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Air America did not simply die off at the hands of a "right-wing media machine."

Air America did not simply die off at the hands of a "right-wing media machine." While there's no denying such a contraption exists, this was not the only impetus for Air America Radio's failure. At its outset the network was stocked with progressive voices (Mike Malloy, Sam Seder, Janeane Garafalo), which served to energize progressive voters, and breed organized and focused progressive activists in everywhere USA. People like myself listened religiously and looked forward to the daily energy refill necessary to overcome stagnation. And I would still have paid for Air America if my favorite hosts weren't plucked off one by one by Mark Green when the network was bankrupt the first time.

There came a time when the network, like Democracy for America (DFA) in '06 and Obama for America (OFA) in '08, decided there was a choice: disassociate with progressives and become more mainstream or utilize populist power at every opportunity to support a progressive movement's successful take over. Blaming Republicans alone will never spur the energy necessary for social change to take hold. Blaming political parties and their corporate ties in general, however, might be our best crack at proving "Yes, We Can."

Rachel Dawn Fudim-Davis

Teaneck, NJ

Feb 21 2010 - 1:09pm