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Top Ten July 4th Songs

These ten songs, taken together, help distill the American experience and make clear both what’s great about the US and what still needs critical attention.

Peter Rothberg


Introducing the New

One hundred fifty years ago, The Nation published its first issue. Today, we launch a new site for the next generation of readers.

Richard Kim

If Abortion Were About Equality, Would Americans Like It Better?

It is—and that’s the problem.

Katha Pollitt

This Professor Was Fired for Saying ‘Fuck No’ in Class

The misuse of sexual-harassment policies by pusillanimous college administrators is creating a campus panic.

Michelle Goldberg

From the Magazine

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What Is Patriotism?

‘What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?’ by Frederick Douglass

This is the perfect time to read the entirety of Frederick Douglass’s famous speech, and not merely because of the date on the calendar.

Dave Zirin

Patriotism's Secret History

Our most cherished national symbols—from the Pledge of Allegiance to "America the Beautiful" to Lady Liberty's poetry—are rooted in liberal ideals.

Peter Dreier and Dick Flacks

It’s Time to Rethink American Exceptionalism

To believe that our nation has always been exceptional requires a suppression of ordinary skepticism and a belief that calls for extraordinary arrogance.

David Bromwich

Focus on 2016

Lincoln Chafee Adds a Proposal to the 2016 Debate: ‘Let’s Bring Edward Snowden Home’

A Democratic presidential contender raises a provocative issue. It’s time to have this debate.

John Nichols

The Next Tactic In the Right’s Fight Against Gay Marriage? ‘Religious Liberty’

And the GOP presidential contenders are leading the charge.

Zoë Carpenter

What’s Next for the GOP After the Obamacare Ruling?

Republicans should probably be relieved at the outcome, but more trouble lies ahead.

George Zornick
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Special Report

Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent War

On the anniversary of the 2014 war, Gaza’s kids are still trying to recover from years’ of cascading violence.
Jen Marlowe

“The Jews shot me.” I was eating breakfast with 3-year-old Ibrahim Awajah in February 2015, in the northern Gaza town of Beit Lahia, when he made this proclamation. His father, Kamal Awajah, saw the surprise on my face. “No, no, you’re the second Ibrahim,” Kamal quickly corrected the small, sandy-haired… Continue Reading >

The Nation’s 150th Anniversary

Books & the Arts

The Passivity Project

In Rachel Cusk’s fiction, the self is suppressed to the point of destruction.

Alexandra Schwartz

Patience and Fortitude

Scott Sherman’s masterful history of the fight to save the NYPL.

John Palattella

The 2015 Venice Biennale

Islands of meaning in a morass of incoherence.

Barry Schwabsky
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Watch and Listen

Watch: How Storm-water Is Threatening the Puget Sound’s Fragile Ecosystem

As the population of the Seattle area has boomed, storm-water has become the number one source of toxins in the Puget Sound.

February 4, 2015

Watch: California’s Drought Is So Bad That Some Communities Are Trucking In Their Water

If the drought continues, farmers and residents may have to abandon some of the richest agricultural land in the country.

December 8, 2014

Watch: Stopped-and-Frisked: ‘For Being a F**king Mutt’

A secret audio recording of a stop-and-frisk in action sheds unprecedented light on a practice that has put the city's young people of color in the NYPD's crosshairs.

October 8, 2012

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