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Is Milo Yiannopoulos All That Different From Trump?

The political trajectory of Milo Yiannopoulos tracks the man he calls “Daddy.

Joan Walsh


Socialism’s Return

After more than a half-century in the wilderness, the socialist left reemerges in America.

Patrick Iber

Forget the Musical—Alexander Hamilton’s Real Legacy Is the Poverty-Stricken City He Founded

So why are the leaders of Paterson, NJ,  so eager to capitalize on his memory?

Richard Kreitner

Are We Doing All We Can to Prevent Lead Poisoning?

Lead paint poisons many more children than any other source. Are housing demolitions putting their health in danger?

Eilís O’Neill
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What Did President Trump Know and When Did He Know It?

Michael Flynn is out, but until there’s an investigation by Congress, we’re at the mercy of intelligence leaks for the story.

Joan Walsh

The Real Enemy of the People Is a President Who Opposes the Free Press

No president who takes seriously an oath to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution would say what Trump is saying.

John Nichols

What Is the Deep State?

Even if we assume the concept is valid, surely it’s not useful to think of the competing interests it represents as monolithic.

Greg Grandin


Why Millennials Aren’t Afraid of Socialism

It’s an old idea, but the people who will make it happen are young—and tired of the unequal world they’ve inherited.

Julia Mead

Only Socialism Can Defeat Trumpism

Millions of ordinary people are ready for an alternative, one pointed to by the success of Bernie Sanders.

Nicole Aschoff and Bhaskar Sunkara

Socialism’s Return

After more than a half-century in the wilderness, the socialist left reemerges in America.

Patrick Iber
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The Syrian Kurds and Allegations of War Crimes

Critics respond to Roy Gutman’s special report on the Syrian Kurdish militia.

Meredith Tax and Roy Gutman

America’s Favorite Syrian Militia Rules With an Iron Fist

The Kurdish YPG recruits fighters at gunpoint, assassinates political opponents, and suppresses the media.

Roy Gutman

Have the Syrian Kurds Committed War Crimes?

This special report, which also exposes their collusion with the Assad regime, undermines their claim to be leading a democratic, open society.

Roy Gutman


Edward Jay Epstein’s Alternative Facts

A new book suggests Snowden may have been a spy, but what it reveals is its author’s own duplicity.

Sue Halpern

Austra’s Ear for the Moment

The band’s new album calls for the future by harkening to the past.

Erin Vanderhoof

Saul Friedländer’s Many Lives

What is the relationship between the Holocaust’s history and its memory?

Peter E. Gordon
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Watch and Listen

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February 9, 2017

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January 22, 2017

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Following the path of cotton from Burkina Faso to Bangladesh to your local mall.

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