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Un-Critical Race Theory

What if CRT’s conservative critics actually got what they want?

Joshua Adams


The Democrats Are Failing Dreamers, Failing Immigrants

Biden and the Democrats spent four years decrying Trump’s assault on immigrants. Now they’re refunding ICE and falling down on the Dream Act.

Elie Mystal
Gender and Sexuality

#OurMothersToo: Reckoning With My Abuela’s Coerced Sterilization

By 1974, tubal ligations became so ubiquitous on the island that over a third of its women had received la operación—giving Puerto Rico the highest sterilization rate in the world.

Quiara Alegría Hudes

What Republicans Mean When They Say ‘Stacey Abrams’

Mitch McConnell torpedoed Joe Manchin’s voting rights compromise because it was endorsed by the Black Georgia leader. Get it?

Joan Walsh
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How Unite Here Turned the West’s Biggest Red State Blue

How Unite Here Turned the West’s Biggest Red State Blue

Arizona was pivotal in the 2020 presidential election. Its shift was no accident.

Sasha Abramsky
Ballot Box

ALEC’s Corporate Funders Are Complicit in State-Based Assaults on Voting Rights and Democracy

More than 300 voting rights groups and their allies demand that corporations cut ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council.

John Nichols
Court appointments

Will Democratic Court Nominations Live Up to Biden's Promises?

In spite of signs of increased diversity, some Democrats have insisted on sticking to a pro-corporate agenda.

Aída Chávez


NYPD gay pride van

Gay Pride Doesn’t Mean Gay Liberation

LGBTQ visibility is crucial, but it shouldn’t be confused with LGBTQ rights.

Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

The First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave

Who fought for queer freedom a century before Stonewall.

Channing Gerard Joseph

A Socialism of the Skin

Our suffering teaches us solidarity; or it should.

Tony Kushner


Democratic Republic of Congo

Do African Lives Matter?

The response of the outside world to the latest disaster in the Democratic Republic of Congo suggests the answer is no.

James North
Military special forces

In Honduras, US Efforts to Deter Migrants Add Danger, Costs

Critics warn that increasing militarization of the border here just means more bribe money, more corruption—and pushing more migrants into the arms of traffickers.

Jared Olson
Ebrahim Raisi

Iran’s Incredible Shrinking Democracy

For the first time, Iran’s presidential election outcome has been predetermined.

Dostmohammad Punjabi


Raoul Peck’s World

Raoul Peck’s World

In Exterminate All the Brutes, Peck offers a bold new history of colonialism and violence.

Ed Morales
Aretha Fanklin

The Unwritten History of Black Performance

Poet and essayist Hanif Abdurraqib’s new book undertakes an ambitious task: contextualizing the scope and scale of a people’s cultural expression.

Kelton Ellis
Joan Didion’s Long View

Joan Didion’s Long View

Her new essay collection, Let Me Tell You What I Mean, captures what about her writing feels at once seductive and illusory.

Haley Mlotek

Watch and Listen

Listen: ‘Critical Race Theory’ at a Big Sports School

African American Studies department chair David Canton joins the show to talk sports, politics, and critical race theory

June 15, 2021

Listen: White Politics and Black History in Tulsa

David Perry on the Tulsa Race Massacre commemoration, plus Katha Pollitt on Jordan Peterson’s advice for men.

June 3, 2021

View: Mexico Could Soon Become the Largest Legal Marijuana Market in the World

But activists say the law fails to address the widespread pain that decades of militarized enforcement have caused.

February 25, 2021