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Covid-19 Has Put Algeria’s Peaceful Revolution on Hold

This year’s protests have been on a scale not seen in over three decades. But now, the streets are empty.

Abdo Shanan, The Nation and Magnum Foundation

Books and Ideas

Jenny Zhang’s Goo Aesthetics

Her poems, fiction, and essays are visceral and tactile explorations of the body and immigrant identity.

Ana Cecilia Alvarez
Racism and Discrimination

Why JPMorgan Chase Should Give $1 Billion to Black Neighborhoods in Chicago

Activist Ja’Mal Green wants the nation’s biggest bank to pay reparations for its history of racist lending.

Daniel Fernandez

As Infection Rates Soar, Trump Says Virus Could Just ‘Disappear’

The president’s delusions put the entire country in danger.

Sasha Abramsky
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Trolling Trump, the Lincoln Project Also Peddles Militarism

The Never Trump super PAC makes entertaining ads that get under the president’s skin—but progressives should take a closer look at their agenda.

Jeet Heer

‘We Are Not Even Beginning to Be Over This Pandemic’

CDC Deputy Director Anne Schuchat did something really radical. She told the truth about Covid-19 in the US.

Gregg Gonsalves

Representative Barbara Lee: ‘Defund the Pentagon Budget’

The California representative is calling for reallocation from military budgets to meet human needs. And she’s got allies like Bernie Sanders. 

John Nichols

Black Lives Matter

What Does It Really Mean to Invest In Black Communities?

As the call grows to “divest and invest,” it is essential that we not exchange the violence of the police for the violence of finance capitalism.

Destin Jenkins

How to Make Defunding the Police a Reality

For the past half-century, American cities have spent more on policing each year. All of a sudden, nationwide protests have put divestment on the table.

Bryce Covert

Black Visibility Matters—and Not Just During Trauma

The recent increase in the representation and prominence of Black voices amid the nation’s racial uprising is bittersweet—and limiting.

Ernest Owens


What Are Art Galleries For?

Three artists on the future of the gallery system after Covid-19. 

Barry Schwabsky

The Past and Future of Latinx Politics

Two new books look at the history of Latinx Democrats and Republicans and the role each will play in the future.

Ed Morales

Jon Fosse’s Existential Doppelgängers

In the Norwegian author’s hypnotic novel The Other Name, two men come face to face with the limits of art and life.

Dustin Illingworth


As Netanyahu Annexes the West Bank, Where Are the Democrats?

The early moves from Biden have been disappointing.

Moustafa Bayoumi

Hong Kong’s Cartoonists Aren’t Giving Up on Dissent

As the city braces for a new law that could stifle free speech, local artists are still spurring on the protest movement.

Rachel Cheung

Diaspora Organizations Are Stepping Into the Void on Covid-19

Where national governments have failed, diaspora networks are finding ways to provide PPE, financial help, and other mutual aid.

Annette Lin

Watch and Listen

View: Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty Are Interconnected

I’m a guest in the Black Lives Matter movement, and making images is how I show my support.

June 29, 2020

Listen: Kevin Powell: When We Get Free

The author and activist joins the show to talk about his new book.

June 30, 2020

View: Making George Floyd’s Life Matter

As the people of Minneapolis grieve the loss of one of their own, they’re also fighting for a future free of police brutality.

June 8, 2020

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