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Elizabeth Warren Is the First Intersectional Candidate for President

As much as I want Medicare for All and for the rich to pay higher taxes, that won’t cure sexism. Warren gets that.

Suzanna Danuta Walters

Election 2020

Bernie Sanders Hits the Jackpot

After Nevada, he can and must parlay newfound political capital into a sophisticated argument for why an antiestablishment message is electable.

John Nichols

How Do You Document Something As Unimaginable as a School Shooting?

Photographer Andres Gonzalez’s American Origami looks at the aftermaths of seven, providing an affecting exploration of a uniquely American epidemic.

Rebecca Bengal
Internet and New Media

Protecting the Truth About the Coronavirus in China

Tens of thousands of us are working to save the articles and accounts of COVID-19 before Chinese censors can delete them forever.

Shen Lu
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The Walking While Trans Ban Is ‘Stop and Frisk 2.0’

New laws, coupled with older ones, form a web of constraints that marginalize trans people.

Karina Piser

If Trump Pardons Roger Stone, Blame the Constitution

It gives the president sweeping pardon powers that he’s more than happy to use for partisan and personal ends.

Jeet Heer

Trump Has a New Strategy for Fighting Corruption—Make It Legal!

With his 11 pardons this week, Trump proved that he is trying to Make Corruption Great Again.

Elie Mystal

Election 2020

Democrats Must Reject Not Just a Billionaire but the Billionaire Class

Sanders is right that the party cannot surrender to “a corrupt political system bought by billionaires like Mr. Bloomberg.”

John Nichols

If Progressives Want to Win, They’ll Have to Talk About White Supremacy

Racial resentment gives Trump his power. It’s time for Sanders and Warren to call it out.

Steve Phillips

Elizabeth Warren Is Back and She’s Ready for a Fight

The Nevada debate allowed Warren the wonk to reboot as Warren the warrior.

Jeet Heer


Ricardo Piglia’s Books of Disquiet

As he witnessed the dissolution of civil society under a series of repressive governments, the Argentine novelist and critic began recording the most mundane parts of everyday life.

Jessica Loudis

The Making of France’s Presidential System

Focusing on the tensions between top-down reforms and bottom-up democratic discontent, Herrick Chapman’s new history tells a very different story about postwar France.

Hugo Drochon

Tame Impala Is Feeling Serenity Now

The Australian band’s contemplative new album finds calm in its stadium rock ambitions.

Marcus J. Moore

Health Care


The Problem With Canadian Health Care

It’s miles ahead of the American system. But its prescription drug coverage is far from perfect.

Sophia Reuss


How Much Cruelty Can Trump Get Away With? Ask Obama.

After one administration turns a blind eye to torture, we can expect little repercussions for throwing children in cages.

Rebecca Gordon

Iraqis Want Iran and the US Out

The US and Iran have de facto collaborated in and over Iraq for decades. Iraqis are now protesting against both.

Gilbert Achcar

Germany Struggles to Respond to Racist Mass Murder

Is it any wonder, when radical right ideas are no longer confined to the margins, but have become normalized?

Jordan Stancil


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Watch and Listen

February 5, 2020

Listen: The Kansas City Chiefs Name: Racist Or ‘Just Sports’?

Indian Country Today associate editor Vincent Shilling joins the show to talk about the Kansas City Chiefs and the mascotization of indigenous culture. 

February 4, 2020

View: Blocked Parking Spots, Broken Sidewalks, and Boulders: How Common Spaces Fail People With Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed to ensure that we all had access to public spaces, but the implementation has not always lived up to the law.

January 31, 2020


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