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Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Egypt Is on a Precipice

Morsi's latest power play has sparked the largest uprisings in Egypt since Mubarak was ousted.

Michael T. Klare: Romney's Extremist Energy Plan

Mitt Romney's energy plan would roll back 50 years of environmental protections.

Yehuda Shaul: Breaking the Silence on Occupied Palestine

Breaking the Silence collects testimonies from Israeli soldiers who served or are serving in the occupied territories.

Pedro Noguera: Beyond the Chicago Teachers Union Strike

Unions need to be at the forefront of improving public education across the country.

Astra Taylor: Your Debt Is Not Your Fault!

Occupy activists are moving debt from the personal to the political. 

Howard Dean: The Case for Obama

The former DNC chair predicts an Obama victory, says the future of the Supreme Court at stake.

John Nichols: Will the RNC Be a Success for the GOP?

The Republican National Convention in Tampa will give the Democrats plenty to respond to in Charlotte next week.

Sharif Abdel Kouddous: Life in a Syrian Town Under Siege

Indiscriminate shelling is a daily reality in Zabadani, where nonviolent protests turned to guns after the regime began killing protesters.

Robert Reich: Mitt Romney's Casino Capitalism

Romney and his kind turned much of our economy into a betting parlor—how did he ever become a serious candidate for the presidency?

Steve Wasserman: Amazon.com's Takeover

As a bookseller, Amazon has left no corner of the publishing world untouched. What will happen as it ventures into publishing original content?