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Election 2016

Bernie Sanders and His Supporters Should Do What the Democratic Party Won’t: Advocate for Candidates of Color

By focusing on supporting progressive leaders and organizations of color, they could make a mark that lasts long beyond 2016.

Steve Phillips

Meet Two Women Tackling Misogyny in Sports Journalism

Sports journalists Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro asked men to read aloud the misogynistic messages they receive online in order to increase awareness of harassment.

Dave Zirin

A Western Company Could Finally Be Held Accountable for the Rana Plaza Disaster

Three years after the factory collapse in Bangladesh, a Canadian court is hearing a case that could award the victims up to $2 billion in damages.

Michelle Chen
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Black lives matter

The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Most Visible on Twitter. Its True Home Is Elsewhere.

For the movement to survive, it needs to focus on work that doesn’t lend itself to 140 characters.

Dani McClain

What Happened to Sandra Bland?

To answer that question, you must begin way before she died in a Texas jail.

Debbie Nathan

Five Books: These Histories of Black Struggle Should Inform Us in 2016

Essential reading.

Dani McClain

Election 2016

Trump Might Be Able to Beat Hillary, if He Weren’t Such a Misogynist

The now-presumptive nominee just doesn’t know how to talk about women.

George Zornick

Can Anyone Drive Women Voters to Clinton Better Than Trump? Try Cruz–Fiorina

With stunning political incompetence, the right-wing senator introduced his unpopular female running mate, and made her look like his nanny.

Joan Walsh

The Lesson for Progressives in Bernie’s Pennsylvania Loss

The primary unmasked once again the very real racial rift in Sanders’s support—and in progressive politics.

D.D. Guttenplan
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Books & the Arts

America’s Long Hangover

How did Prohibition turn into a law-enforcement extravaganza?

Beverly Gage

Can an Unfinished Piece of Art Also Be Complete?

An exhibit at the Met Breuer explores the differences between completing and finishing an artwork.

Barry Schwabsky

Arthur Miller’s Chameleon Play

Over the past 63 years, The Crucible has taken on myriad new meanings. But the real lesson is that some things never really change.

Alina Cohen

Watch and Listen

Listen: Start Making Sense: Could Donald Trump Actually Win Some of Bernie’s Supporters?

Plus, why Trump loves talking about “political correctness,” and what makes Prince a gay icon.

April 28, 2016

Listen: There Goes the Neighborhood, Episode 7: When You Go to School With Gentrifiers

14-year-old Corrine Bobb-Semple has lived in Bed-Stuy her whole life. Her classmates haven’t.

April 20, 2016

Listen: Start Making Sense: Yes, Hillary Could Lose to Trump

Plus Amy Wilentz on Hillary and Haiti, and the Pulitzer-Prize winning novel about Vietnam.

April 21, 2016
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Take Action

After New York’s Disastrous Primary, It’s Time to Demand Better Voting Laws

During this year’s presidential primary, New Yorkers across the state discovered something that voting rights advocates have been saying for years: New York’s elections are a mess.

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