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Sex, Lies and the DSK Case


I enjoyed this article and its reasoning, especially as somebody who was originally livid when I heard the case was being dropped. But there is a factual inaccuracy in the fourth paragraph: “The fact that she falsely claimed on her asylum application to have been gang-raped in Guinea probably wasn’t enough to doom the case—she might still have presented herself quite sympathetically as a desperate refugee fleeing a war zone—but there were other things undermining her credibility.” Ms. Diallo never mentioned the rape in her asylum application; she told prosecutors that her asylum application claimed the alleged rape, but it did not. From the June 30 New York Times article “Strauss-Kahn Prosecution Said to Be Near Collapse”: “In addition, one of the officials said, she told investigators that her application for asylum included mention of a previous rape, but there was no such account in the application.” Best from a former Nation intern,

George Warner

Brooklyn, NY

Sep 3 2011 - 2:07pm