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Stacey Abrams Makes History

Meanwhile, it’s yet another good night for women in Democratic primaries across the country.

Joan Walsh

State and Local Elections

The Revolutionary Implications of Stacey Abrams’s Victory

Her campaign bet on expanding the electorate, especially people of color and progressive whites. They won big.

Steve Phillips
Foreign Policy

How Did the United States Abandon Diplomacy?

Trump’s disregard for internationalism is destroying the American diplomatic tradition.

Alfred McCoy

Democrats’ New Midterm Approach: It’s the Corruption, Stupid

A new strategy attacks both Trump’s economic heists and the influence peddlers swarming the White House.

David Dayen
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From the Magazine


Trumpism Is the New McCarthyism

Just as as McCarthyism did decades ago, Trumpism conceals the Republican Party’s long-term program to dismantle the public sector.

Ellen Schrecker

Socialism Is on a Winning Streak

Four candidates backed by Democratic Socialists of America won Pennsylvania primaries Tuesday, and come November they could all be legislators.

John Nichols

Ohio Is Hoarding Money Meant for Poor Families

Mayors wanted to use a portion of $570 million in unspent cash assistance to help their poorest residents pay water bills and buy diapers. The state said no.

Greg Kaufmann


The Child Labor in Zimbabwe’s Tobacco Fields

A global demand for tobacco is fueling this scourge.

Michelle Chen

Palestinians Engaged in Nonviolent Protest. Israel Responded With a Massacre.

The targeting of unarmed demonstrators by snipers using high-velocity weapons was methodical, precise, and lethal.

Sharif Abdel Kouddous

Playing Donald Trump for Peace

How the Korean Peninsula could become a bright spot in a world gone mad.

John Feffer

Watch and Listen

Listen: Black Women Athletes Under Jim Crow

Historian Amira Rose Davis joins the show to talk about black women athletes in the age of Jim Crow, before Title IX.

May 16, 2018

View: PHOTOS: These Students Are Sick and Tired of Gun Violence

“That could be me, my friends, my family.”

April 26, 2018

View: ‘A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’

Aura Hernández fled to the US seeking safety. Instead, she encountered threats, harassment, and assault.

April 2, 2018


The Magic of Denis Johnson

The Largesse of the Sea Maiden isn't exactly a sequel to Jesus’ Son, but it has the same breezy, epiphanic quality.

J. Robert Lennon

Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters in the ’60s

They weren’t friends, and they weren’t all of the same generation, but they all shared a similar view of how we should relate to nature. 

Bill McKibben

The Progression of Flatbush Zombies

On Vacation in Hell, the group is more interested in expressing their political views and touching on subjects far beyond their roots in “psychedelic hip-hop.”

Steve Erickson


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