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Obama’s Powerful Call to ‘Make War Less Likely and Cruelty Less Easily Accepted’

Speaking in Hiroshima, the president channels Eisenhower’s urging to take “the chance for a just peace for all peoples.”

John Nichols

Armed Conflicts

The EU Has Turned Greece Into a Prison for Refugees

The grief, frustration, and need that have washed up on these shores is overwhelming.

Maria Margaronis

Confronting the Resource Curse and Civil War in the Congo

The depictions of Congolese humanity and pain in When Elephants Fight, a new documentary, make it necessary viewing for Westerners.

John Knefel
Latin America

Still Selling Neoliberal Unicorns: The US Applauds the Coup in Brazil, Calls It Democracy

Washington now has compliant compradores in power in Argentina and Brazil—and perhaps soon in Venezuela.

Greg Grandin
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From the Magazine

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Election 2016

Clinton Needs Sanders Supporters to Win, but Sanders Needs Clinton Supporters to Change the System

The chaos at the Nevada State Convention highlights the perils of constantly calling your party corrupt.

Joshua Holland

Making Trump ‘Presidential’

The leap from common man to dignified leader of the free world is part of the national myth. But Donald Trump requires a real-life fairy tale we haven’t seen before.

Leslie Savan

Why Hillary Clinton Benefits From a Genuine Convention Debate

Facing a barrage of well-meaning advice from Democrats panicked about Trump, Clinton needs a shift back to issues.

Joan Walsh

American capitalism

A New Coalition Aims to 'Take On Wall Street'

Just because the Democratic primary is drawing to a close doesn’t mean a conversation about financial reform has to end.

George Zornick

Upset About Excessive CEO Pay? So Are Some BlackRock Shareholders

A proposal to put more muscle into the firm’s approach to CEO pay failed, but some are declaring it a victory anyway.

Sarah Anderson

How Wall Street Caused a Water Crisis in America's Cities

Vulnerable residents are paying the price for dangerous financial deals.

Carrie Sloan
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Spring Books

The Soul of the Tea Party

The Koch brothers may have paid for some buses, but Fox News and talk radio filled them with bodies.

David Bromwich

The Anthropocene Truism

Humans and the environment have never been separable. But what does the idea mean for politics?

Katrina Forrester

Don DeLillo’s American Dream

His recent protagonists dream only of money, except perhaps for the technological advances that will allow them to go on acquiring it indefinitely.

Jon Baskin

Watch and Listen

Listen: Donald Trump Knows the Age of Reagan Is Over. Does Hillary?

Plus climate protests around the world, and Patrick Cockburn’s ISIS update.

May 19, 2016

View: These Haunting Photos Show the Deadly Absurdity of the US-Mexico Border Wall

A collaboration between photographer Richard Misrach and experimental composer Guillermo Galindo captures the austere brutality of the borderlands.

May 11, 2016

Listen: There Goes the Neighborhood, Episode 9: There Went the Neighborhood

The team behind There Goes the Neighborhood talks about what they’ve learned, and the way forward in a post-gentrified Brooklyn.

May 4, 2016
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