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Averting a Cold War With China Takes On Greater Urgency

The United States and China must be encouraged to find common interests—slowing climate change and preventing future pandemics—rather than reasons for aggression.

Michael T. Klare

Civil Unrest

The Madcap Mysteries of Homeland Security

Overreach into local law enforcement has led to the investigation of matters laughably unrelated to terrorism.

Ken Klippenstein
Higher Education

Student Organizing May Never Be the Same Again

Covid-19 has upended some of the most essential tactics for student organizers. That might be a good thing.

Ilana Cohen

How Will Capitalism End?

Both the origins and the death of our economic system has become an almost intractable riddle for theorists to solve. 

Daniel Luban
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The High Cost of Quieting Down Trump

In a misguided effort to create the illusion of balance, centrist institutions are silencing voices that make conservatives mad.

Jeet Heer

The Justice System Is Going Too Easy on the White Insurrectionists

The Biden administration will be judged by how seriously it prosecutes the white supremacists who tried to overturn the election.

Elie Mystal

Are We Witnessing the Emergence of a New ‘Lost Cause’?

Just as after the Civil War, desperate attempts to preserve white supremacy are being camouflaged as a valorous fight for a noble end.

Kali Holloway


The Worldmaking of N.K. Jemisin

Through her speculative fiction, Jemisin builds worlds and probes them—exploring who they work for and how.

Stephen Kearse

Black Trans Liberation as History and Prophecy: The Art of Tourmaline

The artist's first solo show, is a reminder that pleasure is inseparable from the joint projects of abolition and freedom.

Tal Milovina

A Soundtrack for the American Subconscious

Oneohtrix Point Never’s latest album is not unlike a radio broadcast from another reality.

Bijan Stephen


Biden Should Think Big in the Middle East

We must address the interconnected conflicts there as the equivalent of a regional/world war. That requires an international conference under UN auspices.

James Zogby

Argentina’s Decades-Long Fight to Legalize Abortion Ends in Victory

The campaign to legalize abortion began sometime in the late 1970s, when the “grandmothers” of the green wave were living in exile across Europe.

Cecilia Nowell

Women in Mexico Reckon With the High Cost of Migration

With husbands dying—from Covid-19, dangerous jobs, and more—in the US, many Mexican women are wondering whether migration is worth it anymore.

Lorena Ríos

Watch and Listen

Listen: Chris Mosier: In Defense of Trans Athletes

The hall-of-fame triathlete and six-time member of Team USA joins the show to talk about the war on trans youth.

January 19, 2021

View: Tribal Territories Have the Right to Protect Their People Against the Pandemic

South Dakota has resisted shutting down in the face of Covid-19. The Cheyenne River Reservation is taking matters into its own hands.

December 15, 2020

View: The Latinx Future Will Not Look Like the Latinx Past

My generation is more outspoken—about inequality, assimilation, racism, and more—than those that came before.

December 22, 2020