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Congestion Pricing Is New York’s Green New Deal

Charging drivers in NYC could help fix the subways, fight climate change, and reduce inequality.

Charles Komanoff and Jeff Blum


The VA Is Socialism in Action. We Must Defend It From Privatization.

The right is hell-bent on dismantling the most progressive agency in government.

Jasper Craven

The Oakland Teachers’ Strike Revealed California’s Education Crisis

The struggle for fair funding goes way beyond the district. So now the teachers are taking their fight to Sacramento.

Bryce Covert
Racism and Discrimination

White Supremacy Is Bigger Than 8Chan

Blaming the Internet alone for racist mass shootings is a naive delusion. 

Brendan O’Connor
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From the Magazine

Focus on climate

On March 15, the Climate Kids Are Coming

A massive, international, youth-led mobilization will demand action on the climate crisis.

Mark Hertsgaard

Facing the Climate Crisis: A Conversation With David Wallace-Wells

The New York magazine writer confirms our worst fears about climate change–but insists there’s still hope.

Natasha Ishak

The Toxic Consequences of America’s Plastics Boom

Thanks to fracking, petrochemicals giants are poised to make the plastic pollution crisis much, much worse.

Zoë Carpenter


If the Filibuster Remains, the Progressive Agenda Is Doomed

It takes 60 votes for Democrats to build something, but only 50 for the GOP to tear it down.

Mike Konczal

Kshama Sawant Says Socialism Isn’t ‘Only in Seattle’

The Seattle City Council member blames capitalism for the “complete failure” of the housing market.

E. Tammy Kim

Why I’m Glad Beto O’Rourke Is Running

And why Stacey Abrams and Andrew Gillum should run, as well.

John Nichols


The Lost Internationalism of Wendell Willkie

David Levering Lewis’s new biography recovers Willkie’s anti-imperialist vision.

Samuel Zipp

Jeremy Denk Explains the History of Western Classical Music (Yes, All of It!)

The pianist’s new album, c. 1300–c. 2000, gives a listener a lesson in seven centuries of composition, from Monteverdi to Stockhausen and beyond.

David Hajdu

Solange Searches for Epiphany

Her fourth album, When I Get Home, is a love letter to her hometown of Houston and to her fans, who find solace in her vision of uplift.

Marcus J. Moore


A European Spring Is Possible

The DiEM25 proposes immediate financial changes to end austerity and fund a green—and hopefully post-capitalist—future.

Yanis Varoufakis

Venezuela’s Deadly Blackout Highlights the Need for a Negotiated Resolution of the Crisis

Maduro is corrupt and increasingly repressive, but US sanctions and violence by the US-supported opposition have contributed to Venezuelans’ suffering.

Gabriel Hetland

The Price of Austerity in England

Savage cuts in social services have put county councils in crisis.

Sasha Abramsky

Watch and Listen

Watch: VIDEO: Inside the Decades-Long Republican Campaign to Suppress the Vote

A new film tracks the partisan campaign to make it harder and more dangerous to vote.

March 11, 2019

View: Is New York City’s Public Housing Ready for the Next Storm?

More than six years after Superstorm Sandy, and in an age of increasing climate uncertainty, the city’s public housing facilities are still dangerously vulnerable.

January 29, 2019

View: Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

December 14, 2018


Take Action

Take Action Now: Join the Green New Deal Campaign

Organize for climate solutions, support teachers on strike, and get involved with a new election in North Carolina.

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