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If Merrick Garland Had the Courage of His Convictions…

Donald Trump would already be on his way to prison.

Ben Gerson


The Respect for Marriage Act Sets a Dangerous Precedent for Civil Rights

The bill headed to Biden’s desk includes a religious exemption that sets a troublesome precedent, not only for LGBTQ rights but possibly for all legislation.

Katherine Franke

Herschel Walker and the Failure of the GOP’s Diversity Pitch

The Georgia runoff result proves that insulting tokenism is not the same as outreach.

Jeet Heer

This Isn’t the First Time Musicians Have Gone After Ticketmaster

In 1994, Pearl Jam tried to end Ticketmaster’s dominance. Can Taylor Swift fans do what the grunge band couldn’t?

Mike Konczal


The Melancholy Return of “Black Panther”

The Melancholy Return of “Black Panther”

After the death of Chadwick Boseman, the makers of the superhero movie had to reimagine the series. The result makes for a sobering and affecting sequel. 

Stephen Kearse
The Myth of the Knicks

The Myth of the Knicks

In Chris Herring’s recent history of the New York basketball team, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the sports commentariat’s fixation on grit and toughness.

Zito Madu
Margo Jefferson and the Art of Life

Margo Jefferson and the Art of Life

In her work, especially her new book Constructing a Nervous System, she transforms criticism into an experience one feels in the body, not just the mind.

Kelton Ellis


Election 2022 House Alaska

Sarah Palin Is a Faux Populist. Alaskans Chose the Authentic One.

Voters saw that Palin was in it for herself, while Democrat Mary Peltola was the real deal.

Katrina vanden Heuvel
The Terminator

The Terminator

The former president announced his intentions to dismantle the constitution. The GOP’s indifference was deafening.

Chris Lehmann
The Supreme Court Has Officially Launched Its War on LGBTQ Rights

The Supreme Court Has Officially Launched Its War on LGBTQ Rights

On Monday, the court heard 303 Creative v. Elenis, a case that the theocrats on the court will likely use to undermine marriage equality.

Elie Mystal


People in Tokyo hold up blank protest signs in solidarity with mainland Chinese protesters.

The Twitter User Taking on the Chinese Government

“Teacher Li” has become a one-person news outlet and a crucial source of information about the protests in China for those both inside and outside the Great Firewall.

Han Zhang
Will This Ukrainian Town Be Repaired by Winter?

Will This Ukrainian Town Be Repaired by Winter?

Borodyanka was destroyed by Russian missiles during the war. Now, elderly residents are trying to get their homes back before temperatures plunge below freezing.

Kris Parker and Vudi Xhymshiti
After an Attempt on Imran Khan's Life, Pakistan Is in Crisis

After an Attempt on Imran Khan's Life, Pakistan Is in Crisis

For the past two months, the former prime minister has tried to cajole his supporters to march on the capital and compel the sitting government to call early elections.

Hasan Ali

Watch and Listen

Listen: Kanye, the Religious Right, and the Upsurge in Anti-Semitism

On this episode of The Time of Monsters, Sarah Posner discusses the cultural and political alliances holding the GOP together.

December 7, 2022

Listen: Beverly Gage on J. Edgar Hoover, Plus Erwin Chemerinsky on Originalism

On this week of the Start Making Sense podcast, a look into the untold life of the former FBI director, and a discussion about “originalism” and the Supreme Court.

December 1, 2022

Listen: Democrats and the Crypto Meltdown

On this week’s episode of The Time of Monsters, David Klion on the centrist elites allied with a Ponzi scheme.

November 30, 2022

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