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How to Expose Trump’s Dastardly Bait-and-Switch

Trump is not an economic populist, he’s just playing one on TV. 

Robert L. Borosage


Keith Ellison Is No Anti-Semite

The candidate for DNC chair is being criticized for taking positions that are perfectly consistent with the views of the majority of American Jews.

John Nichols
Social Justice

North Carolina: A Case Study for Resistance in the Trump Era

In forcing Pat McCrory out of office, we proved that we do not have to concede the battle in the South.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
Health and Disease

Did the Opioid Epidemic Help Donald Trump Win?

New research shows that Trump made huge gains in counties with the highest rates of death from drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

Zoë Carpenter
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With Ben Carson at HUD, America’s Cities Really Could Become Hellholes

The neurosurgeon has blasted the agency’s work as “social engineering” and “communist.”

Joan Walsh

The Most Important Appointment Since the Election Wasn’t Made by Trump

California’s incoming attorney general, Congressman Xavier Becerra, is poised to lead states resisting the Trump administration.

David Dayen

We Are Donald Trump

The election removed our self-deceptions—our blindfolds—and now we stand naked before ourselves.

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

Barack Obama's Legacy

A Proof, a Test, an Instruction

Obama is ours, in the deep sense that Lincoln is ours.

Marilynne Robinson

The Strange Career of American Exceptionalism

…and Barack Obama’s curious role as its most ardent recent champion and prominent victim.

Greg Grandin

Barack Obama’s Crash Course in Foreign Policy

After eight years on the job and many mistakes, he has gone from callow rookie to seasoned veteran.

Andrew J. Bacevich
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Standing Rock

Indigenous Activists at Standing Rock Told a Deep, True Story

And that’s why they won at least a temporary victory.

Bill McKibben

The Lesson from Standing Rock: Organizing and Resistance Can Win

Indigenous water protectors are showing us how to fight back—and how to live again.

Naomi Klein

Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Turns the Course of History

The Army Corps of Engineers says it will not grant a necessary easement to complete the pipeline.

John Nichols


Would Politics Be Better Off Without Anger?

Martha Nussbaum’s new book about the dangers of anger tells us more about the limits of the liberal mindset than the actual world of politics.  

Amia Srinivasan

One Flew Over Bellevue

As little as David Oshinsky might care to admit it, the idea that Bellevue is a place for “crazies” has stuck in our cultural consciousness.

Nathan Smith

Responsible Hedonists

Emily Witts new book, Future Sex, captures the ways in which free love and countercultural experiments are no longer as liberating as they once seemed.

J.C. Pan

Watch and Listen

Watch: More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters: The Revolutionary Life of Lucy Parsons

What we can learn from one of the great organizers in American history.

November 15, 2016

Listen: Start Making Sense: The Real Revolution of 2016 was Not Trump’s

Mike Davis on how Trumpism won’t last long. Plus Joan Walsh on women voters, Kai Wright on Obama and race, and Adam Shatz on “law and order.”

November 17, 2016
October 21, 2016


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