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Lyric NationPoets who have been published in The Nation reading selections of their work.

Daniel Bouchard

Three Poems by Daniel Bouchard

"Onderdunk Road," "The Apartment," "The Fancy Memory" 

Thomas Sayers Ellis

Three Poems by Thomas Sayers Ellis

"Mr. Dynamite Splits," "Or," "My Meter is Percussive"

Jordan Davis

Three Poems by Jordan Davis

"Jazz As a Way of Life," "Narragansett," "Ira Will Not Be Attending the Meeting"

Rae Armantrout

Three Poems by Rae Armantrout

"Framing," "Soft Money," "Accounts"

Three Poems by Benjamin Friedlander

"Cats Can," "Anchor Baby," "Chick Flick"

Devin Johnston

Three Poems by Devin Johnston

"Set Apart," "Early April," "Marco Polo"

Ange Mlinko

Three Poems by Ange Mlinko

"After Sappho (The Volcano)," "The Children's Museum," "Threading the Q"

Jeffrey Yang

Three Poems by Jeffrey Yang

"Abalone," "Eel," "Greed's Prisoner"

Three Poems by Nathaniel Mackey

"Parlay Cheval Ou," excerpt from "Lone Coast Anacrusis," "Song of the Andoumboulou: 77"

Three Poems by Jennifer Moxley

"The Logic of Survival," "On the Face of It," "The Quest"