decade in review

This F#$%ing Decade

For years, media and political elites refused to acknowledge the growing racism and radicalism of the Republican party. Their “both-sidesism” led to Trump’s GOP takeover.

Joan Walsh

This Was the Decade of Feminist Uprisings in Latin America

The “green wave” emerged in response to staggering rates of femicide, and then began mounting challenges to the highly restrictive abortion laws in the region.

Zoë Carpenter

A Decade That Changed the Nation

A look back on the stories that shaped the past 10 years, and helped inform the fight for a more radical and equitable future.

Katrina vanden Heuvel and D.D. Guttenplan



It Has Been 210 Days Since Amanda Morales Last Saw the Sun

For the undocumented mother of three, taking sanctuary in a church seemed the best way to keep her family together.
Cinthya Santos Briones, Laura Gottesdiener and Malav Kanuga

The last time Amanda Morales walked outside—breathed the air, observed the sky, felt the pavement beneath her feet—it was summer: August 17, 2017, to be exact. The day was sparkling, the temperature hovering in the low 80s, and if Amanda’s life hadn’t been upended a few weeks earlier by a… Continue Reading >


What’s Killing America’s Black Infants?

Racism is fueling a national health crisis.

Zoë Carpenter

Black Life and Death in the Age of Obama

His presidency saw new opportunities for black Americans—as well as the resurgence of white supremacy.

Kai Wright

Can Black Lives Matter Win in the Age of Trump?

You could be forgiven for thinking the movement has gone quiet. But you’d be wrong.

Dani McClain

special investigation

Why Are Children Working in American Tobacco Fields?

Young farm workers are falling ill from “green tobacco sickness” while the industry denies it and government lets it happen.
Gabriel Thompson

This article was reported in partnership with the Investigative Fund of the Nation Institute. The air was heavy and humid on the morning the three Cuello sisters joined their mother in the tobacco fields. The girls were dressed in jeans and long-sleeve shirts, carried burritos wrapped in aluminum foil, and… Continue Reading >

reporting out the movements

The Audacity of Occupy Wall Street

The protesters have put their faith in the last seemingly credible force in the world: each other.

Richard Kim

Since Trump’s Victory, Democratic Socialists of America Has Become a Budding Political Force

Why an army of young people is joining DSA.

Anna Heyward

Indivisible Is Working Hard to Live Up to Its Name

Activists mobilized by this grassroots group had one thing in common: They wanted to fight Trump. Can they agree on what comes next?

Joan Walsh


What Happened to Sandra Bland?

To answer that question, you must begin way before she died in a Texas jail.

Debbie Nathan


Did Republicans Rig the Election?

Voter suppression was all too real, and 14 states—including important swing states—had new voting restrictions in place.

Ari Berman


Librarians Versus the NSA

Your local library is on the front lines against government surveillance.

Zoë Carpenter

Loving the Puget Sound to Death

Four decades after the passage of the Clean Water Act, regulators haven’t kept up with the pollution pressure that growing populations put on America’s shorelines.

Madeline Ostrander

How Private Contractors Have Created a Shadow NSA

A new cybersecurity elite moves between government and private practice, taking state secrets with them.

Tim Shorrock


After #Ferguson

The protests that followed the police shooting of Michael Brown created a network of youth in revolt.

Steven Hsieh and Raven Rakia


The New Abolitionism

Averting planetary disaster will mean forcing fossil fuel companies to give up at least $10 trillion in wealth.

Chris Hayes


The Workers Who Bring You Black Friday

My life as a temp in California’s Inland Empire, the belly of the online shopping beast.

Gabriel Thompson

The call from the temp agency comes in late October. I’ve passed the drug test, cleared the background check, sat down for a quick interview—“Can you lift fifty-pound boxes?”—and completed a worksheet of basic math problems. Now there’s a job. A warehouse just outside the city of Ontario, about forty...

Continue Reading >


The Making of the 99%

With the Occupy movement, what started as a diffuse protest against economic injustice became a vast experiment in class building.

Barbara Ehrenreich and John Ehrenreich

Mitt Romney's Bailout Bonanza

How Mitt and Ann made millions—and Mitt’s hedge fund donors made billions—from the auto-industry rescue that he condemned.

Greg Palast

The Fox News Effect

This is your brain on two weeks of non-stop Fox News.

Marvin Kitman