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Where's your story on Thailand?

I am puzzled as to why I find nothing on the events in Thailand in The Nation, not even in searches. We have a major movement to end/lessen inequality that is no doubt a focus for activists in many other "developing" countries. Not quite a velvet revolution, as violence escalates from the military as well as the protesters. Dozens of buildings in Bangkok and other cities are in flames, including the largest mall in the country, as well as banks and city halls. Why is this story not top of the page on The Nation? Too confusing? Are you perhaps thinking it's nothing but the manipulations of former Premier Toxic Thaksin from his hiding place overseas? Please adjust your radar and, especially, scan to see how other countries are responding. Is this perhaps the first of a series of movements against enormous inequality in the world? Thanks for all else you do so well!

Ernest Lowe

Santa Rosa, CA

May 19 2010 - 7:23pm