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Tiffany Cabán Just Might Pull This Off

On June 25th, Queens residents could elect one of the most progressive DAs in history.

Ross Barkan


Why the UAW Lost Another Election in Tennessee

Officials offered a soft-serve variation of a union instead of the real thing.

Chris Brooks
Election 2020

The Charter School Industry’s Dishonest Attack on Bernie Sanders

Arguing that charter schools offer unique opportunities for poor African American children isn’t borne out by the facts.

Adolph Reed Jr. and Cornel West
Climate Change

New York Is About to Pass One of the Most Ambitious Climate Bills in the Land

The credit goes to the activists who pushed it for more than three years.

Raina Lipsitz
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Tiffany Cabán Wants to Transform What It Means to Be a DA

The Queens candidate tells The Nation she would prosecute bad landlords, predatory lenders, and abusive employers—not black and brown communities.

Isabel Cristo

Finally, Presidential Candidates Are Talking About Poverty

An historic forum revealed consensus on the need for policies like raising the minimum wage and affordable childcare—and some big differences. 

Greg Kaufmann

Mitch McConnell Calls Puerto Rican Statehood ‘Full-Bore Socialism’

Yet his own Republican Party’s platform endorses “the right of the US citizens of Puerto Rico to be admitted to the Union as a fully sovereign state.”

John Nichols

Watch and Listen

Listen: From the NBA Finals to the Women’s World Cup

Burn it All Down Podcast co-host Shireen Ahmed joins the show to talk Raptors and World Cup.

Yesterday 10:00 am

Listen: Trump or Brexit: Don’t Make Us Choose

DD Guttenplan on politics, John Nichols with Rashida Tlaib, and Katha Pollitt on abortion and men.

June 13, 2019

View: PHOTOS: ‘I Haven’t Met Anybody in the Area Who Actually Wants to Take the Walls Down’

Belfast’s so-called “peace lines” were supposed to come down over a decade ago. Why are they still there?

June 5, 2019


‘This Isn’t Your Island’: Why Northern Mariana Islanders Are Facing Down the US Military

Residents of the US commonwealth have discovered an apparently illegal Navy strategy to help it construct Pacific bombing ranges.

Chris Gelardi and Sophia Perez

Two Young Iraqi Activists Insist on Peace

Noof Assi and Zain Mohammed have been organizing gatherings and carnivals even in the face of Trump’s warmongering.

Laura Gottesdiener

Duterte’s Chinese-Funded Dam Will Displace Indigenous Communities

An ambitious plan to improve Manila’s water shortage is leaving Filipino villagers high and dry.

Nick Aspinwall

From the Magazine


Adam Gopnik and the Cul-de-sac of 21st-Century Liberalism

In his new book, the New Yorker writer sets out to defend liberalism from its critics, but only ends up revealing its current limitations.

David A. Bell

Gretchen Bender’s Video Art Predicted the Bleak Future of Mass Media

A retrospective of her art looks at the Pandora's box television unleashed and how we continue to reckon with the effects of an unrelenting, 24/7 visual culture.

Hannah Stamler

‘The Farm’ Looks at a Future Where Pregnancy Is Outsourced to the Poor

In Joanne Ramos’s debut novel about a venture-capitalist funded surrogacy clinic, class war begins in the womb.

Noah Flora

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Take Action Now: Stop the Tide of Gun Violence

Get involved with the grassroots movement for gun control, plus show your support for holding Big Tech accountable.

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opp-art: Dispatches from the resistance

Grab These Headlines!

Keep your hands to yourself or be in the hands of justice.

Andrea Arroyo

Ugly Big Liars

Enhanced advertisement, author unknown (photographed at the Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum subway station, NYC, May 2019.)

Reggie Seel

Seeds of Violence

We reap what we sow.

Jeff Gates