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Donald Trump Has Been Indicted. Don’t Get Your Hopes Up.

This is the first real attempt to hold Trump legally accountable for any of his many alleged crimes. But the odds of securing real justice seem very long.

Elie Mystal


Howard Schultz’s Union-Busting Paternalism

The former Starbucks CEO faced tough questions at a Senate hearing—and didn’t have much to say.

Chris Lehmann
Middle East

Israeli Protesters Say They’re Defending Freedom. Palestinians Know Better.

The judiciary that protesters say protects their freedom is a key architect of the apartheid regime that has stolen so much freedom from Palestinians.

Mohammed El-Kurd
Political Ideologies

The West Coast Think Tank Helping to Orchestrate DeSantis’s War on the Woke

How the Claremont Institute is shaping the Sunshine State’s anti–civil rights and pro-patriarchy agenda

Jennifer C. Berkshire


A Portrait of Leonard Cohen as a Young Artist

A Portrait of Leonard Cohen as a Young Artist

A posthumous collection of early fiction, A Ballet of Lepers, chronicles how, in fits and starts, the singer came to understand the art of storytelling.

Sam Sodomsky
Christianity's Place in the Left and the Right

Christianity’s Place in the Left and the Right

A conversation with historian David Hollinger about the rise of evangelicalism, the decline of mainline Protestantism, and if the country has truly become more secular.

Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins
A scene from All That Breathes.

A Meditation on Trans-Species Love

The Nation spoke with Shaunak Sen, whose film All That Breathes follows a bird hospital in New Dehli and the monumental mission of saving a city’s dying black kites.

Jasmine Liu


People gather at a makeshift memorial for victims of the shooting at the Covenant School campus in Nashville, Tenn., on March 28, 2023.

Republicans Want You to Forget Their Complicity in the Nashville Shooting

Conservatives want to make the massacre about trans people or religion—anything but the blood-soaked murder factory they’ve forced us all to live in.

Elie Mystal
Trump on an outdoor stage in front of a large crowd

Insurrection Porn and Kitsch at Trump’s Waco Rally

His screening violent January 6 videos to rile up an angry crowd leaves no doubt about what Trump wants from his followers. Now what?

Joan Walsh
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at a 2022 press conference

A Dream and a Lie: Ron DeSantis’s Twisted Race Pedagogy

The ultimate aim of  the Florida governor’s education platform is to depoliticize actually existing Black history

Anthony Conwright


Israelis hold flags at a protest

Israel’s Protest Movement Is Bringing Netanyahu to His Knees

A movement that started out against a judicial coup has morphed into an uprising. Yet questions loom about what this moment portends for Palestinians.

Haggai Matar
Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin

Putin’s Nuremberg Moment

The ICC’s arrest warrant against the Russian president was historic. But where will it lead?

Reed Brody
Protests against pension reform in France

What Will Macron Do When Arbitrary Arrests and Police Violence Fail?

Bypassing the National Assembly to force through his unpopular pension reform looked like a clever move—until it brought the French people back onto the streets.

Harrison Stetler

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