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Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

John Washington and Tracie Williams


Jazmine Headley’s Arrest Exposes the Punitive Design of Public Assistance

Welfare offices are the public face of a system designed to control, surveil, and penalize low-income women.

Mariana Chilton

Scott Walker Ends His Miserable Governorship With a Final Blow to Democracy

By signing lame-duck legislation to disempower his successor, the Wisconsinite confirms his scorching contempt for the will of the people.

John Nichols
War and Peace

The Senate’s Yemen Vote Proves a More Democratic Foreign Policy Is Possible

Public outrage over US-Saudi relations may put an end to war—and serve as an important lesson for progressives.

Evan Hill
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From the Magazine


It’s Time to Demystify Russiagate

There have been endless, bewildering plot twists, but essentially it’s a corruption scandal—one that should bring down Trump’s presidency.

David Klion

If Trump Wants to Curb Migration, He Shouldn’t Cut Foreign Aid

Dita has been deported three times back to El Salvador. Now a USAID-funded organization gives her hope that she can thrive in her own country.

Eileen Grench

Kevin McCarthy Is Inventing Reasons Not to Investigate Trump

After ceaselessly probing Clinton and Obama non-scandals, the House majority leader has changed his tune.

Joan Walsh


Who’s Afraid of a Sex Workers’ Union?

A movement for sex workers’ rights is gaining momentum in Spain—but it’s facing opposition from the national government and some feminists.

Meaghan Beatley

For Emmanuel Macron, How Did Things Get So Bad, So Fast?

The fault lies with both the French president himself and the political and cultural elite that formed him.

David A. Bell

Yanis Varoufakis’s Internationalist Odyssey

The former Greek finance minister is on a quest to unite the global left.

Atossa Araxia Abrahamian


Keith Gessen’s Portrait of a Moscow Caught Between Two Worlds

His new novel, A Terrible Country, offers a heartbreakingly intimate glimpse into contemporary Russian life.

Gregory Afinogenov

The Bad History—and Bad Politics—of Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge’s ‘Capitalism in America’

Although the long sweep of American economic history is the ostensible subject of Capitalism in America, it tell us more about Alan Greenspan than about the history of capitalism.

Kim Phillips-Fein

‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Makes a Spectacle of Nostalgia

The second season of Amy Sherman-Palladino’s show is stuck in its comfort zone.

Sarah Marshall

Watch and Listen

Listen: Dark Knight: Bob Knight’s Last Days at Indiana 

Robert Abbott, director of the ESPN 30 for 30 film Last Days of Knight, stops by to talk film.

December 11, 2018

View: PHOTOS: These Students Are Sick and Tired of Gun Violence

“That could be me, my friends, my family.”

April 26, 2018

Watch: These Tenants Are Leading the Largest Rent Strike in LA History

Residents of three buildings in Central Los Angeles are refusing to pay rent until their landlord agrees to fair rent increases.

August 20, 2018


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Demand an End to US Support for the War in Yemen

Spread the word, call your senators, and help refugees in your community.

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