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Why Taiwan Won’t Welcome China’s Dissidents

Hong Kong protesters and Chinese political dissidents often look to democratic Taiwan as a place for shelter—but its government has little interest in providing it.

Nick Aspinwall

Housing and Homelessness

Trump Just Dynamited the Food Stamp Program

This man’s cruelty is boundless. He also just appointed as his homelessness czar a man who tried to get cities to ban charities from feeding the homeless.

Sasha Abramsky

‘The Irishman’ Tells the Story of the Corruption of Empire

Scorsese’s gangster epic highlights the personal and political cost of counterrevolutionary violence.

Jeet Heer

Don’t Mess With French Pensions

Emmanuel Macron’s latest bugbear: a million angry French citizens striking against his proposed pension reforms. 

Colin Kinniburgh
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How I Won a Florida Swing Seat as a Proud Abortion-Rights Supporter

Consultants advised me not to talk about my work for Planned Parenthood. But I didn’t want to win an election if I could not be myself, and supporting reproductive freedom is foundational to who I am.

Anna Eskamani

Trump’s Cover-Up Is Fully and Necessarily Impeachable

Constitutional scholars tell the House Judiciary Committee that obstructing the impeachment inquiry is totally impeachable.

John Nichols

It’s a Race Against Time for Labour in Next Week’s Momentous UK Elections

The choice couldn’t be more stark: between the nativist, hard-Brexit Tories and the most radical-left Labour platform the nation has seen in decades.

Rachel Shabi

impeachment politics

The Republicans’ Star Impeachment Scholar Is a Shameless Hack

Jonathan Turley’s testimony was so inconsistent, it contradicted his own previous statements on impeachment.

Elie Mystal

The GOP Grievance Machine’s Desperate Attempt to Upstage the Case for Impeachment

The faux outrage was triggered when an impeachment witness used the name of the president’s teenage son to make a point. It didn’t work.

Joan Walsh

Speaker Pelosi Seeks Articles of Impeachment

Reasserting Congress as a check and balance on the presidency, she says, “If we allow a president to be above the law, we do so surely at the peril of our republic.”

John Nichols


Revolution & #Resistance: The Life and Times of Lauren Duca

She wants to lead a youth movement, but her first book says more about a media ecosystem that helped produce her than radical action.

Haley Mlotek

Is the ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Sequel Anything but Fan Service?

Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments is caught between grappling with the politics of the moment and the politics of television success.

Sarah Jones

A Queer Love Story That Does Away With the Male Gaze

Set in 18th-century France, Céline Sciamma’s new film Portrait of a Lady on Fire finds a new way to chronicle a queer romance. 

Kristen Yoonsoo Kim

From the Magazine


Reproductive Rights

Anti-Abortion Extremism Goes Full Psycho

An Ohio House bill would require doctors to perform a procedure that is medically impossible—or face murder charges. Other bills just as nutty are being enacted across the country.

Sasha Abramsky

The New politics of abortion

Police and Law Enforcement

Meet the Prosecutors Resisting America’s Frightening New Abortion Bans

A group of progressive attorneys is refusing to enforce new abortion laws. But in a legal landscape so hostile to choice, is deliberate inaction enough?

Cynthia Greenlee


Why Taiwan Won’t Welcome China’s Dissidents

Hong Kong protesters and Chinese political dissidents often look to democratic Taiwan as a place for shelter—but its government has little interest in providing it.

Nick Aspinwall

With American Help, Lebanon Once Again Nears the Abyss

Lebanon needs change. The people demand it and even some of the leaders know it. But US involvement threatens that possibility.

Charles Glass

Welcome to the Global Rebellion Against Neoliberalism

As distinct as the protests seem, the uprisings rocking Bolivia, Lebanon, and scores of other countries all share a common theme.

Ben Ehrenreich

special issue: the new politics of abortion

What Does Reproductive Justice Activism Look Like As Clinics Close?

As abortion access in Ohio erodes, reproductive justice groups are bringing new activists to the fight.

Dani McClain

The Pro-Choice Movement Has Won the Culture War

Abortion has never been less taboo than it is today.

Moira Donegan

How Abortion Funds Showed America That ‘Roe’ Is Not Enough

The movement for abortion access—not just rights—has arrived, and it’s winning fights across the country.

Amy Littlefield

Watch and Listen

Listen: Talking to Legendary Olympic Sprinter and Activist Wyomia Tyus

The legendary Wyomia Tyus joins the show to talk about her book, Tigerbelle: The Wyomia Tyus Story.

November 19, 2019

Listen: Bernie Sanders Is Changing Progressive Politics

In an exclusive interview, the senator talks about how the movement he helped foster is now so much bigger than just him.

November 19, 2019

View: More Than a Wall: Photos of 30 Years of Life Along the US-Mexico Border

Successive US administrations have sought to turn the borderlands into a land of death—but these photos prove it is very much a land of the living.

September 12, 2019

Migrant Voices

‘We Are So Much More Than Victims’

Batool was just a teenager when the Syrian civil war broke out. After living through the worst of the fighting and years in exile, she’s making a new life in Berkeley.
John Washington
The borders of our world cut not only across international boundaries, they also increasingly stretch deeply into the interior of nations—into our homes, cities, communities, courts, and everyday interactions. Citizenship status, visa status, vulnerability to deportation—these are just a few of the dividing lines increasingly separating our country into different… Continue Reading >


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