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The Breakdown With Chris Hayes

In his articles for The Nation and his commentary for MSNBC, Chris Hayes is one of the best at explanatory journalism. In this weekly podcast, Hayes explains one big idea from the week in the politics, helping listeners make sense of Washington, D.C.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: What Can The Federal Reserve Do for You?

Matthew Yglesias joins Chris Hayes to explain the vital role the Fed plays in managing the health of the economy.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Are Antitrust Laws a Thing of the Past?

With AT&T's announcement that it will buy T-Mobile, the wireless industry goes from four major carriers to three. Does anyone care about antitrust laws anymore?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Is the US Military Action in Libya Unconstitutional?

Members of Congress on both sides of the aisle have started questioning the constitutionality of Obama's announcement that the US will pursue military operations in Libya.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Why Are Public Pensions 'Unfunded'?

In their assault on public sector workers, Republicans continue to point to so-called "unfunded" pension programs as a symbol of broken government. But how did the pensions become unfunded in the first place?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: How Can Obama Help Organized Labor?

With no help likely to come from Congress, Dorian Warren and Chris Hayes ask: what can Obama, his National Labor Relations Board appointees and Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis do to promote labor organizing?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Do Corporations Deserve 'Personhood'?

The Supreme Court recently ruled in FCC v AT&T that corporations cannot claim a right to personal privacy under the Constitution. Will that decision affect past cases that affirmed corporate personhood, like Citizens United?

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Why Aren't Corporations Paying Their Taxes?

With pressure for deficit reduction mounting on both sides of the aisle, will legislators go after uncollected corporate taxes? Christopher Hayes asks David Cay Johnston why this revenue stream is off the agenda.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Is the Federal Deficit Actually Bad for Our Economy?

Would getting rid of the federal deficit be the silver bullet for our ailing economy? Robert Pollin explains why the standard arguments against deficit spending don't tell the whole truth.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: In an Age of Austerity, Can't the US Cut the Military Budget?

The US maintains the most expansive and expensive military on the planet. On this week's edition of The Breakdown, D.C. Editor Chris Hayes and Institute for Policy Studies Research Fellow Miriam Pemberton discuss just how much the US could afford to cut Pentagon spending while maintaining its status as the dominant military force in the world.

Christopher Hayes

The Breakdown: Why Is Egypt in Revolt?

Rampant corruption and arbitrary imprisonment, a senseless bureaucracy, a financially destitute majority and police-led torture of civilians—these are among the unbearable conditions that have spawned a people’s revolt in Egypt.