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Snowpiercer mocks what The Lego Movie cheers—a happy world of compulsory production.

For Francis Fukuyama and John Dunn, our democratic crisis is the result of an intellectual failure.


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The opening ceremony for the Center for Workforce Innovation

Richmond, Virginia, is the eleventh-most-unequal big city in the country; its leaders finally want to change that.

The “logic” of capitalist development has left a nightmare of environmental destruction in its wake.

Hart Island (Photo by cisc1970/ CC-BY-NC 2.0)

In New York and other cities, activists are pushing back against the persistence of inequality in death, as in life.

Ashraf Ghani

In the new politics of Afghanistan, the Obama administration finds itself being reduced to the status of bystander.

Langston Hughes, by Winold Reiss

The Black artist still must confront the choice between being a messenger about the community and being a pure maker of artistic product.

It’s too easy to condemn the right’s populist attacks on Muslims—especially with so many left-wing atheists and liberal hawks joining the party.

In times of dread, artists must never choose to remain silent.

If nominated, I will run. If elected, I will serve.



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Tom Tomorrow

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