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Nation Conversations features exclusive audio of Nation forums, events, seminars and salons.

Nation Conversations: Roane Carey and William Greider on the Housing Crisis's 'Death Spiral'

The only way out of our national mortgage crisis is through widespread debt forgiveness.

Nation Conversations: Roane Carey and Ari Berman on the Rise of the Austerity Class

Why do austerity measures remain so popular within the beltway while the overwhelming evidence in the rest of the country points to the fact that such measures increase unemployment and hinder economic growth?

Nation Conversations: Katrina vanden Heuvel and Jonathan Steele on Afghanistan's Future

Ten years into the US occupation of Afghanistan, how can we effectively and humanely end an unwinnable war?

Nation Conversations: Liliana Segura and Laurie Penny on Hacktivism and Social Change

From the Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, 2011 will be remembered as a year of youthful mass movements and popular revolts—none of which could have occurred without the surreptitious help of computer hacktivists.

Nation Conversations: Betsy Reed and Anna Lappé on the Global Food Movement

It's been forty years since food activism became a global phenomenon, and the social and environmental goals of the movement are more pressing than ever.

Nation Conversations: Roane Carey and John Nichols on Rick Perry's War on Democracy

Why is one of the leading Republican candidates for president trying to stop the direct election of senators?

Nation Conversations: Betsy Reed and Arun Kundnani on Surveillance of Muslim-Americans

The American government is currently employing counterterrorism strategies against Muslim communities here in the United States that were first developed by the military for use abroad.

Nation Conversations: Nada Alwadi on Bahrain's Government Crackdown

During her time reporting on the protest movement, Alwadi was detained by authorities in Bahrain and forced to sign a statement saying that she wouldn't write about or engage in political activities.

Nation Conversations: Roane Carey and Stephen Glain on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Within Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, tension between the group's younger and older generations is growing.

Nation Conversations: George Zornick and Robert Pollin: Why Do Ratings Agencies Matter?

Why did Standard & Poor's take the seemingly radical step of downgrading the US government's credit rating, and how do ratings agencies wield such power in the first place?