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Tim Kaine Has a Troubling Record on Labor Issues

Hillary Clinton’s VP pick is a well-regarded senior Democrat, but he has split with labor on the TPP, banking regulation, and even “right-to-work” laws.

John Nichols

Election 2016

There’s Nothing Un-American About Donald Trump

Trump’s “Midnight in America” speech at the Republican National Convention could’ve been lifted directly from the Puritans.

Greg Grandin
Election 2016

The Press Is Unable to Grasp Trump’s Candidacy

And it may yet take him to the White House.

Leslie Savan
Election 2016

Donald Trump’s Angry, Dark Speech Caps Off a Disastrous RNC

The only thing Republicans could seemingly agree on is that Hillary Clinton belongs in prison.

Joan Walsh
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From the Magazine

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Focus on the RNC

If Trump’s Speech Sounded Familiar, That’s Because Nixon Gave It First

Donald Trump’s law-and-order message is strikingly similar to the speech Richard Nixon delivered in 1968.

John Nichols

The RNC Is a Disaster—So Why Can’t I Sleep at Night?

A book on Hitler’s mass appeal explains why we can’t underestimate Trump.

D.D. Guttenplan

Here’s What Conservative Latinos at the RNC Said About Donald Trump

They've managed to overlook Trump’s talk about immigrants in favor of his assurances of safety and security.

Julianne Hing

In the News

Airport Workers Have Voted to Authorize a Strike During the DNC

The vote presents a vindication and a challenge to what the DNC calls its “most progressive platform” yet.

Michelle Chen

The NBA Moves the All-Star Game, but Also Punishes Players for Political T-shirts?

Commissioner Adam Silver, within two days, stood up to bigotry and then cracked down on WNBA players for doing the same. Let’s try to make some sense of this.

Dave Zirin

Hey, Roger Ailes, You’re Fired!

Will the Fox News CEO’s downfall signal a sea change in cable news reporting?

Eric Alterman
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Books & the Arts

David Ackles, Rediscovered Again

Stacy Sullivan’s jazz tribute elevates the unknown troubadour back to his rightful place among the glittered gods of ’70s pop-rock.

David Hajdu

Across the Border

A new biography of William Henry Ellis reminds us how much we still don’t know about the elusive history of racial subterfuge in America.

Michael A. Elliott

The Partisan Reviewer

In two recent essay collections, Tim Parks explores why we bother with reading and writing books.

Becca Rothfeld

Take Action

As We Approach the Conventions, Tell the Democratic and Republican Parties to Let the Press Do Its Job

Journalists have faced insults and threats, exclusion from campaigns, and harassment from candidates’ supporters.

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Watch and Listen

Yesterday 1:09 pm
July 5, 2016

View: Los Angeles Is a Very Different City After Dark

Photos show how the cityscape is remade each night.

July 6, 2016