The Water in Rio Is Full of Sludge and Rotting Fish—And Olympians Are Supposed to Swim in It

Athletes who participate in water sports will carry an infection risk of 99 percent.

Dave Zirin

If the Taliban Reconquer Afghanistan, Does It Matter If Mullah Omar Died?

In all likelihood, the story of his death is being co-opted by various factions in Afghanistan for their own purposes.

Juan Cole

Malaysia Needed a Clean Human Rights Record—So the State Department Just Gave It to Them

The president cleansed Malaysia of its notorious human trafficking record to give the country a front row seat to join the TPP—and Congress can’t do anything about it.

William Greider


Bernie Sanders Explains Why You Should Care About What's Happening to Greece

He really does sound like a socialist, doesn’t he?

William Greider

To Grexit or Not to Grexit

Amid accusations of “capitulation” and “left extremism,” panelists at the Democracy Rising conference heatedly debated what it would mean for Greece to stay in—or leave—the eurozone.

Lisa Duggan

Should Greece Leave the Euro?

Economists disagree on whether it’s the best of what are now only bad options. But they do agree on one thing: The latest bailout plan will only lead to more suffering.

Asha Thanki

Special Report

The Roots of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis—and Why Austerity Will Not Solve It

The US government is at least partially responsible for the emergency, which is affecting millions of what are effectively second-class US citizens.
Ed Morales

Riding through the hills of Canóvanas last weekend with Prima, a vacationing 65-year-old Brooklynite who was born and raised in the Puerto Rican countryside, I got a brief lesson on the island’s history and political economy. “This land was all cañaverales,” she said, meaning rough acres of sugarcane, which has… Continue Reading >

Gaza: One Year Later

How Long Before Israel Begins Another Operation in the Gaza Strip?

“For Israel, war is no longer an option. It is a way of life.”

Max Blumenthal

Israel Will Invade Gaza Again—the Only Question Is How Soon

A year after Israel's bloody assault on Gaza, another war is all but guaranteed.

Noura Erakat

Gaza’s Mental-Health Crisis and the Trauma of Permanent War

On the anniversary of the 2014 war, Gaza’s kids are still trying to recover from years of cascading violence.

Jen Marlowe

Take Action

Tell Congress: Do Not Sabotage Diplomacy With Iran

Members of Congress are threatening to sabotage the historic deal with Iran—a move that risks bringing us closer to war.

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