George Abraham

George Abraham (they/هو) is a Palestinian American poet. Their poetry collection Birthright won the Arab American Book Award. They are currently executive editor at Mizna, are coediting a Palestinian global poetry anthology with Noor Hindi, and are an MFA+MA candidate at Northwestern University.

Palestinians carry some belongings as they flee Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip on January 26, 2024

Letters From the Apocalypse Letters From the Apocalypse

Palestinian writers George Abraham and Sarah Aziza were in the middle of an ongoing correspondence. Then came October 7.

Jan 29, 2024 / George Abraham and Sarah Aziza

Nation Poetry

Searching for a Palestinian ‘After’ Searching for a Palestinian ‘After’

“The past is a future we return to” —Fargo Tbakhi After the Nakba, there was the Nakba of Before: Nakba of earth less-split, Nakba of root-less hollow, Nakba of take and take -back…

May 24, 2021 / no-paywall / George Abraham