Omer Bartov

Omer Bartov, the John P. Birkelund Distinguished Professor of European History at Brown University, is the author of Germany's War and the Holocaust: Disputed Histories (Cornell). Princeton will publish his Erased:
Vanishing Traces of Jewish Galicia in Present-Day Ukraine
in September.

Faraway, So Close Faraway, So Close

In Five Germanys I Have Known--part memoir, part extended rumination on German-Jewish identity--Fritz Stern revisits his family's past and finds that he has never been quite at hom...

Dec 20, 2006 / Books & the Arts / Omer Bartov

Occupational Hazards Occupational Hazards

One of the greatest paradoxes of the modern era is the relationship between science and rationalism.

Dec 4, 2003 / Books & the Arts / Omer Bartov