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North Carolina Republicans Tried to Disenfranchise a 100-Year-Old African-American Woman

With early voting underway in North Carolina, black and Democratic voters are being wrongly purged from the rolls.

Ari Berman

Election 2016

The Billionaire Class Is Terrified That Russ Feingold Will Return to the Senate

The very rich are spending very heavily to prevent the return of a very serious reformer to the Senate.

John Nichols
Immigration Policy

ICE Plans to Reopen the Very Same Private Prison the Feds Just Closed

Advocates cheered when the Justice Department began shuttering its private prisons. But immigration officials saw an opportunity.

Seth Freed Wessler
Electoral Reform

This Maine Initiative Could Shake Up the Two-Party System

Ranked-choice voting opens up elections to a broader, more diverse range of candidates and ideas.

Hendrik Hertzberg
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Election 2016

It’s Paul Ryan Versus Bernie Sanders, and Sanders Is Winning

Since Ryan warned that Republican losses would empower Sanders, the senator has used the attack to raise millions for Democrats.

John Nichols

The Real Election Fraud

The danger to American democracy stems from Republican efforts to suppress the vote.

The Nation

Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Been Vile and Offensive—and We Should Thank Him for That

How Trump stopped the gaslighting of America.

Matthew Arnold


Zephyr Teachout Is Battling Big Money and Cynicism in One of This Year’s Tightest Congressional Races

Can Teachout’s radical optimism prevail in the Hudson Valley?
Sarah Jaffe

The morning of July 30 is cool and sunny in Dutchess County, New York, and Zephyr Teachout stands at the foot of a giant inflatable staircase, dressed in a bright-blue running shirt and shorts. The law professor and congressional candidate had been a competitive runner in her youth and couldn’t… Continue Reading >

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Books & the Arts

Four Standouts From the New York Film Festival

I Am Not Your Negro, Moonlight, 13th, and I Called Him Morgan.

Stuart Klawans

A Starting Point for Politics

The radical life and times of Stuart Hall.

Bruce Robbins

Democracy’s Revenge

What political scientists and policy journalists often miss about American politics.

Timothy Shenk

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Progressive Candidates Who Are Shaking Up This Election

John Nichols on the best candidates, plus Katrina vanden Heuvel on Tom Hayden, and the environmental journalist arrested for doing her job.

Today 10:00 am

Watch: Why Do Trump’s Voters Care So Much About Undocumented Immigration?

Stopping undocumented immigration has been a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign—why does the issue strike such a chord with his supporters?

October 17, 2016

Watch: What Is It Like to Be an Abortion Provider in an Anti-Choice State?

Watch: Leah Torres explains why she works in Utah.

August 29, 2016


Take Action

4 Simple Ways to Help 44 Million Americans With Student Debt

The student-loan-debt crisis is very real, yet policies have failed to respond with any urgency.

Take Action Now! >