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Newt's Last Prayer: Christian Dominionists Go Gingrich

Republican hypocrisy

Those who claim to be “Christian” yet support Newt Gingrich are hypocrites; they despise Bill Clinton for his personal transgressions, though he is still married to his first wife.

What else should one expect, though, from the likes of Newt and Sarah Palin, whose mentor Ronald Reagan was a multi-adulterous, wife- and political party–swapping, unpatriotic American after committing treason with the Iran/Contra weapons-for-cocaine scandal. Ronnie’s engaging in premartial sex resulting in his marrying a three-months-pregnant Nancy is what allows present GOP political figures to indulge in their salacious and perverted sexual escapades”unabated.

Just like bloviating about less government and spending, while the past three Republican administrations are responsible for the majority of the federal deficit; Reagan’s nearly tripling of the deficit alone having nothing to do with the collapse of the former USSR, which took the USA from being the number-one creditor nation to a debtor one in less than eight years.

If “Christians” who support Gingrich who likes to compare himself to Reagan, then the also support Reagan “Freedom Fighters” Saddam Hussein, Osma bin Laden and Al CIAda.

They also support the deregulation that spawned the S&L bailouts and every other federal bailout culminating in the QE and TARP bailouts of today.

As well as the firing of the union FAA Air Traffic Controllers that began the outsourcing and offshoring of American manufacturing.

If these “Christian” people hate the USA, its Constitution and way of life so much, then it is Newt Gingrich along with his third wife and others who need to leave the country—those who want to return to the pre-9/11, NO DHS/TSA Gestapo, whose unpatriotic “bills” passed by Congress the past decade should see the dustbin of history.

Stanley Crawford

Wuhu, Anhui, CHINA

Mar 1 2012 - 7:14pm