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Is a Medicaid Turnabout Coming to the Deep South?

An election in Louisiana and a surprising recommendation from an Alabama task force are the latest cracks in red-state resistance to insuring the poor.

Zoë Carpenter

Police and Law Enforcement

Black Lives Matter Activists Are Shot While Trump Is Busy Sharing a Neo-Nazi Graphic on Twitter

In Minneapolis, armed assailants shot up a Black Lives Matter event while police stood by. The violence is part of a pattern.

George Joseph

Kentucky Restores Voting Rights for Thousands of Ex-Felons

Governor Steve Beshear announces a new executive order giving 170,000 ex-offenders the right to vote.

Ari Berman

An Illustrated Guide to the Dumbest Things Republicans Have Said About Refugees

Words are not enough to capture how far the GOP’s rhetoric has devolved.

Steve Brodner
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