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Fact-check on Catholic theology

I agree with this author that nothing will change. However, I am curious, why does he peddle an incorrect notion of the teaching of papal infallibility? Most Catholics know that the pope is not infallible, and that only “ex cathedra” pronouncements are considered to be infallible by the church (and apparently there have been only three ever, the last being the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 1800s). Even if they don’t understand the theology, Catholics know that the Catholic Church does not teach that the pope generally is infallible. Why continue to perpetuate the false premise that the Catholics view the pope himself as infallible in everything he teaches? Further, while I disagree with many church teachings, the author acts like it’s obvious that the church is wrong about nearly everything it teaches, but he presents it more like fact than opinion.

Michael Gottsch

Philadelphia, PA

Feb 21 2013 - 11:44am

Consigned to perdition!

Anyone has a right to an opinion, and Mr. Kisling, your opinion is wrong. Your work is devoid of any scholarship and you will be held accountable for the words you have set out from your forked fingers. I am betting that the forked tongue would show itself in conversation.

It seems that there are quite a few apostates in this fractured world. It is time that you be labeled. rebuked, and marked for “what you really are and what you really believe.” You are not courageous, clever or even coherent. Get together with Gary Wills and have a few laughs while you can.

Your career and personal life will take a nosedive and your livelihood will be threatened, and you will think that is is “just the way it is.” Any reader that thinks you are credible will also be tainted by the stain of your filth.

I suggest that you write about Wall Street, politics, or the contents of the sewers because that’s is what is in your mind.

Take a deep breath and savor the aroma!

J.A. Aurigema

Mentor, OH

Feb 20 2013 - 7:22am

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