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The wordplay is the definition… literally!

Pushing this country forward takes more than a sympathetic president.

The attack in Paris was all about polarizing the French and European public. 

It took MLK’s activism and LBJ’s leadership to pass the Voting Rights Act.

The Nation has had many Nobel Prize winners contribute to our pages over the years. But we have had only one staff member who went on to win the Prize.

Not even the conservative media could connect the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris to #BlackLivesMatter protests in New York City… could they?

In his appearance on The John Batchelor Show, Stephen Cohen exposes an “astonishing piece of media malpractice” by The New York Times.

Support Jeffrey Sterling and help resist the Obama administration’s attacks on whistleblowers.

Police must be taught that the power entrusted to them is not theirs to use or abuse as they see fit.

He was a fighter for social justice for sixty-five years.

Warren’s focus on the structural problems with the American economy staked out a clear line dividing the moderate and progressive wings of the Democratic party.

Dr. Steven Salaita

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement has a long way to go, but recent endorsements show it’s getting somewhere.

The former activist and New York public advocate discusses his first year as mayor.

To fix social problems, we need to stop looking to marriage, and start creating more equitable public policy.

From plummeting petroleum prices to political unrest, it has been decades since the fortunes of the kingdom were so much in doubt.