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May 25, 2009 Issue

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Time for the Reckoning?

Momentum is growing for some form of official accountability on the Bush administration's practice of torture, surveillance and detentions without trial.


Heather Boushey on the Healthy Families Act; Katrina vandenHeuvel on Pete Seeger at 90

Following Souter

David Cole, Lani Guinier, Dahlia Lithwick, Linda Hirshman and others think outside the box for the next Supreme Court nominee.


The Torture Enablers

If Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers lacked the authority to publicly question a policy of torture, how can we condemn soldiers who thought it their duty to follow orders?

Pawn in Their Game

Major League Baseball continues to think that embarrassing individual players like Manny Ramirez is the best path to cleaning up the sport.



Lobbying for Autocrats

A senator and congressman argue that free trade is the best way to improve US relations with Russia and Georgia. What's in it for us?

Understanding the Long War

A "Long War" may be underway in South and Central Asia and the Middle East that could last fifty years. Only a fifty-year commitment to peace can prevent it.

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