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  • December 23, 2002

    Russell Simmons’s Rap

    Russell Simmons, known for decades as Rush to his friends, is of average height and build for a man his age (45), with a cleanshaven face, bald dome and light complexion.

    Miles Marshall Lewis

  • December 23, 2002

    Holy Rock ‘n’ Rollers

    In Hicksville, Long Island, on any given Sunday afternoon, pierced and tattooed teenagers in black clothing gather to listen and watch as groups of kids like themselves tear their fingertips on

    Lauren Sandler

  • December 23, 2002

    Fear of a Punk Planet

    The Chicago-based magazine Punk Planet--nominated for the past two years in Utne Reader's Alternate Press Awards for "General Excellence," along with such better-heeled competitio

    Ivan Kreilkamp

  • December 23, 2002

    Kathleen Hanna’s Fire

    On the self-titled debut record by punk/dance band Le Tigre, there's a short song called "Eau d'Bedroom Dancing" that pays tribute to the timeless tradition of spinning around one's bedroom, al

    Hillary Frey

  • December 23, 2002

    A Sorry Lott

    Trent Lott has grudgingly relinquished his grip on the Senate majority leader post, but that doesn't mean that the Republican Party has purged "the spirit of Jefferson Davis" that Lott famously

    the Editors

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  • December 23, 2002

    Empire of the Air

    Kristin Thomson, Michael Bracy and Peter DiCola also contributed to this article.

    Jenny Toomey

  • December 23, 2002

    Blind Sweeps Return

    They say history repeats itself. But usually not quite so quickly.

    David Cole

  • December 23, 2002

    Sweet Soul Music

    As Trent Lott struggled to "repudiate" segregation fifty years after it was outlawed, about the only point he left out of his incoherent counterattack is that he was a soul-music fan.

    Gene Santoro

  • December 23, 2002

    Innocent Abroad

    I went to a reception the other night to celebrate the efforts of a group called the Innocence Project, which provides legal assistance to prisoners for whom the technology of DNA testing may n

    Joyce Maynard

  • December 23, 2002

    Tap Roots

    It's a shame that Savion Glover is trying so hard to hide from the world, because he's the greatest tap dancer who ever breathed.

    Diane Rafferty