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Megan Rapinoe Is Right to Not Sing the Anthem

Megan Rapinoe won’t kneel for the anthem any longer. Now the right wants her to sing it as well. 

Dave Zirin

Campaigns and Elections

Is Andrew Yang Serious or Kidding? It’s Dangerous Either Way.

Blurring the lines between sincerity and irony in a presidential campaign is hazardous when the consequences are so real.

Edward Burmila

So Long, Sarah Sanders

You can go lie for free, not on the taxpayer’s dime anymore.

Joan Walsh
Climate Change

Why Should I Embrace This Abomination of a Future?

Another reader asks about his “so-called” Christian sister.

Liza Featherstone
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Elizabeth Warren Is Proving Her Doubters Wrong

The presidential race is better with her in it.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Why Is Trump Assaulting Americans’ Freedom to Travel to Cuba?

He’s trolling for votes in Florida at the expense of our constitutional rights and economic support for the Cuban people.

Peter Kornbluh

When Joe Biden Collaborated With Segregationists

The candidate’s years as an anti-busing crusader cannot be forgotten—or readily forgiven.

Jonathan Kozol

From the Magazine


The World’s Dismal Convergence on Press Freedom

Western reporters used to be markedly freer than their colleagues in the Arab world. Can they still claim that privilege?

Thanassis Cambanis

The European Left’s Dangerous Anti-Immigrant Turn

In Denmark, the center left returned to power only by lurching to the right on immigration.

Karina Piser

In the Philippines, a Youth Movement Stands Between Duterte and Dictatorship

Duterte will take control of Congress, but his quest for more power must be stopped.

Noah Flora


A Peek Into a Future When the Border Wall Is Built and the 1 Percent Get Away With More Than Just Murder

Fernando A. Flores’s debut novel, Tears of the Trufflepig, is unlike any border story you’ve read before.

Joshua Rivera

Vasily Grossman in War and Peace

In both his life and his writing, the novelist and journalist captured the complications and contradictions of the Soviet century.

Sheila Fitzpatrick

Ava DuVernay’s Central Park Five Film Captures Every Injustice in Vivid Detail

When They See Us, Ava DuVernay’s four-part dramatization of the story, goes farther than any of her previous work.

Stuart Klawans

Watch and Listen

Listen: Rashida Tlaib: There’s a ‘Real Human Impact of Doing Nothing’

This week on Next Left, the outspoken representative who is holding Trump accountable.

June 11, 2019

Listen: How the World of Sports Is Responding to the Murder of Canadian Indigenous Women

Tracie Leost joins the show to talk about indigenous rights and the power of sports.

June 11, 2019

View: PHOTOS: ‘I Haven’t Met Anybody in the Area Who Actually Wants to Take the Walls Down’

Belfast’s so-called “peace lines” were supposed to come down over a decade ago. Why are they still there?

June 5, 2019

special investigation

Force-Feeding Is Cruel, Painful, and Degrading—and American Prisons Won’t Stop

In a Colorado supermax facility, hunger-striking inmates have been force-fed and barred from sharing their ordeal with the outside world. A prisoner breaks his silence for the first time. 
Aviva Stahl
It was November 11, 2015, and Mohammad Salameh hadn’t eaten in 34 days. The morning was stretching toward noon, and he was lying on a concrete platform that served as his bed when a team of guards dressed in riot gear appeared at his cell door and ordered him to… Continue Reading >

opp-art: Dispatches from the resistance

Taking to the Streets

Stop the Bans rally, May 2019, New York City.

George de Castro-Day

Guardians of Civilization

The truth hurts at times.

Kevin Kallaugher and Ed Hall

Trump’s Face Time

Facial-recognition insecurity.

Peter Kuper

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