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Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man

Monsanto’s minions in our government

Your reporter just wrote a long-winded article on Monsanto and Mitt Romney, which took up a bit of his time to write. What concerns me is that your reporter neglected to point out where many of Mansanto’s people are working today. And why not write about how the American people’s food source is killing them and their families?

In the article written by Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of Organic Consumers Association and posted July 11, 2010 at 8:47 pm, “The Unholy Alliance: Monsanto, Dupont & Obama,” Cummins states that “Michael Taylor, former Monsanto Vice President, is now the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods” and “Roger Beachy, former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, is now the director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.”

Shouldn’t this be more of a concern for Wayne Barrett, as well as every American, since we are about to place our votes for another presidential term? The time to wake up and take note on what’s happening now—the real news.

Shannon Scott

Fort Myers, FL

Oct 16 2012 - 7:48pm

Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man

Monsanto grains found toxic and cancerigenous in two-year study

For firsthand information, go to the “Food and Chemical Toxicity” website, then click on “Articles in Press.” The article was the fourth on that list by September 22.

Pierre Aubry


Sep 23 2012 - 11:41am