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After reading the "Noted" column in the print edition (7/14/08), I looked for it online and had to do a bit of searching--it certainly is not prominently featured. I point this out only to "note" the obvious discrepancy between the prominence of your Obama cheerleading articles and the small print foot"notes", as it were, of any criticism of The Nation's chosen candidate. The contrast is "notable" and clearly "denotes" the grudging nature of your admission that Obama is not all, nor frankly even close, to what he was, or is, purported to be.

I do, however, appreciate this small token--as those of us who support a truly progressive candidate are not used to receiving even these small crumbs of doubt from the banquet table of the Progressive Media (PM). Perhaps someday the PM will finally have the courage of its convictions and support the person who would truly advance the causes it purports to champion.

Until then those of us in small print will continue to support our own "faith-based initiatives" and "hope" for better things from the media which claim to be ours.

S. Hammond

North Syracuse, NY

Jul 2 2008 - 8:13pm