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A Wave of Corporate Propaganda Is Boosting Trump’s Tax Cuts

Businesses saw that most Americans didn’t like the tax law at first. So they’ve gone on the offensive.

Joshua Holland


What Do the PyeongChang Games Mean for South Korea?

Professor Heejoon Chung discusses the ongoing costs of the Olympics, North-South diplomacy, and Los Angeles 2028.

Madeleine Han
Books and Ideas

Natural-Born Bards

A new volume collects African-American folk tales that foreshadow contemporary debates about cultural ownership and appropriation.

Aaron Robertson
Higher Education

Disaster Capitalism Hits Higher Education in Wisconsin

The president of the University of Wisconsin System is trying to reconcile a well-funded assault on public institutions with the state’s deep blue sea of support for accessible education.

Rachel Ida Buff
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From the Magazine

Gun Control

Has the NRA Finally Met Its Match?

After Parkland, a generation is rising up, giving hope for a bold new gun-control movement.

Katha Pollitt

The Gun Industry Is Weaker Than It Looks

It’s vulnerable when it comes to the one thing it cares about most—money.

George Zornick

Out of Bloodshed, Hope for Gun Control

Three reasons why the aftermath of the Parkland shooting is different.

Gary Younge


Trump’s Go-Nowhere Memo on Banning Bump Stocks

A symbolic move, but one that won’t change any gun laws.

George Zornick

A Kentucky District That Backed Trump 72-23 Just Backed a Democratic Woman 68-32

Democrats have now flipped 37 state legislative seats since Trump assumed the presidency.

John Nichols

Why Negative Partisanship Is a Good Thing

Our system thrives on clear lines and active participation.

Noah Berlatsky


Is Kenya Sliding Toward Dictatorship?

Like Daniel arap Moi in 1982, Uhuru Kenyatta has embarked on a course of action that threatens hard-won democratic gains.

Karen Rothmyer

‘Shoot the Beasts on Sight’: The Far Right and Italy’s Elections

Their poisonous opposition to migrants, their loud rallies, and their fascistic violence dominate the run-up to the March 4 polling.

Frederika Randall

How Socially Engaged Activism Is Transforming Cuba

Community-run cultural centers are rejuvenating post-industrial life, especially for a younger generation.

Sujatha Fernandes

Special Issue

Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market

The company is a radically new kind of monopoly with ambitions that dwarf those of earlier empires.

Stacy Mitchell

How Monopolies Gamed the System

And why we need to change the rules—again.

The Nation

Special Investigation: The Dirty Secret Behind Warren Buffett’s Billions

America’s favorite investor loves monopoly, not free markets.

David Dayen


Life Among the Bundists

Through his family history, Mark Mazower maps the upheavals and dislocations of early 20th-century Europe and Russia.

Sheila Fitzpatrick

In the Cuban Sphere

Was Cuba under Castro a model for anti-imperialism in Latin America or a source of instability in the region?

Patrick Iber

Into the Latin American Songbook

No contemporary artist has reimagined Latin American folk songs as elegantly and tenderly as Natalia Lafourcade.

Julyssa Lopez

Watch and Listen

Watch: Once Upon a Time There Was a Girl Whose Mother Was About to Be Deported

Watch Dulce tell her story. Video by Cinthya Santos Briones.

February 14, 2018

View: PHOTOS: Since Standing Rock, 56 Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States to Restrict Protests

In the year since the last activists were evicted, the crackdown on journalists and activists has only intensified.

February 16, 2018

View: The Walls of this Church Are the Only Thing Standing Between Amanda Morales and Deportation

Episode 1: The story of one undocumented mother’s struggle to keep her family together.

January 30, 2018


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