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It’s Paul Ryan Versus Bernie Sanders, and Sanders Is Winning

Since Ryan warned that Republican losses would empower Sanders, the senator has used the attack to raise millions for Democrats.

John Nichols
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Election 2016

On November 8, Pussy Grabs Back

Donald Trump has women at the end of their ropes—and ready to fight.

Katha Pollitt

Here’s Why the #PodestaLeaks Aren’t Having Much Impact

Viewed through the lens of our polarized media, Wikileaks’ revelations will only serve to confirm our prior beliefs about the Clinton campaign.  

Joshua Holland

What I Really Told Project Veritas’s So-Called Reporters

In real life, I was discussing direct-action-protest ideas, not voter fraud. And yes, I’m still ready to fight for my community.

Cesar Vargas

Remembering Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden Taught Us How to Get Beyond Trump and Trumpism

What I loved most about Tom Hayden was his faith that the politics of division could be overcome.

John Nichols

Tom Hayden and the Unfinished Business of Democracy

Though an irreplaceable voice for peace has been silenced, his vision will live on.

The Nation

Tom Hayden Talks to Naomi Klein About Journalism and Activism

In this 2007 video, Hayden and Klein talk about first finding their voices working at student publications.

Peter Rothberg
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Long Reads

Books & the Arts

The Brat Pack Grows Up

Once the voice of youthful dissatisfaction, Jay McInerney, Tama Janowitz, and Bret Easton Ellis experience the growing pains of middle age.

Michelle Dean

Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate in Ashtray-Binding

The poetry in Dylan’s music has always been something different from the language on the page that we associate with poets.

David Hajdu

Four Standouts From the New York Film Festival

I Am Not Your Negro, Moonlight, 13th, and I Called Him Morgan.

Stuart Klawans

Watch and Listen

Listen: Donald Trump’s ‘Horrifying’ Refusal to Accept the Election Results

Joan Walsh on the debate, Kai Wright on right-wing media, and Greil Marcus on Bob Dylan.

October 20, 2016

Watch: Why Do Trump’s Voters Care So Much About Undocumented Immigration?

Stopping undocumented immigration has been a centerpiece of Trump’s campaign—why does the issue strike such a chord with his supporters?

October 17, 2016

Watch: What Is It Like to Be an Abortion Provider in an Anti-Choice State?

Watch: Leah Torres explains why she works in Utah.

August 29, 2016


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4 Simple Ways to Help 44 Million Americans With Student Debt

The student-loan-debt crisis is very real, yet policies have failed to respond with any urgency.

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