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Everything You Think You Know About ‘Free Speech’ Is a Lie

How far-right operatives manufactured the “crisis” of free speech with books, think tanks—and billions of dollars.

P.E. Moskowitz

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Finish What FDR Started

And it could give Democrats a fighting chance in farm country and small-town America.

John Nichols
Books and Ideas

How the US Exported Its Border Around the World

Todd Miller’s new book examines the massive industrial complex that sustains and influences the lines that divide the globe.

Aaron Bady
Criminal Justice

The Vast Conspiracy Behind Jeffrey Epstein’s Death

No, Epstein was not killed by a cabal of powerful men who wanted to silence him. But his death was part of a larger plot: the US prison system.

Elie Mystal
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Bernie Sanders Is As Frustrated as Ever With Corporate Media

The senator explains to The Nation why he is raising concerns not just about the presidential debates but about the media’s narrow coverage of national crises.

John Nichols

Stephen Miller Is a Perfectly Mainstream Republican

His cruelty is all-American—and it’s shared by millions of others who make up the GOP’s base.

Jeet Heer

Did Netanyahu Just Kill Washington’s ‘Pro-Israel’ Consensus?

The ban against Representatives Tlaib and Omar has angered even those who can’t find their voices when Israel bombs kids in Gaza. 

M.J. Rosenberg


India’s Constitutional Coup in Kashmir Is Sowing the Seeds of Renewed Rebellion

Among Kashmiri Muslims, India is a foreign country and a hostile enemy. The latest decrees have provoked sorrow, despair, and anger.

Barbara Crossette

How the US Media Demonizes Iran

Lesson 1: When the missile is American, use the passive voice.

Serge Halimi and Pierre Rimbert

The Current Migrant Crisis Was Created by US Foreign Policy, Not Trump

The roots of our migrant crisis trace back to decades of US interventionism and bloody coups in Central America.

Rebecca Gordon

From the Magazine


Alex Katz’s Downtown Dreams

In a recent show curated by the New York painter and sculptor, as well as a showcase of his new work, his particular artistic psychogeography comes to life.

Barry Schwabsky

Henry Louis Gates Jr. and the Long Arc of Reconstruction

In his new book, Gates argues that the history of American democracy has always been one of constant push and pull.

Robert Greene II

Heterosexual and Miserable

Lisa Taddeo’s Three Women, a sprawling sexual biography of a trio of women, is the latest flawed attempt to chronicle the country’s changing mores.

Marie Solis

Watch and Listen

Listen: Bernie or Bust?

Harold Meyerson on the DSA, plus Katha Pollitt on Jeffrey Epstein and John Nichols on White Nationalism.

August 15, 2019

Listen: The Road to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Jules Boykoff stops by the show to talk about a recent trip with Dave to Tokyo.

August 6, 2019

View: PHOTOS: ‘I Haven’t Met Anybody in the Area Who Actually Wants to Take the Walls Down’

Belfast’s so-called “peace lines” were supposed to come down over a decade ago. Why are they still there?

June 5, 2019


take action

Take Action Now: Protect Immigrant Families on Food Stamps

Read a powerful letter from the Rev. William Barber, then fight for immigrants by getting involved with volunteer opportunities and strategy sessions.

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