1  Was nothing changed where Reagan operated? (10)

 6  With nothing like a lower Africa organization, exchange what sounds like bare feet coming back. (4)

10  Our own uncle keeps wrecked cars inside, which might be a put-down. (7)

11  Make repayment of a note? Really, as the Brit might say! (7)

12  Jack, for example, is a loud one with his auto–a classic 500. (4,4)

13  Is not exactly let out of carpet material, perhaps. (5)

15  Leans to one side–on the back of one’s feet. (5)

17  It shouldn’t be very popular, but it made the Hit Parade! (9)

19  Not a regular performance, but it’s genuine as one listens for its heart. (9)

21  What the widow might get when the medico is about to be in the red. (5)

23  The test obviously involves trail-breaking. (5)

24  Taken in by some considered immortal? (8)

27  You might get a swell feeling if you are, but be told a different version. (7)

28  One who might not get credit for being an account examiner? (7)

29  In certain areas of London 15 might be slippery. (4)

30  A spell of music for those who like Wagner? Such a time! (4,6)


1  and 22 A sort of 6 gets wasted, by the sound of it. (Women liked to be so at one time.) (4-7)

 2  It isn’t a lady that comes up certain about it, but they sometimes tell you to list it first. (7)

 3  Empty in one quarter. (5)

 4  Of higher frequency than X when mother goes up and down in certain colors. (5,4)

 5  It’s nothing to one on the far left, but you might get paddled this way. (5)

 7  What starts with 13? Something to do while you’re working with song! (7)

 8  They might claim to be rulers, but represent (albeit poorly) only about 500. (10)

 9  Didn’t look open-eyed, certainly! (8)

14  Such people might be giving away a broken chair and some other furniture. (10)

16  Everything in small portions of drink might be served with salad. (8)

18  Trains to be entered at its call. (3,6)

20  Its application gave a meaning to anti-macassars. (4,3)

22  See 1 down

24  That’s what you hear on TV! (5)

25  Some associate it with the law, but it might be something you have to follow. (5)

26  The fight for which I’d get away from the time of 30. (4)