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The Conservative Class War, Continued

Throttling the truth

Mostly True Untrue Stories.
Reported by: Your Man in/on/under The Street
Feb. 24, 2011

The valiant The Ed Show on MSNBC: truth bracketed between a luxury car advert and a fossil fuel energy advert. Go figure!

FOX-Comcast Merger to install Limbaugh not only as bad-ass mouthpiece but also as chief Internet throttle jockey. A scene from things to come:
-Well, ditto heads, copy this! I’ve now got my hand on the master internet throttle. Watch this… FOX stream… okay... boost priority… Hmmm. Truthdig.com., who the hell are they?... Why, I don’t see ’em m on my demote-priority-on-sight list… oh, there they are… okay... Throttle priority! Squeeze throughput! Quarantine packets! Okay, dittoheads, copy this! We’re back to our enlightening incitement chat now that we have net-neutered the opposition!

Alan Attlee

Boston, MA

Feb 24 2011 - 10:18pm

The Conservative Class War, Continued

Arianna responds to the press regarding her latest coup

What is your response Arianna?

(smiles) Can you put the microphone a little closer, but not too close, that's expensive make-up, you know. Well, you know, you have to take the long historical view.

Long view?

Yes, you see, well, sometime a very long time ago, I used to be Greek, then I became a middle-Atlantic woman of mystery, I sort of aimed for an educated Zsa-Zsa persona, and then I married my rich Republican husband from whom I got my WASP surname, and then I changed my make-up, had a hair-do, and had an epiphany, or maybe it was a revelation, and then I became a liiiberal. That was very useful. Now I am a senior executive at AOL—some jokers have been telling me that that stands for "assholes online," I just smile and count the money.

Alan Attlee

Boston, MA

Feb 21 2011 - 9:12pm

The Conservative Class War, Continued

Lies, lies and more lies

Why is there no pushback against the lies routinely spread by Murdoch? Charge him with incitement to violence! Demand FCC intervention to allow rebuttals to his propaganda lies! Fight Murdoch! Send Murdoch back to Aussiestralia now!

Alan Attlee

Cambridge, MA

Feb 7 2011 - 2:02am

The Conservative Class War, Continued

New York liberals are hypocrites

Any one who believes that New York liberals champion the working class should read the editorial in today's (Feb. 5) New York Times calling for the approval of yet another trade agreement. This is the second one this week, and the latest in a string of them that dates back for years. Or read any of the Times columnists. They've never met a trade agreement they couldn't support. The liberal New York press likes to shed crocodile tears for labor but, where the rubber meets the road, their strongest support is always for New York City's homegrown industries: banking, finance and the stock exchanges. They'll be the first to tell you, though, it's really just too bad what's happened to the working class—someone should do something to help those people.

Bud Ilic

Bloomington, IL

Feb 5 2011 - 2:03pm