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Youth Guidance Counselors: Essential Help

Thank you, Katha Pollitt, for listing Youth Guidance in your article about giving. I am a teacher in Chicago public schools and taught in a school on the West Side that had Youth Guidance counselors. This is a social service agency that is privately funded and receives no money from CPS. Many school counselors are serving 1,000-plus students. Schools do not have social workers, so for schools like mine, Youth Guidance was a most important and integral part of our school community. Ninety-five percent of the students at my school were living at or below the poverty line, and for many of them I often wondered how they got out bed every morning and came to school. Our Youth Guidance counselors made such a positive impact on students and the school culture. They are absolutely worthy of being supported through our donations.

Claire Falk

Chicago, IL

Jan 5 2013 - 7:27am