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Not racism

In the US, we call these people “illegal immigrants.” Imagine for a moment what any other country would do in the same situation: throw open its borders? It’s not racism. Israel has the same obligation as any nation to protect its borders; it does not owe masses of migrants shelter and jobs, no matter how pitiable their circumstances. I suggest that everyone denouncing Israel for deporting (with a substantial cash allowance!) its illegal immigrants step up to the plate themselves to feed, shelter and clothe these tens of thousands of people walking across Africa and across Israel’s borders. Or maybe spend all the energy they currently use to denounce Israel in denouncing all the war-torn regimes they fled, or the Islamic countries who won’t have them.

Diana Dubrawsky

Washington, DC

Jan 31 2014 - 8:10am

Not a democracy

We Non-Zionist moral Jews can tell you without fear that Israel is not a democracy. In a democracy, you do not divide up neighborhoods by religion, nor do you need permission to marry from a group of rabbis. In a democracy, there are no Warsaw Ghetto–type walls separating people by race and religion. In a democracy, you do not allow groups of men to physically and verbally attack women because of religious bigotry and misogyny. In a democracy, you do not build concentration camps to starve the children of your enemies, nor do you demonize them. Israel is as far from a democracy as any fascist state.

Lilly Munster


Dec 13 2013 - 9:56pm

Selective focus

Israel’s economy is burdened by its need to provide safety to its citizens while being surrounded by every neighboring country that want her demise. In spite of this, illegal Africans were permitted to enter and live in Israel. None of Israel’s neighbors did the same. However, the Africans have become an economic and safety burden on Israel.The crime rate has risen. There has been thievery, rapes and even murders. Israel has offered Africans each $5,000 to leave Israel. This is a generous amount of money for people who never saw this amount money in their native country. Why have you chosen to select Israel to question her democratic values?

Francine Lashinsky

Queens, New York

Nov 11 2013 - 12:57pm

Thanks for the eye-opening video

Thank you for enlightening the world on the current practice in Israel. As a Jewish youth, I appreciate knowing what people I tend with identify do wrong. As a curious person, I wonder how this could have gone on without my knowledge—are we really this blind? Is this kept from coming to our attention. I found the editing of the footage phenomenal. Obviously, I know and understand your stance on the topic at hand, but you do not try to brainwash with bias. You let people decide on their own, given all information. It saddens me that some will never understand the truth, but it makes me happy when others such as yourselves attempt to broaden our understanding, and learning. With great admiration,

Joyce Banks

Washington, DC

Oct 21 2013 - 11:16pm