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Snowpiercer mocks what The Lego Movie cheers—a happy world of compulsory production.

For Francis Fukuyama and John Dunn, our democratic crisis is the result of an intellectual failure.


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Whenever a small force of Americans undertakes an expedition, the woods and hills become alive with enemies.

Hillary Clinton

Tony Rodham’s involvement in a gold-mining operation in Haiti is under scrutiny.

A more convivial, expansive and life-affirming future is with us now—and the movies can help take us there.

California prisoners

Reform advocates are making a compelling case for policies that take aim at mass incarceration.

The “logic” of capitalist development has left a nightmare of environmental destruction in its wake.

It sure is a bracing feeling for the chair-bound intellectual to imagine himself the drivetrain in the engine of history.

In times of dread, artists must never choose to remain silent.

Reuters/Larry Downing

Free trade agreements like the TPP have provisions that are designed less for trade, and more about replacing public bureaucrats with private, corporate ones.

Alexis Tsipras (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

A reading list on the future of austerity in Greece, Europe and beyond.



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