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The Ignominious Deceits of Congressman Cawthorn

Representative Madison Cawthorn has misled the public about training for the Paralympics, just as he misrepresented his education and business history.

Sara Luterman

Foreign Policy

Biden Must Reverse Pompeo’s ‘Terrorist’ Move Against Cuba

Far from being a “state sponsor of terrorism,” as the Trump administration claimed, Cuba has been an ally in fighting it.

Peter Kornbluh
Social media

Twitter and Facebook Just Proved That Deplatforming Works

The peaceful protests on Inauguration Day show what happens when social media companies refuse to let white supremacists use them to organize and incite violence.

Elie Mystal
Joe Biden

Why Biden’s ‘Virtual’ Border Could Be Worse Than Trump’s Wall

Advanced surveillance tech on the border poses dangers to both migrants and citizens.

Felipe de la Hoz
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Katie Porter Is a Politician Progressives Should Fight For

Give her that waiver—and stop the bankers from celebrating.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

How Does Someone Like Lauren Boebert Get Elected?

With a lot of help from other far-right Republicans—and an establishment that enabled them.

Joan Walsh

Why Biden’s ‘Virtual’ Border Could Be Worse Than Trump’s Wall

Advanced surveillance tech on the border poses dangers to both migrants and citizens.

Felipe de la Hoz


The Hidden Workers of Silicon Valley

Moira Weigel and Ben Tarnoff’s Voices From the Valley examines how the tech world has redefined our understanding work. 

Clio Chang

Black Trans Liberation as History and Prophecy: The Art of Tourmaline

The artist's first solo show, is a reminder that pleasure is inseparable from the joint projects of abolition and freedom.

Tal Milovina

A Soundtrack for the American Subconscious

Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest album is not unlike a radio broadcast from another reality.

Bijan Stephen


Biden Should Think Big in the Middle East

We must address the interconnected conflicts there as the equivalent of a regional/world war. That requires an international conference under UN auspices.

James Zogby

Argentina’s Decades-Long Fight to Legalize Abortion Ends in Victory

The campaign to legalize abortion began sometime in the late 1970s, when the “grandmothers” of the green wave were living in exile across Europe.

Cecilia Nowell

Women in Mexico Reckon With the High Cost of Migration

With husbands dying—from Covid-19, dangerous jobs, and more—in the US, many Mexican women are wondering whether migration is worth it anymore.

Lorena Ríos

Watch and Listen

Listen: Chris Mosier: In Defense of Trans Athletes

The hall-of-fame triathlete and six-time member of Team USA joins the show to talk about the war on trans youth.

January 19, 2021

View: Tribal Territories Have the Right to Protect Their People Against the Pandemic

South Dakota has resisted shutting down in the face of Covid-19. The Cheyenne River Reservation is taking matters into its own hands.

December 15, 2020

View: The Latinx Future Will Not Look Like the Latinx Past

My generation is more outspoken—about inequality, assimilation, racism, and more—than those that came before.

December 22, 2020