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Birding While Black: Just the Latest Bad Reason for White People to Call Police

In parks across America, bird-watchers and dog owners regularly clash over space. But when a white dog owner called the cops on a black birder, only one was in danger.

Joan Walsh

Immigration Policy

Trump’s Gutter Politics Just Keep Getting Nastier

His administration is paddling ever deeper into the swamp of xenophobia and vicious slander against political enemies.

Sasha Abramsky
Social Justice

Sexual Harassment at McDonald’s Is Even Worse Than We Knew

New polling suggests 75 percent of female employees have experienced sexual harassment on the job.

Bryce Covert
US Wars and Military Action

Anti-War Groups Push Biden and the Democrats to Rethink Foreign Policy

Faced with a pandemic, an economic meltdown, and the climate crisis, more than 50 groups argue that it’s time to reset priorities.

John Nichols

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For Biden to Unite the Party, He Needs Warren as His Running Mate

Not only would Warren excite the enthusiasm of progressive Democrats, she also has the policy chops the next administration will need.

Jeet Heer

Scott Walker Is Peddling the Deadly Snake Oil of Austerity

Recommending austerity for struggling states is the policy equivalent of touting bleach injections as a coronavirus cure.

John Nichols

We Must Resist the ‘China Threat’ Syndrome

Hyping it increases the likelihood of armed clashes and prevents the two superpowers from working together to overcome serious global perils.

Michael T. Klare

the coronavirus pandemic

Recovery Will Take More Than Money

The pandemic offers Americans a chance to look hard at the ways in which government has failed society—but also a chance to do something about it.

Mike Gecan

Cuba Has Sent 2,000 Doctors and Nurses Overseas to Fight Covid-19

The Trump administration describes Cuba’s medical response teams as “slaves”—we asked the doctors for their take.

Ed Augustin

One French Hospital’s Battle Against the Coronavirus

A photographic diary of the doctors, nurses, and all the health care workers struggling to quell this outbreak.

Elena Perlino, The Nation and Magnum Foundation


Africa Is Not Waiting to Be Saved From the Coronavirus

If reporting doesn’t improve, the creativity and agency of swaths of humanity will be lost to history.

Nanjala Nyabola

How the Covid-19 Lockdown Is Reshaping Uighur Activism

After painstaking efforts to get China’s abuse and detention of Uighurs into the headlines, the world began to pay attention. Then the pandemic hit.

Andrew McCormick

In New Zealand, David Confronts 2 Goliaths

The country’s effective handling of the coronavirus was prefigured by its dramatic response to a right-wing murder spree.

John Feffer


How Does One Tell the Story of Asian America?

Cathy Park Hong’s Minor Feelings grapples with the contradictions of Asian American experience in order to tell a story of solidarity.

Jane Hu

A Fairy-Tale Theory of Hillary Clinton

Curtis Sittenfeld’s Rodham imagines an alternate version of history where Hillary can live her life (and succeed) without the baggage of Bill.

Sophia Nguyen

Old Radical Truths: Hal Foster’s Theory of Art Criticism

His latest collection is energized by his engagement with sociopolitical trends, but it’s not clear what scope this leaves him to show the art he writes about as anything more than symptomatic.

Barry Schwabsky

take action


Take Action Now: Fight for Justice During the Pandemic

Fight for affordable housing, support the Latinx community, and help at-risk people in your area.



Racism and Discrimination

Breonna Taylor Was Murdered for Sleeping While Black

The circumstances of Taylor’s murder by cops, who barged into her home late at night, are shocking. They are also common.

Elie Mystal

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Risks of Reopening Sports

Infectious disease expert Dr. Céline Gounder joins the show to talk about the push to reopen sports.

Yesterday 11:54 am

Listen: Does the Evidence Support Joe Biden, or Tara Reade?

Katha Pollitt on the presidential race and John Powers on TV during the pandemic.

May 21, 2020

View: Puerto Rico’s Sex Workers Are Struggling to Survive

The challenge of making ends meet was difficult before Covid-19. Now it’s even worse.

May 18, 2020

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