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The Health-Care Industry Is Sick

My insurer denied me coverage for a breathing machine and revealed the flaws of the for-profit health-care system.

Ady Barkan

Foreign Policy

Women’s Peace Groups in Vancouver Press for Korea Negotiations

A US-proposed naval blockade “is not diplomacy,” they tell UN member states.

Tim Shorrock

Republicans Are Trying to Dismantle the Backbone of US Immigration Policy

For more than 50 years, family reunification has been a humane and compassionate part of our system.

Pramila Jayapal

Defending the Family: The Need for Legal Representation in Child-Welfare Proceedings

More than half of Mississippi parents who walk into family court don’t have a lawyer.

Rachel Blustain
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From the Magazine


The Committee to Protect Journalists Just Gave Donald Trump an Award

In the contest to undermine press freedoms, he’s maybe the best ever.

John Nichols

3 Reasons Why Republicans Will Let the Rich Abuse the Tax Code

The GOP tax bill creates a vast and easy game for accountants to play.

Mike Konczal

How the Alt-Right Uses Social Science to Make Racism Respectable

It’s a strategy long in the making.

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Resistance Leaders

How a Bureaucrat Helped Save the Affordable Care Act

Andy Slavitt traveled the country explaining to some 35,000 Americans how ACA repeal would harm them. And it worked.

Joshua Holland

In Elections, Every Small Group Can Make a Big Difference

Need proof? Look at what 31st Swing Left did in Virginia.

Joan Walsh

In the Age of Trump, Tania Unzueta Is Holding Democrats to Account

Unzueta is fighting to make Chicago a real sanctuary city.

Julianne Hing

The Resistance turns one

We Are Living Through the Moment When Women Unleash Decades of Pent-Up Anger

Let’s hope there’s no going back.

Katha Pollitt

The Year I Stopped Breathing: On Being Muslim and American in the Age of Trump

Trump didn’t invent Islamophobia, but he has injected it with a new and lethal force.

Moustafa Bayoumi

The Death Cult of Trumpism

Through racism and nationalism, Trump leverages tribal resentment against an emerging manifest common destiny.

Greg Grandin


Turkey’s State of Emergency

Could the Kurdish issue be the one that ultimately shakes Erdoğan’s seemingly unbreakable grip on power?

Maurice Glasman

Without Haiti, the United States Would, in Fact, Be a Shithole

And some other things about the country that Donald Trump doesn’t know and doesn’t care to know.

Amy Wilentz

The Buzz Fades

Under-resourced in an overworked agricultural system, honeybee colonies are gradually failing in most temperate regions.

Raúl Guillén

Watch and Listen

Listen: Should Celebrities Really Run For President?

John Nichols on Oprah, Harold Meyerson on California’s resistance to Trump, and Father Greg Boyle on ex-gang members.

January 11, 2018
December 11, 2017

View: The Borderlands’ Human Stain

Photographs that capture the traces of violence that have plagued the US-Mexico border for generations.

July 27, 2017


Errol Morris’s Paranoid Style

In Wormwood, the filmmaker reminds us that sometimes skepticism is the only thing we can trust.

Evan Kindley

The Precarious Generation

It’s not the kids these days that we need to worry about, but the world their parents helped build.

Sarah Jones

Paul Kingsnorth’s England

In two new novels and a recent collection of essays, the English environmentalist and activist captures a country coming apart.

Christopher de Bellaigue


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