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Snowpiercer mocks what The Lego Movie cheers—a happy world of compulsory production.

For Francis Fukuyama and John Dunn, our democratic crisis is the result of an intellectual failure.


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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The Chicago mayor’s office confirmed that Comcast advised Emanuel on how to support a proposed merger with Time Warner—but it is refusing to make the communication public.

“Stay to the end…and read everything”: 
Reporting the Iran/Contra scandal taught me everything 
I needed to know about covering Washington.

The NSA is monitoring almost all of our international communications. This is a fundamental violation of First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Hart Island in 1890 (Jacob Riis)

In New York and other cities, activists are pushing back against the persistence of inequality in death, as in life.

Ashraf Ghani

In the new politics of Afghanistan, the Obama administration finds itself being reduced to the status of bystander.

Why build rockets at all? For fun? For adventure? Or is this the same process which sends the salmon back upstream year after year to spawn and die—a subliminal urge in mankind to spread, in self-preservation, to the stars?

The Atlas Mountains

The fight between terrorism and tourism in Algeria’s Atlas Mountains.

Lili White God

War between men and dogs looms in the Budapest of White God; Ethan Hawke pays homage to New York City’s greatest piano teacher in Seymour: An Introduction.

It is time to walk away and leave the region to its own bad behavior.



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Tom Tomorrow

Ted Cruz Is Practically President Already Read more››

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