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Yes, President Obama Can Still Nominate a Supreme Court Justice

The Republican presidential candidates are wrong. Supreme Court nominees can and should be confirmed in election years.

John Nichols


Mitch McConnell Wants Obama to Have a 3-Year Last Term

Just because McConnell’s insistence that Obama shouldn’t nominate a new Supreme Court justice is expected, that doesn’t make it normal. It’s outrageous.

Joan Walsh
Election 2016

Trump Says This Was His Best Debate Yet. He Might Be Right.

Time is running out for the Republicans to come up with a consensus alternative to the Greatest Shill on Earth.

D.D. Guttenplan

Thousands March in North Carolina to Protest Voter Suppression

Civil-rights activists mobilize to make their voices heard at the ballot box in 2016.

Ari Berman
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Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote

From the crime bill to welfare reform, policies Bill Clinton enacted—and Hillary Clinton supported—decimated black America.
Michelle Alexander

Hillary Clinton loves black people. And black people love Hillary—or so it seems. Black politicians have lined up in droves to endorse her, eager to prove their loyalty to the Clintons in the hopes that their faithfulness will be remembered and rewarded. Black pastors are opening their church doors, and… Continue Reading >

Election 2016

Bernie Sanders Has an Obama Problem

He needs to find a way to critique the administration without alienating black voters who are protective of the president.

Joan Walsh

Does the Rise of Trump and Sanders Turn What We Know About American Elections Upside Down?

The 2016 election has flummoxed pundits. Is it upending political science, too?

Joshua Holland

A Debate Christopher Hitchens Would Surely Have Appreciated

When Democrats debated Thursday night, the trials of Henry Kissinger were on the agenda.

John Nichols
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Visions of Obama in America's Ghettos

From churches to gas stations.

Camilo José Vergara

Anderson .Paak, Then and Now

Malibu is .Paak’s best work: a layered album that is so fun and easy to listen to that, on each return listen, you hear something new.

Matthew McKnight

In Defense of Beyoncé’s Black Panther Tribute at the Super Bowl

The right-wing backlash to her Super Bowl performance only proves how important it was.

Dave Zirin

Books & the Arts

Human Nature Shines Through

Garth Greenwell’s exquisite first novel outlines the shape of desire by filling in everything around it.

Damon Galgut

Freedom of Speech v. Civility

Does the speech of students warrant the same First Amendment protections enjoyed by adults?

Joan Wallach Scott

Escape From the DPRK

How Yeonmi Park, a North Korean defector, became a controversial globe-trotting celebrity on the stage of international human rights.

E. Tammy Kim
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Watch and Listen

Watch: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Sports Taught America That ‘Bigotry Is Not a Cool Thing’

The sports legend sits down with The Nation’s Dave Zirin.

January 29, 2016

Listen: Start Making Sense: Frank Rich on How the GOP Is Learning to Live With Donald Trump

Plus Bill McKibben on climate change, and Anna Deavere Smith on Baltimore.

January 28, 2016

View: Reclaiming Black History, One Grave at a Time

Photojournalist Brian Palmer documents the effort to restore a Virginia cemetery overtaken by trash and brush during years of official neglect.

October 15, 2015


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End Abuse in Our Privatized Immigrant-Only Prisons

A recent investigation published by The Nation found that dozens of men had died in disturbing circumstances in privatized, immigrant-only prisons. Join The Nation, the ACLU, Detention Watch Network, and Grassroots Leadership in calling on the White House to end this shadow private prison system.

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