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Don’t Let the “Texas Observer” Shut Down

The magazine that Molly Ivins edited and that remains the voice of speak-truth-to-power Texas liberalism is threatened with closing. We can’t let that happen.

John Nichols

Guns and Gun Control

Republicans Want You to Forget Their Complicity in the Nashville Shooting

Conservatives want to make the massacre about trans people or religion—anything but the blood-soaked murder factory they’ve forced us all to live in.

Elie Mystal

Gen Z and Baby Boomers Need to Work Together

By forming intergenerational coalitions that focus on shared values rather than divisive stereotypes, young people can learn from the fights that came before them. “We are not the first ones to be engaging with these issues.”

Rania Soetirto
Health Care

Disability Is Always Someone Else’s Problem

Why I’m not celebrating Disabilities Awareness Month.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Money Problems

What Elizabeth Warren, Larry Summers, and Paul Krugman All Got Wrong About SVB

What Elizabeth Warren, Larry Summers, and Paul Krugman All Got Wrong About SVB

It’s a war for the dollar—and the big banks. The rest of us better hold on tight.

James K. Galbraith for The Nation

A Death in the Valley: What the End of SVB Reveals About VC Class Solidarity

With the banking system sitting on $620 billion in paper (unrealized) losses, this saga may be far from over.

Doug Henwood

The Latest Banking Crisis Is Brought to You by the Federal Reserve

There’s a lot of blame to go around for the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank. But the Fed’s myopic attitude towards inflation bears much of the responsibility.

Sasha Abramsky


Christianity's Place in the Left and the Right

Christianity’s Place in the Left and the Right

A conversation with historian David Hollinger about the rise of evangelicalism, the decline of mainline Protestantism, and if the country has truly become more secular.

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins
A scene from All That Breathes.

A Meditation on Trans-Species Love

The Nation spoke with Shaunak Sen, whose film All That Breathes follows a bird hospital in New Dehli and the monumental mission of saving a city’s dying black kites.

Jasmine Liu
A New Continuum of Art History at the Carnegie International

A New Continuum of Art History at the Carnegie International

The long-running exhibition of international art offers an indispensable lesson in art outside the bounds of America’s reach and a different way to see history.

Barry Schwabsky


US soldier Mosul

Get Ready for Yet Another Pentagon Spending Spree

This year, the budget will be in striking distance of the $1 trillion mark that hawkish officials and pundits could only dream about a few short years ago.

William D. Hartung
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a 2022 press conference

A Dream and a Lie: Ron DeSantis’s Twisted Race Pedagogy

The ultimate aim of  the Florida governor’s education platform is to depoliticize actually existing Black history

Anthony Conwright
US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

The War Against Abortion Rights Is Also a War Against Democracy

Facing a ballot backlash, the anti-choice movement is now resorting to lawfare and to limiting voter initiative.

Jeet Heer


Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin

Putin’s Nuremberg Moment

The ICC’s arrest warrant against the Russian president was historic. But where will it lead?

Reed Brody
Protests against pension reform in France

What Will Macron Do When Arbitrary Arrests and Police Violence Fail?

Bypassing the National Assembly to force through his unpopular pension reform looked like a clever move—until it brought the French people back onto the streets.

Harrison Stetler
Indigenous Leaders Are Being Forced Into Exile

Indigenous Leaders Are Being Forced Into Exile

Facing institutionalized violence from the government and opposition groups, some Indigenous activists in Guatemala have no choice but to flee.

María Inés Taracena

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