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Yes, There Was A Big Blue Wave Last Week

And pundits calling it wrong on election night unwittingly helped Donald Trump spread his lies about “stolen” elections.

Joan Walsh


The Democratic House Must Prioritize Protecting the 2020 Census

An inaccurate count disproportionately harms the young, the elderly, and people of color.

Edward Burmila
War on Terror

Long Ago, I Hurt Families Like My Own

Afghanistan is 7,000 miles away, but there are moments when it feels like I never left.

Rory Fanning
Reproductive Rights

Trump Lashes Out Against Reproductive Rights After the Midterms

New religious exemptions would make it even harder to secure reproductive healthcare.

Michelle Chen
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From the Magazine


Donald Trump Is Attacking the Florida Recounts Because He Hates Democracy

The president is lying about “election theft” in Florida as part of a calculated strategy to shut down an essential part of the election process.

John Nichols

Progressives Point the Way to Recapturing the Rural Vote

Democrats would do well to remember a fundamental truth that this year’s elections only amplified: Real power is built from the bottom up.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

The Interior Department Is Sidelining Environmental Justice

In early September, the DOI quietly rescinded two memos that provided guidance on protecting vulnerable communities and Native American sacred sites.

Adam Federman

the amazon effect

What Amazon Taught the Cops

Predictive policing is just another form of supply-chain efficiency.

Ingrid Burrington

Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market

The company is a radically new kind of monopoly with ambitions that dwarf those of earlier empires.

Stacy Mitchell

Postal-Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon

The tech giant’s rise has pushed mail clerks and carriers to the breaking point.

Jake Bittle


Switzerland’s Experiment With Addiction Treatment

Prescribed heroin cuts crime and saves lives.

Cédric Gouverneur

4 Years After the Forced Disappearance of 43 Students, a Father Is Still Looking

The disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa is not over for Jorge Antonio Tizapa Legideño.

John Washington

Education Is in the Crosshairs in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

The president-elect seeks to ban from the classroom political opinions, debates, and any issues that could be construed as leftist.

Michael Fox


The Anarchic Fun of Vince Staples

On the rapper’s new album, FM!, he relishes any opportunity to inject gravity and grim contradiction into pure party jams.   

Stephen Kearse

In ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ Hell Is Other People

The Netflix series is the latest contribution to a recent horror renaissance.

Erin Schwartz

The Plague of Pointless Work

In his new book, David Graeber examines the decoupling of work from meaningful activity.

Michael Robbins

Watch and Listen

Listen: A Blue Wave for Progressives and Women—With Some Heartbreakers

John Nichols and Joan Walsh on the Midterms, plus Andy Robinson on Brazil.

November 8, 2018

Watch: These Tenants Are Leading the Largest Rent Strike in LA History

Residents of three buildings in Central Los Angeles are refusing to pay rent until their landlord agrees to fair rent increases.

August 20, 2018

Watch: More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters: The Revolutionary Life of Lucy Parsons

What we can learn from one of the great organizers in American history.

November 15, 2016


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