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Why WikiLeaks Matters

Greg Mitchell & The Nation pitch Israeli PR

When Greg Mitchell and The Nation "pitch" a glowing piece about the glorious "revelations" of Wikileaks, you can be sure that they will not mention the horrific ongoing Israeli genocide against the Gaza Palestinians.

Mitchell and The Nation "reveal" more obvious Israeli engineered anti-Arab agit prop. "The Saudis, our allies, are among the leading funders of international terrorism."

Mitchell and The Nation "reveal" a false number (100,000) of Iraqi civilian casualties. "After the release of the Iraq logs, new tallies put the number of documented civilian casualties there at more than 100,000. The Afghanistan logs similarly showed many more civilians killed there than previously known, along with once-secret US assassination missions against insurgents."

Mitchell & The Nation also "reveal" that "the Saudis, contrary to their public statements, want us to bomb Iran. So do some other countries in the region—or so they say in private."

Mitchell's and The Nation's only mention of Israel—the real terrorist state: "Israel destroyed a Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007." What other conclusion can we draw? Mitchell and The Nation are dutiful hasbara hacks pitching for Israeli Zionism.

Gerald Spezio

San Luis Obispo, CA

Jan 16 2011 - 10:40am