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Drones have taken on a life of their own in popular culture.

Must art confront ugly realities with an ugliness of its own?

Swagger and survival in Foxcatcher and Red Army

Ebooks - Molly Ivins

News and Analysis

Keith Raniere

The lawsuit filed by the NXIVM company against a Vanity Fair writer and a local reporter invokes the same computer hacking law used against Aaron Swartz. 


The US military continues a long series of mistakes, missteps, and mishaps across Africa.

Obama and Geithner

The trouble started when the party abandoned its working-class base.

Anonymous Supporters

A look behind the mask reveals a naïve techno-utopianism.

The election results reflect a complex reality; the press prefers simple narratives.

Democrat Anthony Brown

How else can we explain voters who chose Mitch McConnell senators and Elizabeth Warren policies?

oil rig

Prepare for the new Republican majority to speed the exploitation of the country’s oil, coal and natural gas reserves.

Bloody Egyptian Flag

A sense of malaise plagues activist circles, with energies largely spent supporting the thousands in prison.

Guantánamo Protester

As the UN Committee Against Torture meets in Geneva, Murat Kurnaz urges justice for those detained and tortured at Guantánamo.



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Tom Tomorrow

What Sexual Harassment? Read more››

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