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Breaking a Promise, Tom Perez Puts His Thumb on the Scale for Andrew Cuomo

By abandoning a commitment to strict neutrality and endorsing in a key race, the DNC chair undermines confidence in the Democratic Party.

John Nichols


Stealing From Workers Is a Crime. Why Don’t More Prosecutors See It That Way?

It’s time for prosecutors to shift their focus to protecting the millions of workers who are victimized by their bosses each year.

Terri Gerstein

What if School Lunch Programs Promoted Public Health, Good Jobs, and the Environment?

From LA to Cook County, local governments are using their purchasing power to transform the food system.

Anna Lappé and Jose Oliva

For Women of Color, the Child-Welfare System Functions Like the Criminal-Justice System

Mothers of color are scrutinized by authority figures—and then punished.

Collier Meyerson
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From the Magazine

Special Issue: Give Us Shelter

Meet the Rising New Housing Movement That Wants to Create Homes for All

From rent regulation to social housing, activists are pushing for serious solutions to the affordable-housing crisis.

Jimmy Tobias

The Deep, Uniquely American Roots of Our Affordable-Housing Crisis

Nearly half of all renters can’t afford rent, and over half a million Americans are homeless on any given night. How did we get here?

Bryce Covert

151 Years of America’s Housing History

From the first tenement regulation to work requirements for public-housing residents, these are key moments in housing policy.

The Nation


Congress Must Overrule the Supreme Court’s Dramatic Assault on Worker Rights

A ruling in favor of mandatory-arbitration agreements undermines efforts to address wage theft and raises new concerns about discrimination.

John Nichols

It’s Time for Progressive Politicians to Catch Up to the Rising Affordable-Housing Movement

The base is getting busy, but elected officials have been slow to catch on​.

The Nation

Intel ‘Informants’ and ‘Suspicious Contacts’ Echo Dark Pasts

McCarthyism and firsthand recollections of Soviet surveillance practices.

Stephen F. Cohen


The Child Labor in Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Fields

A global demand for tobacco is fueling this scourge.

Michelle Chen

The Palestinian Nakba Wasn’t Just a Historical Event. It Has Continued Unabated for 70 Years.

Israel continues to steal Palestinian land, revoke residency rights, and destroy Palestinian homes so that Jewish Israelis can live in their place.

Mohamed Buttu

With Trump’s Cancellation of the Summit With Kim, Korea Is Back in Crisis Mode

John Bolton’s intervention, with an assist from Mike Pence, was disastrous—but it’s not too late to get the talks back on track.

Tim Shorrock



It’s Time to Crack Down on the Toys ‘R’ Us Vulture Capitalists

Wall Street fund barons profit as tens of thousands lose their livelihoods.

Winnie Wong and Michael Kink

Watch and Listen

Listen: Black Women Athletes Under Jim Crow

Historian Amira Rose Davis joins the show to talk about black women athletes in the age of Jim Crow, before Title IX.

May 16, 2018

View: PHOTOS: These Students Are Sick and Tired of Gun Violence

“That could be me, my friends, my family.”

April 26, 2018

View: ‘A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’

Aura Hernández fled to the US seeking safety. Instead, she encountered threats, harassment, and assault.

April 2, 2018


The Standard of Pure Abstraction

The painters Joe Overstreet and James Little subvert the demands of representation.

Barry Schwabsky

Zora Neale Hurston and the Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade’s Last Survivor

Even after Emancipation, Kossula Oluales spent the rest of his life trying to recover what was lost.

Elias Rodriques

Broadway’s Golden-Age Shows and #MeToo

A certain critical consternation awaited the current productions of My Fair Lady and Carousel—and with good reason.

Alisa Solomon


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