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You’ve probably never heard of Martin J. Sklar. But you should have.

For Rian Malan, seeking atonement doesn’t necessarily mean one will attain it.

The Third World collides with the First in Atticus Lish’s Preparation for the Next Life.

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For years, radioactive waste has seeped into swampland, canals—even drinking water. Now a few families are fighting to hold the polluters accountable.

health worker

Countering Ebola will require a whole new set of protections and priorities, which should emerge from the medical and public health communities—not the national security state.

Voter ID

Voters in fourteen states—many with tight races—will face new restrictions at the polling booth for the first time in November.

The New York Times columnist discusses his new book, Fire Shut Up in My Bones.

Does higher education in America offer young women a ticket to the middle class—or entrench class divisions that are only getting wider?

Micah Sifry’s new book offers some answers, but misses important shifts in the power base of traditional progressive organizing.

Ganz seems to think my book blames technology alone for the Internet’s failure to democratize politics. That’s far from the case.


The case of Ayyub Abdul-Alim fits a decades-long pattern of government criminalization of African-American Muslims.




OverCriminalized: Jail Time Is a Terrible Way to Treat Substance Abuse Read more››

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