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Here’s a Handy Impeachment Refresher for Donald Trump

The president’s latest idiocy reveals his staggering ignorance of the Constitution he swore an oath to defend.

John Nichols


Selling Black and Brown Voters Down the River, One Fox News Town Hall at a Time

Democratic candidates need to stop showing up on a white-supremacist network.

Elie Mystal
Oil and Gas

Ralph Northam Says He's Committed to Racial Equity. So Why is He Ignoring Union Hill?

Residents of a historic African-American community in Virginia are asking the governor to keep a major natural-gas project out of their town. 

Jesse James DeConto
Election 2020

Good Luck, Joe Biden! You’ll Need It.

Biden may still be the frontrunner in this race, but there’s absolutely no sign that he gets where he’s out of step with the party base.

Joan Walsh
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US Politics

I Was Bernie’s Biggest Critic in 2016—I’ve Changed My Mind

Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump—and it would be an epic act of self-destruction for Democrats to try to hobble his campaign.

Peter Daou

The Trump Administration Is Launching a New Round of Aggression Against Cuba

And this time, they’re celebrating the Bay of Pigs invasion as they do it.

Peter Kornbluh

When Will Washington End the Forever War?

A new breed of progressive politicians and activists is challenging the bipartisan consensus—but there’s a long way to go.

David Klion

a borderless world

What Would an Open-Borders World Actually Look Like?

Borders have turned the American Southwest, the Mediterranean, and countless other areas of our world into unnecessary graveyards for migrants. It’s time for a new way.
John Washington
In the summer of 1947, the British lord and lawyer Sir Cyril Radcliffe found himself in charge of the fate of a subcontinent. As the freshly appointed head of the Boundary Commission, he was tasked with dividing up the British India territories of Bengal and Punjab—and he had just a… Continue Reading >

Bernie Sanders

I Was Bernie’s Biggest Critic in 2016—I’ve Changed My Mind

Bernie Sanders can beat Donald Trump—and it would be an epic act of self-destruction for Democrats to try to hobble his campaign.

Peter Daou

The Liberal Case Against Bernie

With a dangerous lunatic in the White House, voting for Sanders is too big a risk.

Eric Alterman

Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn Might Create a Revolution

Just as Reagan and Thatcher rose together, perhaps so too will Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn.

Robert L. Borosage

From the Magazine


The Palestine Marathon

As a journalist runs through Palestine, she reflects on her own freedom of movement—a right denied to the very people who live there. 

Jen Marlowe

It’s Time to Pay Our Climate Debt to Countries Like Mozambique

As a start, the US and other Western countries must help rebuild the vast areas destroyed by Cyclone Idai.

Ben Ehrenreich

Sri Lanka’s Easter Attacks Were Intended to Incite Violence

After 10 years of uneasy peace, many fear the bombings will push Sri Lanka into a new era of bloodshed.

Nawal Arjini

Borders & Migration

The Greek Island That Became an Open-Air Prison for Refugees

A three-year-old EU-Turkey deal has made living on Samos a nightmare, especially for women.

Helen Benedict

‘Borderland Citizenship’ Could Bring Justice to Both Sides of Trump’s Wall

Border dwellers in the US and Mexico are subject to two authorities. It’s only fair to give them the cross-border rights and permissions to match.

Matthew Longo

Migrant State of Mind: A Q&A With Novelist Laila Lalami

Her new novel, The Other Americans, looks at the life of an immigrant family in a small town in the Mojave.

Nawal Arjini

Watch and Listen

Listen: The Fight to Save Coach Fofo From Deportation

Casa de Maryland services director George Escobar joins the show to discuss the deportation of Coach Fofo.

April 23, 2019

View: Is New York City’s Public Housing Ready for the Next Storm?

More than six years after Superstorm Sandy, and in an age of increasing climate uncertainty, the city’s public housing facilities are still dangerously vulnerable.

January 29, 2019

View: Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

December 14, 2018

The Media's failure on Climate Change

The Media Are Complacent While the World Burns

But there’s a brand-new playbook for journalists fighting for a 1.5°C world.

Mark Hertsgaard and Kyle Pope

Why Are ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Washington Post’ Producing Ads for Big Oil?

It looks like real news, but “native advertising” is greenwashing for the climate-wrecking industry.

Amy Westervelt

What the ‘New York Times’ Climate Blockbuster Missed

Nathaniel Rich’s article illustrates American failures, not global ones.

Kate Aronoff