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Trump and McConnell Are Undoing the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Legitimacy

A rush to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the eve of an election jeopardizes the credibility of the judicial branch.

John Nichols


Undocumented Immigrants Are Still Suffering With No Federal Relief

Undocumented immigrants have had to fend for themselves during the coronavirus crisis.

Mary Ann Koruth
Police and Law Enforcement

One Black Lives Matter Protest in Rural New York Opens the Door to Change

In the months since a Black Lives Matter protest in Catskill, N.Y., one of the march’s organizer has decided to run for office. Change is coming to the rural town.

Karen Rothmyer
Fine Art

Behind the Myth of Pier Paolo Pasolini

On the artistic afterlife of the Italian filmmaker, poet, novelist, and polemicist.

Barry Schwabsky

Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett’s Extremist Religious Beliefs Merit Examination

Her Catholicism is irrelevant. The worldview of the fringe right-wing sect she has grown up in definitely isn’t.
Joan Walsh
President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, is a devout Catholic. Obviously, that has no bearing on her fitness to join the court. The Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is a devout Catholic. Justice Sonia Sotomayor is Catholic, as are four conservatives currently on the court: Chief Justice… Continue Reading >
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Democrats Can’t Take Any Option Off the Table

The tendency to pretend the old norms still prevail is part of what’s gotten the nation to this awful crisis.

Joan Walsh

There Is Only One Way Out of This Crisis: Expand the Court

Expanding the Supreme Court may not be easy, but it’s the only constitutional way to address the Republicans’ cynical theft of at least two seats.

Elie Mystal

Bernie Sanders Has Given Us a Tool Kit for Defending Against Trump’s Threat to Democracy

In a sweeping address, the senator argues for specific action to assure a peaceful transfer of power after the November election.

John Nichols


The Inner Lives of the Accused in Emma Cline’s ‘Daddy’

Her new story collection is of apiece with the writer’s interest in the minds of the guilty, the complicit, and the canceled.

Lizzy Harding

Claudia Rankine Wants Us to Talk

A conversation with the writer about her new book, Just Us, which is a close reading of the language and affects that go into our understanding of race.

Nawal Arjini

Orlando Patterson and the Postcolonial Predicament

Out of the ruins of colonialism and empire, the sociologist insisted we could fashion a more egalitarian and liberated future.

Adom Getachew


Refugees Face Fire and Terror in Greece

Burned out of their homes, they now confront tear gas from police, beatings by fascists, and threats of imprisonment by the government.

Jesse Rosenfeld

The Incantatory Power of Ayad Akhtar and Shahzia Sikander

The two artistic geniuses—a novelist and a visual artist—discuss US politics, Islamophobia, and their recent work.

Ayad Akhtar and Shahzia Sikander

Justice, Finally, for a War Crime in El Salvador

A Spanish court has convicted one perpetrator of the 1989 murder of Jesuit priests—but El Salvador itself is a long way from mounting a credible prosecution.

Kate Doyle

Watch and Listen

Listen: How Shocking Is the ‘Shocking’ Return of Big Ten Football?

Patrick Hruby joins the show to talk about the Big Ten’s flip flop on college football

September 22, 2020

View: Jails Are Designed to Keep Inmates Hidden

A photographic record of the Tombs, one of New York City’s most notorious detention complexes.

September 16, 2020

View: Tear Down the Monuments, Bring Our Cities to Life

In Richmond, the sites of former monuments to the Confederacy have become lively spaces for activism and memorializing those lost to police violence.

July 13, 2020