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Is our language broken and suddenly in need of repair?

Sensitivity training will not be enough. “Diversity” will not be enough. The only way to end police violence is to admit to ourselves that cops are an inherently oppressive force.

Demonstrations have occurred in more than 150 cities across the US in the week since a grand jury declined to indict Darren Wilson, the police officer who killed Michael Brown.

San Francisco already suffers from all of the problems that the Olympics would exacerbate.

United Nations

Caving to outside pressure, this week the organization added women to the High-level Independent Panel on UN Peace Operations—but it still falls short of gender parity.

The senator has a twelve-point plan for getting the debate, and perhaps the movement, started.

Charles Barkley

Once you were not afraid to ask that all-important question: “Who’s afraid of a large black man?” Tragically, it now seems like the answer might be you.


From ALEC to the Heritage Foundation, a group of anti-labor stalwarts is looking to turn cities and counties into “right-to-work” zones.

Walmart claims to be environmentally friendly, but the details tell a different story.

Americans today are a lot more familiar with his presidency than they think they are.

Eric on this week’s concerts and Reed on how, from Bill Cosby’s victims to drone strikes, the media refuse to protect the powerless.

The verdict galvanized left and liberal parties, which have been quiescent during the past year’s intense repression.

Egyptian Military

Life in the Sinai is now defined by curfews, checkpoints, house raids and arbitrary arrests.

Las Vegas sign

After the 2008 crash, southern Nevada became the foreclosure and unemployment capital of the nation.

Standing in opposition to net neutrality is tantamount to standing against innovation, against small business, against private-sector job creation and against competition.

Let’s get serious about addressing erratic, constantly changing schedules that are a Holiday-season nightmare for workers.

The NFL has an “army” assembled to fight domestic violence.

On Black Friday, protesters across movements came together with a common demand: spend not one dime.

How do we calculate the uncompensated labor of Mexican and Central American migrants?

Five players on the Rams football team made a political stand on Sunday in solidarity with Michael Brown.

antiretroviral tablets

Newly filed documents reveal that the controversial evangelical organization is still getting federal funds to provide HIV prevention programs in Uganda and Zambia.

Even as activists are organizing against police violence, many Americans continue to see blacks as criminals—and want our police to act accordingly.

The decision by Judge Barbara Jones to reinstate Ray Rice stands as a brutal judgment on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.