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Workers Are Not Your Props

The Democratic presidential field lined up to get their pictures taken with striking GM workers. But what workers really need from the Democratic Party is power, not photo ops.

Jane McAlevey


Chesa Boudin Wants to Bring Restorative Justice to San Francisco

Boudin is running for the city’s District Attorney seat to make the criminal justice system’s extreme racial and economic disparities a thing of the past.

John Nichols

Anybody but Bernie—or Warren

Unable to deal with the declining appeal of centrism in their party, moneyed Democrats are fantasizing about imaginary presidential candidates.

Jeet Heer
Electoral Reform

Want Serious Progressive Change? Fight for Structural Election Reforms.

That’s the only way we’ll be able to challenge the GOP minority’s hold on power, after so many years of gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Sasha Abramsky
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Trump’s Cruel Refugee Policies Are Somehow Getting Worse

His administration’s new rules are making nearly impossible for migrants and refugees to live in the US.

Arnold Isaacs

The Real Trouble With Tulsi

Hillary Clinton is wrong again. Gabbard is no Russian asset but a narrow nationalist.

Jeet Heer

There Was a Smart, Progressive Way to Withdraw From Syria

Representative Ro Khanna explains how the president’s disregard for diplomacy has failed the Kurds and prospects for real and lasting peace.

John Nichols

Trump and the GOP

Everything Keeps Getting Worse for Trump’s Toadies

Giuliani, Mulvaney, and Pompeo are getting in deeper and deeper trouble as the impeachment push accelerates.

Joan Walsh

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Impeachment

A narrow and quick impeachment is no longer sufficient for a White House that flaunts its crimes.

Jeet Heer

The Impeachment Crisis Just Got Worse for the GOP

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to bring Pompeo and Pence down with him.

Joan Walsh


Johnson Tries to Throw the UK Under the Bus; Parliament Balks—for Now

The hope for those who oppose his awful Brexit deal is that the number of supporters will collapse once the legislation comes into contact with reality.

Rachel Shabi

Spain’s Catalonia Crisis Just Got a Lot Worse

Massive peaceful protests, along with days of violent clashes, demonstrate that the fight over this region’s independence movement affects the entire country and is far from over.

Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín

‘Biba Guåhan!’: How Guam’s Indigenous Activists Are Confronting Military Colonialism

As the federal government tries to expand its control of the island, the CHamoru are ready to rise in resistance.

Chris Gelardi and Sophia Perez


In ‘Succession,’ Who Is the Joke Really On?

The show is heralded as a nuanced and cutting critique of the 1 percent. But whose side is it really on?

Erin Schwartz

Down the Alt-Right Rabbit Hole

Andrew Marantz’s Antisocial tells the messy history of how the far right went viral.

Evan Malmgren

For Yiyun Li, All Writing Is Autobiographical

We had a wide ranging conversation with Li about her feelings on autofiction, bad readers, and why her work has yet to be translated into Chinese.

Rosemarie Ho

From the Magazine

Teachers on strike


The Chicago Teachers Strike Proves We Can’t Rely on Democrats

Anyone interested in the future of public education and the Democratic Party should pay close attention to the school strike in Chicago.

Eric Blanc



US Soccer Is Neglecting Latino Talent—and It Shows

There are millions of youths playing soccer in the United States. So why is the men’s national team so terrible?

Isma’il Kushkush
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Watch and Listen

Listen: NBA, China, and the Coming Season

The Athletic’s Michael Lee joins the show to talk about the upcoming NBA season, the NBA’s situation in China, and more.

October 22, 2019

Listen: The Deepening Desperation of Donald Trump

Sasha Abramsky on the president, Corey Robin on Clarence Thomas, and Katha Pollitt on abortion.

October 17, 2019

View: More Than a Wall: Photos of 30 Years of Life Along the US-Mexico Border

Successive US administrations have sought to turn the borderlands into a land of death—but these photos prove it is very much a land of the living.

September 12, 2019


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