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Repression in the United Arab Emirates

We don't need their oil

Oil or no oil, I am not interested in supporting any government that attacks its own people. I think it is past time for the United States to, militarily, pull out of the Middle East. Properly managed, we have enough natural resources to be energy independent. I have solar panels on my roof, and do not have any bills for electricity. I drive a hybrid car, which is charged by a small gasoline engine. This engine could be flex fueled to use biofuels.

When I was a kid in Louisiana, they grew a lot of sugar cane, which is what Brazil uses as a biofuel for its cars. If the Middle East wants cut off our oil supplies, that will only encourage us to look for alternative energy sources. I also want our independent national economy back, along with energy independence!


I think the Globalized economy is about to implode. When the American and European consumer based economies disappears with the jobs that supported them, it has to go bust. It will also effect the emerging markets who are still betting on "Free Trade" to support their industrial base. This week on "Quest Means Business", China is building a brand new port city near Peking. The Chinese jobs that supported trade will be lost, and the Chinese economy will take a major hit. If they had concentrated on internal development, they would have kept on growing!

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Jun 3 2011 - 4:22pm