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Samantha Power

Despite today’s vote in the House to bar US funding to a neo-Nazi Ukrainian militia, the “war party” continues to rattle its sabers over Ukraine.

From weak enforcement to a blank check for President Cruz, why Democrats are rebelling against trade promotion authority.

With both the McKinney pool fiasco and the unrelenting attack on abortion rights, the state has put the safety of women and girls at risk.

The leading crusader behind the myth of voter fraud now has the power to prosecute bogus fraud cases.

TPP protestor

Trade agreements boost economic growth, while destroying lives and livelihoods.

Palestine village

A Palestinian family’s struggle to survive under threat of imminent expulsion.

While the US and Iraqi response is in disarray, the Islamic State is containable.

A poster of Edward Snowden in Hong Kong

His claims have been vindicated by the courts, Congress, and the US public. It’s time to bring him home.

The Pashtuns of the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan are trapped between a brutal Taliban insurgency and a Pakistani government that treats them like colonial subjects.

"Israelis have no desire to repeat the errors of Western Europe’s 19th-century imperial expansionism."


Obama’s visit this summer will certainly be a big event, but Kenyans’ interests stretch well beyond the United States.

Senators John McCain and Dianne Feinstein have introduced a measure to prevent the CIA from evading the bans on torture that are already law. 

The anti-abortion movement claims that no one wants to see the law come down on women who end their pregnancies, but it’s already happening.

The NBA Finals coaches had their paths shaped by the conflicts of the Middle East, albeit on very different sides of the barbed wire.

"The murderous mobster is the predatory lust and aggression in all of us," Ellen Willis wrote in The Nation in 2001.

Clinton would do a great service to the country by offering Americans a more expansive view of what freedom requires, and what threatens it.

Ukrainian national flag

A video roundtable explains why the IMF, Europe, and Western corporations don’t have the country’s best interests at heart.


Let’s stipulate that the Clintons haven’t ever done anything unethical. They have to make sure the public believes that, too.

In a 2001 cover story in The Nation, Bugliosi eloquently denounced the Court's treasonous decision in Bush v. Gore.

The former secretary of state continues to construct his own reality.

Drew Hamilton Housing Development

Is the Rental Assistance Development Program the best, flawed option for saving public housing—or a new attempt to dismantle it?