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Gutting Net Neutrality Is the Trump Administration’s Most Brutal Blow to Democracy Yet

This cannot be the end of a free and open Internet. Activists must fight on in the courts, in Congress, and in the streets.

John Nichols


Charles Barkley’s Politics Demand Criticism

The NBA legend speaks beautifully about class, but when it comes to race, his views leave much to be desired.

Dave Zirin
Jails and Prisons

Under Trump, the Private-Prison Boom Shows No Sign of Slowing

A conversation with Lauren-Brooke Eisen on her new book on private prisons and the long shadow of mass incarceration.

John Washington

Trump Is Playing a Fascinating Game With NAFTA Negotiations

Corporate America might regret calling the president’s bluff. 

David Dayen
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Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch Have Set Our Future on Fire

The fires and storms ravaging the planet are only going to get worse, especially if we don’t end the power of climate deniers.

Mark Hertsgaard

Black Voters, Mothers, and Millennials Carried Doug Jones to Victory

Can they make the difference in other red states in 2018?

Joan Walsh

House Republicans Try to Turn the Tables on the Mueller Probe

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are complaining that “no one on Mueller’s team likes Trump.”

James Carden

Southern strategies

What We Learned from Watching Doug Jones Beat A Predator

Alabama's future depends on building progressive infrastructure that can take on better candidates than Roy Moore.

Katherine Webb-Hehn

How the Left Can Win in the South

Bernie Sanders’s crushing defeat across the South should be a wake-up call for progressives—but victory is within reach.

Paul Blest

Meet the Radical Workers’ Cooperative Growing in the Heart of the Deep South

Cooperation Jackson is trying to build an alternative economy for the city’s majority-black residents.

Peter Moskowitz


The Second Klan

Linda Gordon’s new book captures how white supremacy has long been part of our political mainstream.

Kevin M. Kruse

What Revolution?

Enzo Traverso’s new book offers us a guide to the left that the 20th century left behind.

J. Hoberman

The Candle of Memory

Anne Applebaum's new history of the Ukrainian famine illustrates the perils of using the past in service of today's politics.

Sophie Pinkham

Watch and Listen

December 11, 2017

Listen: Understanding the Split in the NFL Players Movement

One league, multiple goals. We dig deep into the NFL player protests.

December 12, 2017

View: The Borderlands’ Human Stain

Photographs that capture the traces of violence that have plagued the US-Mexico border for generations.

July 27, 2017


Take Action

Why We Need to ‘Break the Internet’ Today

We have only two days until the FCC votes to kill net neutrality.

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