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February 15, 2010

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  • Editorial

    Transparency Can Curb Corporate Impact on Elections

    In the face of a Supreme Court decision that eliminates crucial checks on corporate political spending nationwide, we must demand greater accountability and transparency around how corporations spend money in elections across the country.

    Public Advocate Bill de Blasio

  • Death and Cover-Up at Guantánamo

    Staying the hand of justice on torture has gained the Obama administration nothing from Republicans. It's time to investigate deaths at Guantánamo.

    The Editors

  • Political Fever

    Since recent shock waves of populism, Obama has made some bigger promises.

    William Greider

  • Noted.

    Robert Gates admits that Blackwater is in Pakistan; Air America signs off.

    The Editors

  • A Cold Day in Washington

    A freeze on discretionary spending may poll well, but it endorses ignorance of how the federal government spends its money.

    Chris Hayes

  • Democracy Inc.

    The Citizens United campaign finance decision makes it possible for the nation's most powerful economic interests to manipulate not just individual electoral contests but political discourse itself.

    The Editors