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Recently it seems discussion on culture goes well beyond careless epithet and into a land with no common ground.

On June 27, 1905, William "Big Bill" Haywood exhorted
an audience in Chicago's Brand Hall to organize one big union, seize the
means of production and emancipate the workers of the world "from

When the truth comes out in Iraq, America's
grotesque misadventure there will be brought to a close.

Government employees should never have to choose between
their conscience and their career.

The media has ignored prisoner deaths
suffered at American hands.

Where is the public's outrage over corruption in US
finance and banking?

Victor Navasky and E.L. Doctorow discuss the importance of dissenting publications.

An effective progressive movement must start in cities.

She was a saint, Renée Zellweger, with her brave chin all
a-tremble, never saying a harsh word to her husband no matter how the
little ones wheezed and shivered in the cruel, cruel cold,

The California governor's campaign to pass a series of ballot initiatives is off to a rocky start.

So, with the heaving sound of an old tree suddenly splitting apart in a storm, the labor movement is finally breaking up. Last weekend the SEIU executive board authorized its leadership to leave the AFL-CIO.

Today, the five unions now comprising the Change To Win Coalition (CTWC)--along with SEIU, the Teamsters, United Food and Commercial Workers, Laborers, and UNITE HERE--meet to form what amounts to a rival federation, whether they all formally leave the AFL-CIO or not. These unions' collective 5 million membership represents 40 percent of the AFL-CIO's 13 million total. If the mammoth 2.7 million member National Education Association aligns with the effort, CTWC will hold exactly half of all union members in the United States.

The avowed basis of the break is a fundamental disagreement on strategy, often depicted as a choice by the insurgents of organizing over politics. This is misleading. Many of the unions remaining in the federation are every bit as committed as the CTWC group to organizing new union members. And some CTWC unions, particularly SEIU, are keenly aware of the importance of politics in increasing union membership. The fight is really about consolidation and political focus. SEIU has argued that the current practice of having several unions competing in single industrial sectors--"15 separate organizations in transportation, 15 in construction, 13 in public employment, 9 in manufacturing, and so on"--defeats the scaled effort needed to take on business in today's climate. It wants to compel fewer, bigger, more clearly sectorally-based unions, as in northern Europe. And it has argued that labor must find ways to mobilize support outside itself, chiefly through more engagement in state and local politics.

The death of Lebanese journalist Samir Kassir is a terrible blow to the cause of Arab freedom.

The White House knew more than it let on as it played the Pat Tillman story for political benefit.

Michael Jackson has been acquitted on the ten charges of child molestation and related wrongs that were brought against the self-proclaimed "King of Pop."

So what!

That's right, "So what!"

During the most heated moments of the Watergate scandal, W. Mark Felt was assigned the mission of unearthing and stopping Deep Throat.

Tim Robbins discusses Embedded, his play based on the Iraq war.

I posted this on my personal blog at www.davidcorn.com and thought I should share it here as well.

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Opposition to Wal-Mart in a community can invigorate progressive politics and expose entrenched politicians as vision-free hacks.

What does today's culture of television and video games say
about society?

The US government employed jazz musicians as ambassadors to
the world during the cold war.