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Private Prison Companies Are Embracing Alternatives to Incarceration

They’ve hijacked the language of reform—but for them, it’s still business as usual.

Joshua Holland

Higher Education

It’s Official: Graduate Students Can Unionize

A landmark ruling has affirmed that graduate students at private universities are workers, and can organize as such.

Michelle Chen
War and Peace

Pundits, Decrying the Horrors of War in Aleppo, Demand Expanded War

As with Iraq and Libya, these laptop bombardiers offer no clear plan for how to actually end the suffering of the Syrian people.

Adam H. Johnson
Covert Ops

Is Julian Assange Exposing Innocent People to Persecution With Reckless Leaks?

That’s the accusation from dissidents in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and elsewhere.

Mark Hertsgaard
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From the Magazine

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Can War Reporting Be a Feminist Project?

Women journalists can go to places where men are barred—and build their careers by exposing the lives of other women.
Rafia Zakaria

In every house I knew growing up, there was a room where the female guests were received. In our own home it was a room in the back, which also functioned variably as the prayer room or homework room. In the split- level house that belonged to my other grandmother,… Continue Reading >

Focus on Criminal Justice

Is Angela Corey the Cruelest Prosecutor in America?

The woman who failed to convict Trayvon Martin’s killer is putting hundreds of kids in prison, and dozens of people on death row.

Jessica Pishko

‘This Man Will Almost Certainly Die’

Dozens of men have died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. The Bureau of Prisons itself says there’s a problem. And yet the privatization scheme continues.

Seth Freed Wessler

The Justice Department Will End All Federal Private Prisons, Following a ‘Nation’ Investigation

Our yearlong probe uncovered dozens of questionable deaths and years of dire warnings from internal monitors.

Seth Freed Wessler
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Election 2016

How Obama Helped Lay the Groundwork for Trump’s Thuggery

His refusal to prosecute torturers and his Wild West assassination of bin Laden show how moral complacency can all too easily degenerate into full-blown corruption.

Rochelle Gurstein

Should We Trust the Republicans Who Published a Letter Denouncing Trump?

They may be the enemies of our enemy. But they’re also war criminals.

Rebecca Gordon

Jill Stein Should Be Part of a 4-Way Presidential Debate

Even those who do not back third-party contenders should recognize that open debates are vital for robust democracy.

John Nichols

Books & the Arts

Krista Tippett: Speaking of Faith

In a new book, the host of NPR’s On Being tries to formulate a unified theory of secular spirituality.

Michele Moses

An Argentinian Novelist, Out of Oblivion

Exile, failure, the dread of erasure: Antonio Di Benedetto seems to have transmuted all his life experiences into his novel Zama, which has finally been translated into English.

Ratik Asokan

Thomas Struth’s Post-Internet Art

His pictures generate a perceptual confusion that might best represent where we stand with technology today.

Barry Schwabsky

Take Action

Demand That Politicians Fight to Get Women a Raise

The Economic Policy Institute has released a plan to close the gender wage gap.

Take Action Now! >

Watch and Listen

August 12, 2016
July 5, 2016

View: Los Angeles Is a Very Different City After Dark

Photos show how the cityscape is remade each night.

July 6, 2016