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Angela Corey’s Forgetful Medical Examiner

The state attorney’s office employed a chief medical examiner who may have suffered from dementia—but it won’t reexamine her cases.

Jessica Pishko


The Strategic Savvy of Russia’s Growing Anti-Abortion Movement

Russia’s anti-abortion activists have found success by using the fear of demographic decline to sway both church and government officials.

Ilaria Parogni

Italy’s Five Star Movement May Be the Heir to Mussolini’s Fascists

The party harps on the messianic theme of redemption for the betrayed, is allied with Britain’s far-right UKIP, and is controlled with an iron hand by leader Beppe Grillo.

Frederika Randall

America Needs to Listen to What Colin Kaepernick Is Actually Trying to Say

Too many people are talking about patriotism and etiquette instead of reckoning with the substance of his critique.

Dave Zirin
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From the Magazine

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Election 2016

Inside the Head of a Trump Supporter

Mike Schaff’s community was destroyed by the failures of a private company, but he’s voting for America’s most notorious businessman. Why?

Arlie Hochschild

The Media Are Doing an Abysmal Job of Covering Donald Trump’s Racism

Too many outlets have equated Hillary Clinton’s speech documenting Trump’s racism with his baseless accusation that she is a bigot.

Joan Walsh

Returning to His Roots, Sanders Launches ‘Our Revolution’

Bernie introduced his new organization with a speech from Vermont—and entrusted it to longtime staffer Jeff Weaver.

D.D. Guttenplan


What Is It Like to Be an Abortion Provider in an Anti-Choice State?

In Utah, Dr. Leah Torres has to contend with a slew of medically unsound regulations to care for her patients. And that’s before the death threats.
Zoë Carpenter and Francis Reynolds

Leah Torres wakes up early in a modest townhome between the two looming mountain ranges that border Salt Lake City. She makes coffee with the precision you’d expect of a doctor, though for breakfast she might eat a bowl of Trix. She sits down on the couch to watch the… Continue Reading >

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America at War

Why Is the United States Abetting Saudi War Crimes in Yemen?

The Obama administration’s record-setting arms deals with Riyadh have strengthened extremists and led to greater regional instability.

Mohamad Bazzi

The US Defense Industry and the ‘Weaponization’ of American Foreign Policy

When the US provides “security assistance” and exports weapons to places like Ukraine and Saudi Arabia, it often benefits nobody besides weapons manufacturers.

James Carden

How Obama Helped Lay the Groundwork for Trump’s Thuggery

His refusal to prosecute torturers and his Wild West assassination of bin Laden show how moral complacency can all too easily degenerate into full-blown corruption.

Rochelle Gurstein

Focus on Criminal Justice

Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?

The woman who failed to convict Trayvon Martin’s killer is putting hundreds of kids in prison, and dozens of people on death row.

Jessica Pishko

‘This Man Will Almost Certainly Die’

Dozens of men have died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. The Bureau of Prisons itself says there’s a problem. And yet the privatization scheme continues.

Seth Freed Wessler

The Justice Department Will End All Federal Private Prisons, Following a ‘Nation’ Investigation

Our yearlong probe uncovered dozens of questionable deaths and years of dire warnings from internal monitors.

Seth Freed Wessler

Books & the Arts

Naming America’s Own Genocide

In a commanding new book, Benjamin Madley calls California’s 19th-century elected officials “the primary architects of annihilation” against Native Americans in the state. Reading it is like watching bodies being piled on a pyre.

Richard White

A Summer Blockbuster From the Trump World

Loud, lurid, incoherent, Suicide Squad seems to emanate straight from the Republican’s campaign for president.

Stuart Klawans

An Argentinian Novelist, Out of Oblivion

Exile, failure, the dread of erasure: Antonio Di Benedetto seems to have transmuted all his life experiences into his novel Zama, which has finally been translated into English.

Ratik Asokan

Take Action

Demand That Politicians Fight to Get Women a Raise

The Economic Policy Institute has released a plan to close the gender wage gap.

Take Action Now! >

Watch and Listen

Watch: Gawker’s Total Knockout

How Gawker changed the game, and how they got taken out.

August 26, 2016

Listen: The Woman Behind Trump

Amy Wilentz on Ivanka, plus Calvin Trillin on Mississippi in 1964, and Rosa Brooks on the militarization of everything.

August 18, 2016
July 5, 2016