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Missing Home: The Demolition of New Orleans After Katrina

The city has granted more than 24,000 demolition permits since Katrina. The Nation partnered with The Lens, a nonprofit newsroom in New Orleans, to explore the fate of those properties.

The Lens and The Nation

Election 2016

Elizabeth Warren Is a More Interesting Late-Entry Prospect Than Joe Biden

If there is a space for another candidate, why limit the speculation to the vice president?

John Nichols

The Pacific Coast Farm Worker Rebellion

From Baja California to Washington State, indigenous farmworkers are standing up for their rights.

David Bacon

Walmart Just Instituted Its Own Assault Weapons Ban

The store is still the country’s biggest gun retailer, however.

George Zornick

From the Magazine

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Hurricane Katrina, 10 Years Later

Waiting for the Presidents in New Orleans

George Bush flew over us. Barack Obama sent his deputies. But both eventually landed, and both leave behind plenty more work toward our recovery.

Jarvis Deberry

After a Disaster Like Katrina, Water, Food, and Shelter Are Not Enough

Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, residents are still fighting scam contractors and FEMA.

Laura Tuggle

Ten Years Since: A Meditation on New Orleans

We are black and alive, still, despite what the pictures say.

Kristina Kay Robinson

Books & the Arts

Welcome to Earth: Cuba’s ‘Special Period’ Gets the Sci-Fi Treatment

The funny, scathing, and heart-wrenching universe of A Planet for Rent.

André Naffis-Sahely

White Hands and Black Skulls: From the Panthers to ‘Straight Outta Compton’

Two new films prove the urgency, and inadequacy, of outrage.

Stuart Klawans

Writings From the Most Fractured Place on Earth

The revival of powerful literature about the Levant sheds light on our 21st-century conflicts.

Adina Hoffman
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Focus on Europe

Berlin and Paris Versus Kiev

And Henry Kissinger versus US orthodoxy on Ukraine; and Putin versus Stalin on Russia’s past.

Stephen F. Cohen

Why a Left-Wing Socialist Is Poised to Become the Leader of Britain’s Labour Party

Unlike the party apparatchiks, Jeremy Corbyn has consistently opposed austerity—and voters are enthusiastic.

D.D. Guttenplan

The Promise, and Peril, of Europe’s New Left Solidarity

There's been a groundswell of insurgent politics, from Greece to Britain, but so far victory has been elusive.

Maria Margaronis

The Nation’s 150th Anniversary

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Take Action

Defend Planned Parenthood Against Republican Attacks

After anti-choice activists released a misleading video, Republicans are intent on defunding Planned Parenthood—once again putting women’s access to much-needed health care at risk.

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