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The Oregon Sheriff’s Position on Gun Control Is More Radical Than We Think

Sheriff John Hanlin’s infamous 2013 letter to Biden echoes many themes of the radical antigovernment right.

George Zornick

Reproductive Rights

4 Ways You Can Support Planned Parenthood Right Now

Already turned your profile picture pink and signed a petition? Here’s what else you can do.

Dani McClain
War and Peace

Bureau of Sex Slavery

For Yanar and my sisters in Iraq and Syria.

Eve Ensler

There’s No Conflict of Interest in the ‘New York Times’ Review of Kissinger’s Biography

The reviewer was Kissinger’s top pick to be his own biographer—what could go wrong?

Greg Grandin
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From the Magazine

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Focus on the Roberts Court

This Isn’t the Roberts Court—It’s the Kennedy Court

The Court’s results are mixed, not because of John Roberts’s leadership but because of Anthony Kennedy’s more balanced commitments.

David Cole

The Case Against the Roberts Court

In the decade since John Roberts was appointed chief justice, the Supreme Court has favored the powerful at the expense of everyone else.

Nan Aron and Kyle C. Barry

Parents Tried to Desegregate Their Schools. The Roberts Court Said No.

The conservative majority rewrote decades of equal protection law in the name of a fictional color-blind Constitution.

William Yeomans


Has Child Protective Services Gone Too Far?

A debate sparked by the free-range parenting movement has drawn attention to the threats and intrusions poor, minority families have long endured.
Michelle Goldberg

On July 29, 2013, a Latina mother in Illinois named Natasha Felix sent her three sons, ages 11, 9, and 5, out to play with a visiting cousin, a young girl, in a fenced park right next to her apartment building. The oldest boy was charged with keeping an eye… Continue Reading >

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Focus on 2016

How the Media Gave Carly Fiorina a Free Pass to Lie About Planned Parenthood

In the world according to Fox News, the debate champion is the candidate whose lies are considered to be the most effective. But Roger Ailes always wins.

Eric Alterman

This Tattooed, Head-shaven, Straight-talking Mayor Wants to Be the Next Senator From Pennsylvania

John Fetterman talks inequality, immigration, drug legalization, same-sex marriage, “bittergate,” and how to revive post-industrial America.

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Not the Smart One: On Jeb’s Garbled Support for the Washington Football Team’s Brand

Jeb Bush has unsurprisingly decided to side with bigotry in the case of Washington’s football team’s name. His incoherent reasoning should ring alarm bells for supporters and detractors alike.

Dave Zirin

The Nation’s 150th Anniversary

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Take Action

If You Owe Student-Loan Debt, the Government Can Garnish Your Social Security Benefits

Join our campaign to demand relief for thousands of Social Security recipients still struggling to pay off their student loans.

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