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Combat Vets Destroy the NRA’s Heroic Gunslinger Fantasy

The last thing a chaotic crime scene needs is more untrained civilians carrying guns.

Joshua Holland

Election 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Running to Bernie Sanders’s Left on This One Issue

Clinton just came out with a tough plan to tighten gun laws. Will Sanders stick to his guns—or try a new approach?

Joan Walsh
Latin America

This Is One of the Most Innovative Programs in the UN’s Toolbox

A commission that grew out of Guatemala’s 1996 peace accords could be a model for curbing lawlessness throughout the world.

Stephen Schlesinger
Labor Organizing

A Union Leader Who Always Knew Which Side He Was On

AFSCME leader Marty Beil battled Scott Walker on behalf of public employees and the public good.

John Nichols
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From the Magazine

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In Memoriam: Grace Lee Boggs

Detroit's 'Quiet Revolution'

How we came to see vacant lots not as blight but as opportunities to grow our own food.

Grace Lee Boggs

Detroit: Place and Space to Begin Anew

Detroit stands as a symbol of the destruction deindustrialization left in its wake, but new initiatives in the Midwestern city have made it a leader in sustainable living, and have laid the foundations for the next great American revolution.

Grace Lee Boggs

King's Legacy of Change

No single person can be the agent of change: the vision must come from all of us.

Grace Lee Boggs

Focus on Election 2016

The Right Is Alienating a Huge and Amazingly Diverse Immigrant Population

Our relentless focus on the Latino vote obscures all the other people GOP nativists are pissing off.

Joshua Holland

Donald Trump Is a True Candidate of the .00001 Percent

The real question is: How has The Donald made it this far in the race?

Nomi Prins

Sanders Is Crowdfunding a Campaign, but That Doesn’t Diminish the Need for Campaign Reform

An insurgent almost matches a front-runner in fundraising, but still calls for an amendment to get big money out of politics.

John Nichols

Books and the Arts

Why Has Criticism of the Whitney Been Unmoored?

It shouldn’t be surprising that the museum’s new building looks most like… a building.

Michael Sorkin

A Stage Across the Sea

An unjustly-neglected Libyan novelist captured the twisted logic of colonialism, past and present.

Ursula Lindsey

Literature as Map to Liberty

In John Keene’s ambitious new volume of stories, resistance is required because exile isn’t an option.

Ben Ehrenreich
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The Nation’s 150th Anniversary


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