too late.

Marie Solis

How Did American Cities Become So Unequal?

A new history of Ed Logue and his vision of urban renewal documents the broken promises of midcentury liberalism.

Kim Phillips-Fein

Watch and Listen

Listen: Bubblicious: What the Bubble Meant for the NBA

NBA scribe Michael Lee joins the show to talk about the Covid Bubble, the NBA Finals, and Lebron’s legacy.

October 13, 2020

View: In California’s Agricultural Heartland, a Mayor Is Running on Compassion

Maria Orozco, the mayor of a small farming town, is fighting to protect her constituents, regardless of immigration status.

October 13, 2020
October 6, 2020