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White People Can’t Quit Blackface

And it’s not because they think it’s funny.

Patricia J. Williams

Racism and Discrimination

Is Trump a Racist?

Yes, but that’s the wrong question.

Steve Phillips
Election 2020

Pete Buttigieg Understands What’s at Stake, and What’s Possible

What makes Buttigieg’s campaigning most interesting is the intense focus he has placed on the need to renew and extend American democracy.

John Nichols
Journalists and Journalism

The End of News?

If you think the media are in trouble now, just wait till there’s a recession.

Eric Alterman
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From the Magazine


The Green New Deal Could Dramatically Expand Economic Democracy

We can accomplish great things by putting ordinary people in control.

Nathan Schneider

Bernie Sanders Is Running—and America Just Might Be Ready to Elect a Democratic Socialist

Two years into the presidency of Donald Trump, the nation is ready for radical change.

John Nichols

The Hidden Climate-Change Story Behind Trump’s ‘National Emergency’

Walls and borders are this country's most consistent climate-change ‘adaptation.’

Ben Ehrenreich


Salvador Allende Offers a Way Out for Venezuela’s Maduro

Chile’s dead president has some advice from beyond the grave.

Ariel Dorfman

Even Conservatives Support Sweden’s Welfare State. Here’s Why.

It’s practical and efficient, allowing for a very competitive economy while ensuring a high standard of living.

Barbara Koeppel

Will a New Port Make Tanzania ‘Africa’s Dubai’?

Backed by money from China and Oman, a small Tanzanian fishing port could be as large and busy as Rotterdam within 10 years.

Jean-Christophe Servant


Julia Wolfe’s Haunting Elegy to the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory

A monumental achievement in high musical drama, Wolfe’s new piece Fire in my mouth is already one of the year’s best performances.

David Hajdu

Hearing the Trauma You Can’t See

Kevin Beasley’s new Whitney show, built around a massive, whirring cotton-gin motor, argues for a new way to listen to the horror and beauty of history.

Tiana Reid

Folk Music That Bends Time and Space

The songs on Jessica Pratt’s new album Quiet Signs seem to exist in a tranquil place just outside reality.

Olivia Horn

AIPAC and Anti-semitism

What Ilhan Omar Said About AIPAC Was Right

I’m ashamed to admit that endorsing AIPAC positions was all about the Benjamins for me and my candidate.

Ady Barkan

The Maddening, Baffling, Exhausting Endurance of Anti-Semitism

In an age of conspiracy theories, what chance do we have against the oldest conspiracy theory of all?

Talia Lavin

This Is How AIPAC Really Works

An AIPAC and Capitol Hill veteran explains the lobby’s tactics of reward and retribution.

M.J. Rosenberg

Watch and Listen

Listen: Cubs Ownership Has a Racism Problem

Julie DiCaro and Bijan Bayne join the show to talk Cubs e-mails and Frank Robinson’s legacy.

February 11, 2019

Watch: This Is How We Win

It’s time to bring back the power of the strike. 

January 8, 2019

View: Portraits From the Exodus

Members of the migrant caravans, stranded in Tijuana, explain why they traveled thousands of miles from their homes.

December 14, 2018


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Take Action Now: Say NO to the Trans Service Ban

Protect trans rights by calling your senators and attending allyship courses.

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