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Release the Mueller Report—Immediately and Completely

If we want the truth, we must have transparency.

John Nichols


Pentagon Spending Is a Poor Job Creator

The Trump administration touts weapons spending as the best way to bolster the American economy. It’s not.

William D. Hartung
Ethical Economics

Should I Out This Rapist?

Another reader asks if wearing a sparkly ring makes her look “tone deaf” in a world where people are struggling.

Liza Featherstone
Jails and Prisons

How a Series of Jail Rebellions Rocked New York—and Woke a City

It has been nearly 50 years since New York’s jails erupted in protest, but the lessons of that era feel more relevant than ever.

Heather Ann Thompson
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From the Magazine


The Time Has Come for Democrats to Impeach Brett Kavanaugh

And no, ‘he’s just not worth it’ is not an acceptable excuse.

Elie Mystal

A Wisconsin Judge Upends the GOP Power Grab and Restores the Authority of the Democratic Governor

Governor Tony Evers immediately withdraws Wisconsin from the Republican-led lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act.

John Nichols

Trump Wants to Take Away Your Citizenship

The current administration is bent on making it easier to denaturalize American citizens. 

Karen J. Greenberg


Meet Mississippi’s Fiercest Advocate for Reproductive Justice

Laurie Bertram Roberts set out to help women get abortions in the country’s most restrictive state. So why is her house filled with diapers? 
Rebecca Grant
The first thing I noticed when I walked into Laurie Bertram Roberts’s cluttered living room was the ceiling-high stack of diaper boxes lining the wall. Initially, our plan had been to meet at the new headquarters of the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund (MRFF), the nonprofit that Roberts co-founded and runs.… Continue Reading >


Who’s Afraid of the International Criminal Court?

Mike Pompeo’s diplomatic sanctions against war-crimes investigators are consistent with Trump’s “America first” worldview.

Nicholas Mulder

Will There Be Justice for the Bloody Sunday Victims?

For almost half a century, the British government avoided calls to bring criminal charges against paratroopers who killed 14 unarmed Catholics in 1972. Last week, the government announced that one would be charged with two murders.

Peter Pringle

White Supremacy in Australia Set the Stage for the Christchurch Massacre

The mainstreaming of hate has become routine, in both the media and politics.

Antony Loewenstein


A Century With Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Happy 100th birthday to the essential Beat poet. 

The Nation

Jack Whitten’s Journals Are a Future Classic of Art Writing

Notes From the Woodshed, a recent collection of Jack Whitten’s journal entries and writings, give an invaluable peek in the artistic process.

Barry Schwabsky

Rediscovering Nelson Algren

The literary giant’s unique resonance in our anti-capitalist moment.

Dan Simon

Watch and Listen

Watch: VIDEO: Inside the Decades-Long Republican Campaign to Suppress the Vote

A new film tracks the partisan campaign to make it harder and more dangerous to vote.

March 11, 2019

View: Is New York City’s Public Housing Ready for the Next Storm?

More than six years after Superstorm Sandy, and in an age of increasing climate uncertainty, the city’s public housing facilities are still dangerously vulnerable.

January 29, 2019

View: Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

December 14, 2018


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Organize for climate solutions, support teachers on strike, and get involved with a new election in North Carolina.

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