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Time to Put the “Good Guy With a Gun” Delusion Out of Its Misery

In the wake of the Uvalde massacre, political evasion and lying only get more desperate.

Jeet Heer

Campaign Finance

The DCCC and the DSCC Are Not On Our Side

We won’t come close to the changes this country desperately needs unless progressives transform the Democratic Party from within.

Robert L. Borosage
Guns and Gun Control

California Offers a Rare Alternative to the Pro-Gun Free-for-All

While Texas and other states double down on the gun love, the Golden State has at least attempted to enact regulations that will keep kids safe.

Sasha Abramsky
Reproductive Rights

The Anti-Abortion Movement Weaponizes Women Against Women

Anti-abortion women perpetuate the idea that women’s lives are about deference and self-sacrifice. But women must help one another see ourselves as human first.

Nicole Nehrig
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The Abortion Fight

abortion rights roe activism

6 Ways to Fight for Abortion Rights After “Roe”

We can win this eventually, but despair will make it harder. Just concentrate on what you can do now.

Katha Pollitt and The Nation

Even Under “Roe,” I Faced Barriers to Get an Abortion

In spite of having made up my mind, I still had to face unnecessary barriers in order to access medical care that I could have received online and by mail.

Larada Lee-Wallace

The Supreme Court and the Church: A Conversation With Frances Kissling

In the wake of the Supreme Court leak, the former president of Catholics for a Free Choice discusses the moral obligation to take care of women in need of abortions.

Claudia Dreifus


Ted Cruz standing in front of American flag

Time to Put the “Good Guy With a Gun” Delusion Out of Its Misery

In the wake of the Uvalde massacre, political evasion and lying only get more desperate.

Jeet Heer
Two congresspeople sit next to each other during President Biden's State of the Union address.

The Latest Act in New York's Redistricting Circus Is a Killer

For national Democrats counting on the state’s redistricting to help hold the House, the latest electoral maps, which pit progressives against each other in several districts, are a real gut punch.

Ross Barkan
Former DHS Security Secretary Michael Chertoff

Another Terrible Choice for Biden’s “Disinformation Board”

Michael Chertoff’s experience detaining Muslim Americans, justifying CIA torture, and helping to draft the Patriot Act make him an all-too-appropriate choice to advise this Orwellian agency.

Lev Golinkin


What Was the Wiretap?

What Was the Wiretap?

How the long and strange history of wiretapping continues to shape how Americans conceive of surveillance and privacy.

Lora Kelley
Queen's Gambit book cover

The Walter Tevis Renaissance

On the revival of one of the most perceptive American chroniclers of addiction.

Jackson Arn
Unfaithfulness (from Four Allegories of Love), 1575. Artist: Veronese, Paolo (1528-1588)

The Ardor of Tessa Hadley

Her novels are masterful domestic dramas that obsess over the mechanics of adultery and illicit passion.

Sophie Haigney


Coal mining machine in Belchatow

Here in Poland, “Going Green” Means Burning Even More Coal

With parents and children struggling to breathe, climate activism is a matter of life and death.

Kamila Kadzidłowska
Peter Gelb and Anna Netrebeko on the red carpet

Waging Proxy War in Ukraine Won't Save Us From Ourselves

The policing of public opinion over Ukraine goes to extremes unimagined during the fight against Hitler.

David Bromwich
A fossil fuel refinery in Russia.

The War on My Homeland Offers a Real Chance to Save the Planet

How stopping Putin’s fossil-fueled war in Ukraine could accelerate a green transition.

Svitlana Romanko

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On this week’s show, an analysis on pro-Israel groups trying to sway Democratic primaries and a discussion about the amazing life of a Russian avant-garde dancer.

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