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The Electability Argument Is Really About Party Unity

Moderate Democrats need to pledge to vote for the party nominee, even if it is Warren or Sanders.

Jeet Heer

Criminal Justice

Tennessee’s Chemical Castration Bill Shows Local Republicans Have One Thing on Their Minds

“It's a return, if you will, to the dark ages,” one civil rights advocate says.

Jennifer Bernstein
Guaranteed Income

The Pursuit of Happiness Can Only Start When the Fear of Poverty Is Removed

This week on the More Than Enough podcast: Could Guaranteed Income be one way of ensuring we all have the agency we need to pursue “the good life”?

Mia Birdsong

A Fire May Have Wiped Out 40 Years of Chinese American History

The archives of the Museum of Chinese in America may have been destroyed, but the institution is still a crucial repository of community memory.

Madeline Leung Coleman
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Trump Acts Like a Mafia Don—and GOP Senators Yawn

Day by day, tweet by presidential tweet, the country retreats from its democratic premise, yet the grandees of the GOP decline to intervene.

Sasha Abramsky

Trump Can’t Stop Bolton From Testifying. Only Cowardly Senate Republicans Can.

And if they do that, Bolton must release his bombshell book immediately.

Joan Walsh

The Trump Team’s Legal Defense Was a Tour de Force of Hypocrisy

From Ken Starr to Alan Dershowitz, the president’s lawyers spewed illogical arguments that contradicted their own well-known positions.

Elie Mystal

election 2020

Bernie Sanders Is Rising on the Strength of His Anti-War Stance

With Sanders rising in the polls since he ardently opposed war with Iran, Ro Khanna says, “Anti-war is not just good substance. It’s good politics.”

John Nichols

Elizabeth Warren Got More Than an Endorsement From ‘The Des Moines Register’

The paper offered a theory for how to frame the campaign going forward: “[Warren’s] ideas aren’t radical. They are right.”

John Nichols

Beating Trump Is the Goal. What if Joe Rogan Fans Will Help?

Much of the criticism of Sanders for accepting the endorsement rewrites the past and present of Democratic Party electoral politics.

Edward Burmila


‘Parasite’ Has Opened American Eyes to South Korea’s Reality

Now we need a film to cut through US myths about the North.

Tim Shorrock

This Lunar New Year, Demand Solidarity

As tension with China continues to mount, it’s time for Chinese Americans to become a more powerful force for progressive change.

Tobita Chow

Impeachment Shouldn’t Overshadow Saudi Scandals

Mohammed bin Salman is out of control and has Trump’s protection. Democrats should ask why.

Jeet Heer


Books and Ideas

Emma Copley Eisenberg’s Appalachian True-Crime Chronicle Upends the Genre

In a conversation with fellow true-crime writer Rachel Monroe, Eisenberg discusses the pitfalls and potential of the evolving genre.

Rachel Monroe


Air Pollution

Australia’s Devastating Wildfires Were Not Inevitable

The country was once actually poised to lead on climate politics.

Daniel Judt


Is Anti-Monopolism Enough?

In Goliath, Matt Stoller argues that US history has been defined by a struggle between monopoly and democracy, but to understand inequality today requires engaging with questions of class and labor that he and other anti-monopolists tend to ignore.

Gabriel Winant

Does Liberalism Have Its Roots in the Illiberal Upheavals of the English Reformation?

A recent book argues that liberalism has an “unexpected debt” to evangelical religion.

Keith Thomas

Lauren Wilkinson’s Novel of Race, Empire, and Espionage

American Spy examines the intersections between spycraft and living in America as a black person.

Jennifer Wilson

Watch and Listen

Listen: Racism Is Not Dead in Sports

Professor Kenneth Shropshire joins the show to talk about racism and resistance in sports.

Yesterday 10:00 am

Listen: Impeachment Has Already Succeeded

John Nichols on politics, Andrew Bacevich on the end of the Cold War and Michael Klare on climate.

January 23, 2020

View: PHOTOS: A Year After the Caravans, Has Trump Won?

Last fall, Tijuana sheltered thousands of Central Americans trying to make their way to the United States. The scene is a lot different now.

December 9, 2019

Migrant voices

‘I Used to Wonder What My Karma Was That I Had to End Up in a Place Like This’

A Nepali TPS holder and domestic worker describes what it’s like to live in the US without papers and to fight for workers’ rights.

John Washington

‘It’s Like Living in Solitary Confinement, but Out in the World’

Born in Soviet Ukraine and denied status in Canada and the United States, Karina describes the plight of statelessness—living without being recognized by any country at all.

John Washington

‘We Are So Much More Than Victims’

Batool was just a teenager when the Syrian civil war broke out. After living through the worst of the fighting and years in exile, she’s making a new life in Berkeley.

John Washington


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