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Why We’re Demanding No Cops for Veep

If Joe Biden wants to signal his commitment to the message of the Black Lives Matter movement, he shouldn’t pick a former police officer or prosecutor.

Jennifer Epps-Addison

Election 2020

Progressives Are Rallying Behind Karen Bass for VP

More than 300 Democratic National Convention delegates are urging Biden to pick the Congressional Black Caucus chair.

John Nichols
Racism and Discrimination

Trump Supports Housing Segregation—and So Do a Lot of White Liberals

The vast Black-white disparities in housing are the foundation of America’s systemic racial inequalities, and white folks of all political stripes are loath to upset the status quo.

Kali Holloway
Guns and Gun Control

Gun Lovers Should Be Thanking Tish James for Suing the NRA

In bringing the suit, New York’s attorney general has shown that the gun group has not only defrauded the American people; it has defrauded its own members.

Elie Mystal
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No Matter Who Biden Chooses as VP, It Will Be a Bittersweet Win for Women

By the end of Biden’s VP vetting, it seemed the 11th commandment of women’s politics is “Thou shalt never be just right.”

Joan Walsh

Believing ‘Wall Street Journal’ Op-Eds Can Be Deadly

The newspaper’s own reporters are challenging the Trumpian opinion section.

Eric Alterman

2020 Is a Great Year for #SquadPolitics. Just Ask Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib.

2020 is shaping up to be an even bigger year than 2018 for insurgent Democrats seeking to move the party left.

John Nichols


Arca’s Rebellion Against Music and Life

How the experimental artist made one of the year’s most defiant pop records. 

Julyssa Lopez

What Truths Can You Divine From Instagram Paintings?

How the act of scrutinizing art online has changed the role of the critic. 

Barry Schwabsky

For Ottessa Moshfegh, Novel Writing Is a Spiritual Experience

We talked to the writer about how she composes her books and how she gets into the minds of her characters. 

Rosemarie Ho


A Century of Struggle in Palestine

Rashid Khalidi’s new history offers a political and personal portrait of more than a hundred years of colonization and resistance in Palestine.

Kaleem Hawa

What Would It Take to Avert Military Escalation With China in the South China Sea?

The US and China’s dance in the South China Sea bears a troubling resemblance to 1914 Sarajevo—and the eve of World War I.

Michael T. Klare

Hong Kong’s Protesters Are Writing Their ‘Last Letters’

They fear being arrested or disappeared, and are not prepared to be silenced without a fight.

Billy H.C. Kwok, The Nation and Magnum Foundation

Watch and Listen

Listen: Ice Cube on Anti-Semitism and the Contract With Black America

Ice Cube joins the show to talk anti-Semitism, and the Contract With Black America.

August 4, 2020

Listen: This Is Disaster Relief Under Corporate Power

David Dayen on the interests overpowering our democracy, plus Amy Wilentz on Mary Trump.

July 30, 2020

View: Making George Floyd’s Life Matter

As the people of Minneapolis grieve the loss of one of their own, they’re also fighting for a future free of police brutality.

June 8, 2020

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