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How Private Contractors Enable Trump’s Cruelties at the Border

Private-prison groups and several Fortune 500 companies are profiting off “zero-tolerance” enforcement. 

David Dayen

Racism and Discrimination

The Generational Trauma of Separating Families

The roots of Trump’s child-detention policy are in American history.

Patricia J. Williams
Latin America

Once Again, the Right Wing Wins in Colombia, Amid Divisions on the Left

But Gustavo Petro’s presidential candidacy was the most successful leftist campaign in modern Colombian history, after decades of isolation and political assassinations.

Miguel Salazar
The Left

‘The Menace Is Inequality’: A Conversation With Podemos’s Pablo Iglesias

The general secretary of Spain’s leading leftist party discusses how to confront global capitalism.

Winnie Wong
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From the Magazine


Young Women of Color Are Running to Win

And they want to unseat these white male incumbents.

Sean McElwee

Jeff Sessions and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Are Quoting the Bible—and These Nuns Are Not Having It

“Give me a break,” says Sister Simone Campbell.

John Nichols

Kirstjen Nielsen, Enough With the Lies!

The Homeland Security secretary’s cavalcade of lies has helped fuel interest in a national day of resistance to Trump’s family-separation policy.

Joan Walsh

Focus on foreign policy

How to Challenge the Elite Consensus for Endless War

There’s only one way: ​We have to harness the energy of millions of fed-up voters.

Andrew J. Bacevich

Why We Need a Wider Foreign-Policy Debate

The establishment consensus has failed. Citizen intervention can change that.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

No More Blank Checks for War

With Trump in the White House, Congress must reassert its role in governing the use of military force.

Rep. Barbara Lee

Immigration Policy

How Scapegoating Immigrants Hurts All Workers

ICE raided a New Bedford factory in 2007, but the jobs that opened up for other workers didn’t last long.

George Goehl

What It’s Like Inside a Border Patrol Facility Where Families Are Being Separated

The Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy has overwhelmed Ursula, where children sleep in cages, the lights never go off, and detainees are brought in 24 hours a day.

Zoë Carpenter

It’s Time to Abolish ICE

A mass-deportation strike force is incompatible with democracy and human rights.

Sean McElwee


Who Is Protecting LGBTQ Fans at the 2018 World Cup?

It doesn’t look like FIFA or the Russian state will act to halt anti-gay violence.

Dave Zirin and Andrew Tan-Delli Cicchi

Matteo Salvini’s March on Rome

The head of the fearmongering, anti-immigrant Lega party has enormous power in Italy’s new government.

Frederika Randall

France’s National Front Is Dead, but Its Politics Are Alive and Well

Despite the failure of Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid, the party’s virulent anti-Muslim message has found a growing audience.

Cécile Alduy


The Long Road to ‘Citizens United’

Adam Winkler's new history argues that the problem with Citizens United is its inability to see the distorting effects of concentrated wealth.

David Cole

How Did Vietnam Transform White Supremacy?

Kathleen Belew’s sobering new history tracks the hidden relationship between the war and a resurgence in racial violence.

Patrick Blanchfield

‘Supernatural’ Fanaticism

TV for the narrowcast generation.

Loren A. Lynch

Watch and Listen

Listen: In Trump’s ‘Madness,’ A Chance for Peace in Korea: Bruce Cumings

Plus Ahilan Arulanantham on Trump’s family separation policy, and Harold Meyerson on the Democrats’ chances in November.

June 14, 2018

View: PHOTOS: These Students Are Sick and Tired of Gun Violence

“That could be me, my friends, my family.”

April 26, 2018

View: ‘A Border Control Official Sexually Abused Me’

Aura Hernández fled to the US seeking safety. Instead, she encountered threats, harassment, and assault.

April 2, 2018


Take Action

We All Need to Fight to End the Separation of Immigrant Families

In just five weeks, federal immigration authorities separated more than 2,300 children from their parents.

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