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Ottessa Moshfegh’s Cruel Worlds

In her new novelMoshfegh explores the brutish world of the Middle Ages.

Elvia Wilk


California Needs to Think Outside the Box on Homelessness

Restricting encampments doesn’t get at the root of the problem.

Sasha Abramsky
Foreign Policy

AIPAC vs. Democracy

AIPAC has endorsed 109 January 6 insurrectionists. The organization clearly doesn’t care if candidates don’t care about fair elections.

Ruth Messinger and Mik Moore

The Climate Crisis Is Changing Our Concept of Home

Climate journalist and author Madeline Ostrander on finding stability on a burning planet.

Danielle Renwick


The Photographs of the Border

The Photographs of the Border

In More Than a Wall / Más que un Muro, labor journalist David Bacon offers a politically rich, bilingual compilation of photographs and oral histories.

Aviva Chomsky
The Toxic History of the Salton Sea

The Toxic History of the Salton Sea

A new book by Traci Brynne Voyles catalogs the alarming events that created one of the West’s most polluted bodies of water.

Kyle Paoletta
Keith Gessen’s Adventures in Parenting

Keith Gessen’s Adventures in Parenting

In his new book about parenting, Gessen offers a tour of anxieties set in the semi-gentrified Brooklyn of the 2020s.

Ryu Spaeth

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Mourners at the site of the El Paso shooting

3 Years After the El Paso Shooting, “Environmental” Nativism Is Spreading

Racist attacks in which shooters claim to be motivated by environmental concerns are becoming increasingly common, as is the ideology behind them.

Gaby Del Valle
The Manchin-Schumer Deal Could Pay Off—if Congress Acts

The Manchin-Schumer Deal Could Pay Off—if Congress Acts

If the Inflation Reduction Act survives more or less intact, it could give Democrats the legislative victory they desperately need heading into the midterms.

Charles Komanoff
The Myth of Libertarian Exit

The Myth of Libertarian Exit

Raymond Craib’s new book, Adventure Capitalism, traces the history of individualist, property-oriented “escape” projects pursued by the likes of Michael Oliver, Peter Thiel, and Bitcoin bros.

Jacob Bruggeman


Brazil’s then-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva sits holding his glasses while he talks with his Foreign Affairs Minister Celso Amorim

Lula's Comeback Campaign: The Stakes for Brazil—and Democracy

In an exclusive interview with The Nation, Celso Amorim, who served as both foreign minister and defense minister, explains why much more than a resurgent Pink Tide is riding on the results.

Pablo Calvi
Why Human Rights Advocates Won’t Stop Fighting for Freedom in the Philippines

Why Human Rights Advocates Won’t Stop Fighting for Freedom in the Philippines

Tyrants can be overthrown by the people.

Bernadette Ellorin and Azadeh Shahshahani
Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris John waves as he leaves 10 Downing Street to attend Prime Minister's Questions. He is holding a folder and wearing a suit with a green tie.

Boris Johnson's (Far From Final) Bill for Damages

While the elderly white men who run Britain’s Conservative Party chose between two deeply depressing choices for new leader, let’s take a minute to reckon just how much ruin the disgraced prime minister has inflicted on his country.

Natasha Hakimi Zapata

Watch and Listen

Listen: Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Primaries and White Supremacy in Southern California

On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, writers John Nichols and Gustavo Arellano join to discuss the upcoming election in Wyoming and a history of the right wing in Orange County.

August 11, 2022

Listen: Katha Pollitt on Advice for Men, Plus J. Hoberman on Film in the Age of Reagan

On this week’s episode of Start Making Sense, commentary on Jordan Peterson’s books of advice for men and the synergy between politics and pop culture.

July 28, 2022

Listen: David Maraniss on the Politics of Jim Thorpe

Legendary writer David Maraniss joins the Edge of Sports podcast to talk about his new book.

July 25, 2022