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Spain’s Catalonia Crisis Just Got a Lot Worse

Massive peaceful protests, along with days of violent clashes, demonstrate that the fight over this region’s independence movement affects the entire country and is far from over.

Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín

War and Peace

Catholic Activists Stand Trial for Protesting Nuclear Weapons

The members of the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 face decades in prison for their nonviolent direct action at a naval base last year.

Sam Husseini
Political Figures

The Real Trouble With Tulsi

Hillary Clinton is wrong again. Gabbard is no Russian asset but a narrow nationalist.

Jeet Heer

US Soccer Is Neglecting Latino Talent—and It Shows

There are millions of youths playing soccer in the United States. So why is the men’s national team so terrible?

Isma’il Kushkush
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There Was a Smart, Progressive Way to Withdraw From Syria

Representative Ro Khanna explains how the president’s disregard for diplomacy has failed the Kurds and prospects for real and lasting peace.

John Nichols

Why Aren’t Military Leaders Speaking Out Against Trump?

America needs more vocal military leaders like Smedley Butler to drown out the silence of people like former defense secretary James Mattis.

Tyson Manker

More Than a Campaign: Bernie’s Candidacy Is a Movement

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed Bernie Sanders on Saturday before a crowd of 20,000 supporters calling for revolution.

Shirley Ngozi Nwangwa

Chicago teachers on Strike

Chicago’s Teachers Are Making History. Again.

Rank-and-file workers are finally taking back their unions, and strikes are spreading across the country as a result.

Jane McAlevey

The Chicago Teachers Strike Proves We Can’t Rely on Democrats

Anyone interested in the future of public education and the Democratic Party should pay close attention to the school strike in Chicago.

Eric Blanc

On the Picket Line With Chicago’s Teachers

The teachers, now on the second day of their strike, are fighting for the schools Chicago students deserve.

Alan Maass


Quebec Students Can Teach the World a Thing or Two About Striking

After all, they’ve been doing it for decades.

Miriam Lafontaine

Spain’s Catalonia Crisis Just Got a Lot Worse

Massive peaceful protests, along with days of violent clashes, demonstrate that the fight over this region’s independence movement affects the entire country and is far from over.

Sebastiaan Faber and Bécquer Seguín

Johnson Tries to Throw the UK Under the Bus; Parliament Balks—for Now

The hope for those who oppose his awful Brexit deal is that the number of supporters will collapse once the legislation comes into contact with reality.

Rachel Shabi

Fine Art

Fine Art

What Curators Don’t Get About Prison Art

When it comes to showing the art of incarcerated people, fine-art institutions are buying into the prison-industrial complex.

Zachary Small

Elijah Cummings remembered


Elijah Cummings Took On the Powerful

The civil rights movement veteran, who was a stalwart champion of unions, challenged abusive presidents, and called out Scott Walker for lying to Congress, died Thursday at 68.

John Nichols

From the Magazine

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In ‘Succession,’ Who Is the Joke Really On?

The show is heralded as a nuanced and cutting critique of the 1 percent. But whose side is it really on?

Erin Schwartz

For Yiyun Li, All Writing Is Autobiographical

We had a wide ranging conversation with Li about her feelings on autofiction, bad readers, and why her work has yet to be translated into Chinese.

Rosemarie Ho

Peter Handke’s Nobel Condones Violence

One of Sweden’s most important authors on how the Swedish Academy abuses its platform—and the intelligentsia lets it happen.

Johannes Anyuru


We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Impeachment

A narrow and quick impeachment is no longer sufficient for a White House that flaunts its crimes.

Jeet Heer

Impeach Him, Already!

Forget Ukraine. The reasons why Donald Trump should be impeached—and convicted—are nearly endless.

Rebecca Gordon

The Impeachment Crisis Just Got Worse for the GOP

Donald Trump is laying the groundwork to bring Pompeo and Pence down with him.

Joan Walsh

Watch and Listen

Listen: Fear Is Changing Sides in Puerto Rico

Representative Manuel Natal Albelo is part of a movement inspiring a new generation of activists, and striking fear into the heart of the establishment.

October 15, 2019

Listen: Why Ryan O’Callaghan Hid His Sexuality From His NFL Teammates

Former New England Patriot Ryan O’Callaghan joins the show to talk about his new book, My Life on the Line.

October 8, 2019

View: More Than a Wall: Photos of 30 Years of Life Along the US-Mexico Border

Successive US administrations have sought to turn the borderlands into a land of death—but these photos prove it is very much a land of the living.

September 12, 2019


How Boris Johnson Fell For America

Britain’s prime minister is a lifelong admirer of the US. How will Brexit change his—and his country’s—special relationship?

Jon Allsop

Brexit Gives Its Former Colonies a Whiff of Schadenfreude

Britain is learning what many of its former colonies already know: Democracy requires constant vigilance.

Nanjala Nyabola

The Wheels Are Coming Off Britain

With Brexit, Britain is facing down a regressive, authoritarian, oligarch-backed far-right political project.

Rachel Shabi
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film reviews

A Long Journey Through the Ruins of Capitalism and the Cosmos

On Bong Joon-ho’s ParasiteBrad Pitt’s astronaut adventures in Ad Astra, and more. 

Stuart Klawans

The Subversive Joy of ‘Hustlers’

Lorene Scafaria’s box office smash is a cinematic depiction of women rebels who try to steal back what capitalism has stolen from them.

Joshunda Sanders

Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ Stops Short of Class War

This upstairs-downstairs thriller pokes fun at inequality, but it’s hardly a call to arms.

E. Tammy Kim


Chrissie Hynde Sets a New Standard

 Valve Bone Woe uses Tin Pan Alley classics, musical theater numbers, jazz tunes, and more to show the Pretenders singer as the top of her game 

David Hajdu

Danny Brown Is the Patron Saint of Rap Misfits

Uninterested in universal truths or uplifting mantras, the Detroit artist’s new album, uknowhatimsayin¿, takes pride in his singular life.

Stephen Kearse

Tegan and Sara’s Memoir Captures the Wonders and Terrors of Growing Up

We talked to Tegan Quin about adolescent artistry, how writing High School changed their music, and taking young women seriously.

Samantha Schuyler

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