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Trump’s Transition Team Is Dirty, and It’s Dark

Trump has packed his transition team with corporate executives and lobbyists, and he doesn’t want you to know what they’re doing. 

George Zornick

Executive Branch

A Proof, a Test, an Instruction

Obama is ours, in the deep sense that Lincoln is ours.

Marilynne Robinson
Nuclear Arms and Proliferation

Iran, Angered Over Obama’s Renewal of Sanctions, Braces for Trump

Nothing would please Tehran’s hard-liners more than for the new US president to push Iran back into confrontational mode.

Juan Cole
Election 2016

9 Things Obama Can Do Before Leaving Office to Prepare for the Trump Takeover

In the next 40 days, the President can declassify secret documents, pardon whistle blowers, and punish high-level officials who abused their power.

Pratap Chatterjee
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From the Magazine

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Standing Rock

Indigenous Activists at Standing Rock Told a Deep, True Story

And that’s why they won at least a temporary victory.

Bill McKibben

The Lesson from Standing Rock: Organizing and Resistance Can Win

Indigenous water protectors are showing us how to fight back—and how to live again.

Naomi Klein

Resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline Turns the Course of History

The Army Corps of Engineers says it will not grant a necessary easement to complete the pipeline.

John Nichols


In Carrier Deal, Trump Is Taking Credit for Some Blatant Crony Capitalism

Trump promised to get tough with companies that offshore jobs. He never said anything about buying them off with our tax dollars. 

Joshua Holland

Donald Trump Just Hired a Current Theranos Board Member to Run the Pentagon

General Mattis is still associated with the quack medical company. So much for “extreme vetting.”

David Dayen

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is a Full-on Privatization Assault

There’s a much better way to create jobs and rebuild our country’s crumbling infrastructure.

Michelle Chen
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The 45th President

Trump Thinks the Law Is for Wusses

But guess who’s really getting conned.

Patricia J. Williams

Donald Trump Is the Greatest Threat to American Democracy in Our Lifetime

His lies about voter fraud are a prelude to massive voter suppression.

Ari Berman

The President-Elect Is an Internet Troll

And the media has no idea what to do with him.

Joan Walsh


Would Politics Be Better Off Without Anger?

Martha Nussbaum’s new book about the dangers of anger tells us more about the limits of the liberal mindset than the actual world of politics.  

Amia Srinivasan

One Flew Over Bellevue

As little as David Oshinsky might care to admit it, the idea that Bellevue is a place for “crazies” has stuck in our cultural consciousness.

Nathan Smith

The Second Coming of MTV News

Its rebirth gives insights into twin trends across the media landscape: prestige and diversity.

Wei Tchou

Watch and Listen

Watch: More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters: The Revolutionary Life of Lucy Parsons

What we can learn from one of the great organizers in American history.

November 15, 2016

Listen: Start Making Sense: The Real Revolution of 2016 was Not Trump’s

Mike Davis on how Trumpism won’t last long. Plus Joan Walsh on women voters, Kai Wright on Obama and race, and Adam Shatz on “law and order.”

November 17, 2016
October 21, 2016


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A white nationalist has no place in the White House.

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