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After Budget Showdown, Women Under the Bus

Can anyone explain why women make up 51 percent of our population, yet they lack political influence representative of one-half of our population? How about a third party of women?

Andrew Strasser

Long Beach, NY

Apr 24 2011 - 12:21pm

After Budget Showdown, Women Under the Bus

Obama is a sell-out and a fake

This is an excellent summation of what is happening to women. I might even suggest that we renew our efforts for the Equal Rights Amendment, but if we couldn't get it ratified under Carter, there is no chance with Obama.

My one reservation about your writing is that you do blame the Republicans but forget how Democrats and the head Democrat, Obama, are simply going right along with the Republicans. Obama is not a feminist or a progressive. That is quite obvious after two and a half years of watching him sell us out.

He is a clever man and he is simply not a bad negotiator. He is after all a Harvard-trained lawyer and no doubt he learned his lessons on setting up an argument and rebuttal. He never uses those skills for the American people at all, only for corporations and the über-rich.

I am sick of people defending the indefensible. He is getting exactly what he set out to do. He was also very sneaky at setting up the American people to vote for him and is now setting us up again for 2012. AS Glenn Greenwald notes, Obama actually wants to distance himself from his former base. That is good for his image as a right-centrist.

I wish The Nation and other progressive publications would expose him for what he is. A fake. He has been more dangerous than either Bill Clinton, who caused the world economic meltdown. or George W. Bush, who did back off on privatizing Social Security. All Bush's other egregious errors have since been adopted by Obama, but worse. Obama even condones the assassination of Americans. Bush did not go that far.

I don't believe for one minute that Obama will try to save the social programs that keep millions alive and off the streets; if he does, it is only until he wins in 2012.

He needs to be exposed for what he is. Americans are mad at him, but they don't know the half of it.

Barbara Crowley

Boulder, CO

Apr 18 2011 - 12:39am