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Kevin McCarthy’s Exit Proves What We Already Know—the GOP Is Completely Dysfunctional

The Republican Party has become not only antigovernment but anti-governing.

John Nichols

Election 2016

Jeb Bush Is Completely Wrong About the Voting Rights Act

Bush says the VRA is no longer necessary, but his home state of Florida has been a hotbed of voter suppression since 2000.

Ari Berman
Campaign Finance

Did Predatory Lenders Pay These 12 Lawmakers to Hobble the CFBP?

An ethics complaint filed this week alleges that industry lobbyists and donors crossed the fuzzy line between routine fundraising and a quid pro quo arrangement.

Joshua Holland
Guns and Gun Control

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things—Like Gun Control

Gun extremists in Congress, heavily backed by weapons manufacturers and the NRA, wield wildly disproportionate influence.

the Editors
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Focus on Election 2016

These People Are the Secret to Bernie Sanders’s Success

Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a comfortable margin in New Hampshire, and he has almost caught her in nationwide fundraising. How did he do it?

D.D. Guttenplan

Hillary Clinton Is Running to Bernie Sanders’s Left on This One Issue

Clinton just came out with a tough plan to tighten gun laws. Will Sanders stick to his guns—or try a new approach?

Joan Walsh

Ben Carson Just Keeps Getting More Awful. Why?

The mild-mannered reactionary used to be the anti-Trump. Now he’s one-upping him on guns. This won’t end well.

Joan Walsh


Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Climate Justice Movement

The new American radicals know that it’s time to fight like there’s nothing left to lose but our humanity.
Wen Stephenson

This is really happening. The Arctic and the glaciers are melting. The oceans are rising and acidifying. The corals are bleaching, the great forests dying and burning. The storms and floods, the droughts and heat waves, are intensifying. The farms and savannahs are parched and drying. Nations are disappearing. People… Continue Reading >

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Books & the arts

How Patti Smith, Punk Chanteuse, Became the Irresistible Siren of Middle Age

Her latest memoir, M Train, feels guided simultaneously by determination and serendipity.

James Longenbach

Jonathan Franzen Withdraws

Why are the agonized liberals in Purity so skeptical of political conviction?

Jon Baskin

The Good, the Bad, and the Veteran

Problem-solving will only get liars and filmmakers so far.

Stuart Klawans

The Nation’s 150th Anniversary

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Tell the Democratic Party: We Need More Debates

With only six primary debates scheduled, the DNC is doing the party—and our democracy— a disservice.

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