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Will you or I stand up?

Talk is cheap. Writing articles about what someone else should or could do is possibly cheaper. Who consumes most of the "energy" in this nation? Has any of the rhetoric put forth by the president stirred the consumer to action? I don't think so. The fact that most of the oil-producing nations have also produced some of the most harden anti-US minds in the world means nothing. On any given day just observe the energy consuming habits of the "average" citizen. While you are at it, you had better look both ways when crossing a boulevard. The vehicles are quieter, faster and just as lethal as ever. The petrol stations are serving up that motion lotion at record rates. In my neighborhood on refuse pick-up day, you can count the recycled buckets almost on two hands. There are 100 homes. Voters consistently turn down efforts to either enhance or expand "public" transit—guess we prefer our more gas-efficient SUVs and sleek cars with satellite sound systems. Oh, by the way, isn't driving and owning a car a rite of passage? We encourage riding bikes only though middle-school age. Check-out student parking at any school from high school to college.

The president? Change starts inside the home. I am a few months shy of my 65th birthday, and I don't see any drastic change in the minds and hearts of the people in my region or on my block.The nation's leader has to ride in a vehicle nicknamed the Beast. No one is mad...

Walter Smith


Jun 9 2010 - 8:14am