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The Breakdown With Chris Hayes

In his articles for The Nation and his commentary for MSNBC, Chris Hayes is one of the best at explanatory journalism. In this weekly podcast, Hayes explains one big idea from the week in the politics, helping listeners make sense of Washington, D.C.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: What Is the True Cost of BP's Oil Spill?

As images of oil-drenched coastlines and stories of devastated industries and families flood the airwaves, how can we begin to reckon the real magnitude of the damage?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Can the US Government Assassinate You?

The Obama Administration has authorized the killing of American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Awlaki. If the administration can kill US citizens without due process, where does the slippery slope end?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: What Are Derivatives?

The Senate recently defeated an attempt to weaken crucial regulations on derivatives. Why and how should derivatives be regulated?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Will Financial Reform End Bailouts?

The Senate has finally opened debate on Dodd's financial regulatory reform bill. Will the bill end bailout--or just reinforce a broken system?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: The SEC Has Charged Goldman Sachs With...What?

The SEC has filed a civil suit against Goldman Sachs for their role in exacerbating the sub-prime mortgage crisis by producing risky investment options. On this week's The Breakdown, Hayes discusses the case with blogger, author and economist Simon Johnson.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Could the Massey Mine Disaster Have Been Prevented?

Christopher Hayes asks Ken Ward Jr, renowned reporter for the Charleston Gazette, whether this grave incident could be the catalyst for mine safety reform and regulator empowerment.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: What Will Student Loan Reform Do?

Largely overshadowed by Healthcare's passage, student loan reform promises big changes to the current bank-based lending system. This week, The Breakdown with Christopher Hayes and education Policy Analyst Ben Miller, dissect these changes and explain how they will effect college students, past, present and future.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: An Unconstitutional Mandate?

Fourteen states have filed suit challenging the healthcare overhaul, particularly the individual mandate, as unconstitutional. Christopher Hayes asks Columbia law professor Gillian Metzger whether this argument holds up.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Will Dodd's Financial Reform Bill Protect Consumers?

This week on The Breakdown: The time for comprehensive financial reform and consumer protection has finally come. Christopher Hayes asks Demos's Heather McGhee, does Dodd's financial reform package deliver?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: How Does Incumbency Affect Elections?

If incumbents are running scared, what does that mean for the phenomenon of the incumbency effect?