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Want to Be Like FDR, Joe Biden? Make Your Thanksgiving Proclamations Rallying Cries

The 32nd president used every tool—even Thanksgiving Proclamations—to promote a moral vision for social and economic justice. Biden should do the same.

John Nichols

Social Justice

Diego Maradona: Comrade of the Global South

As much as for his genius with the soccer ball, he will be remembered for his willingness to fight power and be a voice for the voiceless.

Dave Zirin
Election 2020

Are Cuban American Voters Really a ‘Special’ Case?

Their rightward lean of this group often mystifies and frustrates Democrats, but how unique are they really?

Andrés S. Pertierra

Free the Plowshares 7!

These activists risked their freedom putting faith into practice—which puts Joe Biden on the spot.

Maria Margaronis
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Trump’s Election Lies Failed, but the Damage Is Done

Trump’s supporters, already steeped in white grievance, are predictably receptive to the idea that “illegal voters” have succeeded in stealing their democracy.

Kali Holloway

Donald Trump Is the Ultimate Super-Spreader

Trump didn’t merely bungle this country’s pandemic response; he stoked the flames of this third and largest surge.

Elie Mystal

Trump’s Team Is Sabotaging the Transition

Even after grudgingly accepting the reality of his defeat, the White House is working hard to hobble the incoming Biden administration.

Jeet Heer


The Olympic Machine Meets With Protest in Tokyo

The coronavirus’s presence changes the equation of the Tokyo Olympics for organizers and activists alike.

Dave Zirin and Jules Boykoff

The Children of Fallujah: The Medical Mystery at the Heart of the Iraq War

Since the 2003 invasion, doctors in Fallujah have been reporting a sharp rise in birth defects among the city’s children—and to this day, no one knows why.

Laura Gottesdiener

Unforgetting: Confronting El Salvador’s—and My Family’s—Past

Doing so helped me to understand not just the violent history of El Salvador, but also that of my country of birth, the United States.

Roberto Lovato


Diane Cook’s Morality Tales for Our Climate Future

Her debut novel, The New Wilderness, examines the dynamics between parent and child in a world beset by the bleakest of environmental scenarios.

Zack Graham

The Liberal Establishment Is ‘a Stranger to Self-Examination’

A conversation with Pankaj Mishra about Biden’s closer-than-expected victory, the sterile state of mainstream intellectual culture, and his new book Bland Fanatics.

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

The Horrors of Charlie Kaufman

His latest existential love story, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, reveals the limits of his work.

Erin Schwartz

Watch and Listen

Listen: Why Should the Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Keep All the Profits?

Gregg Gonsalves on virus profiteering, plus J. Hoberman on The Chicago 7.

November 19, 2020

View: Behind the Doors of New York’s Public Housing

Portraits of the activists, organizers, artists, and more who call the Lower East Side’s public housing home.

November 10, 2020

View: How Many Cameras Does One Protest Need?

Livestreamers and citizen journalists are providing constant, steady footage of the protests for Black Lives. Is that a good thing?

November 3, 2020