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The Great Trump Heist Is Underway

Protests erupted almost immediately in the streets of Washington.

George Zornick

Election 2016

Donald Trump Has No Mandate—Sad!

He pretends to be a strongman to compensate for his weaknesses.

John Nichols
Campaigns and Elections

Barack Obama Leaves as He Arrived: An Optimist Calling Us to Defend and Extend Democracy

In the spirit of Tom Paine, Obama promises that the future is ours. “We just have to fight for it!”

John Nichols
Science and Health

Scott Pruitt Is Bad for Your Health

At his confirmation hearing, the nominee to lead the Environmental Protection Agency struggled to identify cases in which he’d stood up for environmental and health protections. 

Zoë Carpenter
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The confirmation hearings

Democrats Missed an Opportunity to Expose Steve Mnuchin as a Predator

Bob Casey and Sherrod Brown landed some blows about OneWest Bank’s foreclosures, but too many got lost in a tangle over tax havens.

David Dayen

Bernie Sanders Just Showed the Country How Wrong Tom Price Is for HHS

Price tried to spin his way around the moral question of whether health care is a right, but Sanders wouldn’t let him.

John Nichols

Betsy DeVos Just Flunked Her Senate Test

From guns in schools to accountability for for-profit colleges, the nominee for secretary of education either could not or chose not to answer most serious policy questions.

Zoë Carpenter


Post-Election Survey: Democrats Can Still Reach Trump Voters

The study by Working America, shared exclusively with The Nation, finds that many Trump voters are up for grabs—but also points to a lack of progressive infrastructure.

Joan Walsh

Can Democrats Count on Demographic Shifts to Put Them Back in Power?

Has the “rising American majority” merely been delayed by a black swan election? Or does Trump’s victory mean something else is going on?

Joshua Holland

Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Be a Fiasco for Donald Trump

The president-elect will only get smaller and less influential as broken promises pile up.

William Greider
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Resisting Trump

What Art Under Trump?

In a time of crisis and panic, artists and writers can help remind us that we are more than just voters and statistics.

Margaret Atwood

Throw Sand in the Gears of Everything

When it comes to stopping Trump, petitions aren’t going to do it.

Frances Fox Piven

A Brief History of Women’s Protests

Starting from Lysistrata.

Michelle Dean


A Victory Lap for Run the Jewels

With the Trump presidency on the horizon, Killer Mike and El-P do what’s become customary for them: They urge us to get up and fight.

Marcus J. Moore

Plenty’s Discontent

The lost sense of hope and idealism in David Hare’s England.

Alisa Solomon

Kerry James Marshall’s Enigmatic Authority

It seems a mistake to call him a realist in any but the loosest sense.

Barry Schwabsky
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Watch and Listen

Watch: Native Americans Are Fighting to Take Back Their Artifacts

The material culture and history of too many tribes has been taken from them.

January 16, 2017

Watch: Homeless in the Shadow of Santa Barbara’s Mansions

For hundreds of families, home is a car in a quiet parking lot.

December 20, 2016

View: These Photos Show the People Who Turn a Cotton Plant Into Your Jeans

Following the path of cotton from Burkina Faso to Bangladesh to your local mall.

December 12, 2016


Take Action

How to Resist Donald Trump in DC This Weekend

Are you traveling to the nation’s capital this weekend? Here’s what you can do. 

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