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Israel’s Protest Movement Is Bringing Netanyahu to His Knees

A movement that started out against a judicial coup has morphed into an uprising. Yet questions loom about what this moment portends for Palestinians.

Haggai Matar


Insurrection Porn and Kitsch at Trump’s Waco Rally

His screening violent January 6 videos to rile up an angry crowd leaves no doubt about what Trump wants from his followers. Now what?

Joan Walsh
Campaigns and Elections

Brandon Johnson Is Surging in the Chicago Mayoral Race

The progressive has closed the gap with conservative front-runner Paul Vallas, thanks to a string of high-profile endorsements.

John Nichols
Immigration Policy

The DHS and Its Legacy of Terrorizing Immigrants

Since its creation after 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security has criminalized immigrants living in the United States as well as those newly arriving or seeking safety here.

Azadeh Shahshahani and Setareh Ghandehari

Money Problems

What Elizabeth Warren, Larry Summers, and Paul Krugman All Got Wrong About SVB

What Elizabeth Warren, Larry Summers, and Paul Krugman All Got Wrong About SVB

It’s a war for the dollar—and the big banks. The rest of us better hold on tight.

James K. Galbraith

A Death in the Valley: What the End of SVB Reveals About VC Class Solidarity

With the banking system sitting on $620 billion in paper (unrealized) losses, this saga may be far from over.

Doug Henwood

The Latest Banking Crisis Is Brought to You by the Federal Reserve

There’s a lot of blame to go around for the failure of the Silicon Valley Bank. But the Fed’s myopic attitude towards inflation bears much of the responsibility.

Sasha Abramsky


A scene from All That Breathes.

A Meditation on Trans-Species Love

The Nation spoke with Shaunak Sen, whose film All That Breathes follows a bird hospital in New Dehli and the monumental mission of saving a city’s dying black kites.

Jasmine Liu
A New Continuum of Art History at the Carnegie International

A New Continuum of Art History at the Carnegie International

The long-running exhibition of international art offers an indispensable lesson in art outside the bounds of America’s reach and a different way to see history.

Barry Schwabsky
A draughtsman, circa 1940.

What’s the Matter With Contemporary Architecture?

In his new book, Reinier de Graaf attempts to work out why his profession appears to be at an impasse.

Marianela D’Aprile


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a 2022 press conference

A Dream and a Lie: Ron DeSantis’s Twisted Race Pedagogy

The ultimate aim of  the Florida governor’s education platform is to depoliticize actually existing Black history

Anthony Conwright
US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito

The War Against Abortion Rights Is Also a War Against Democracy

Facing a ballot backlash, the anti-choice movement is now resorting to lawfare and to limiting voter initiative.

Jeet Heer
20 Years Ago, the US Lied Its Way Into War

20 Years Ago, the US Lied Its Way Into War

On the 20th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, The Nation reprints its plea to Congress to reject Bush’s preemptive assault.

The Nation


Protests against pension reform in France

What Will Macron Do When Arbitrary Arrests and Police Violence Fail?

Bypassing the National Assembly to force through his unpopular pension reform looked like a clever move—until it brought the French people back onto the streets.

Harrison Stetler
Indigenous Leaders Are Being Forced Into Exile

Indigenous Leaders Are Being Forced Into Exile

Facing institutionalized violence from the government and opposition groups, some Indigenous activists in Guatemala have no choice but to flee.

María Inés Taracena
Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, shakes hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping, right, in April 2019 in Beijing, China.

Biden Doesn’t Need to Keep Pushing Xi and Putin Closer

A path away from great power conflict.

Jake Werner

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