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December 21, 2009 Issue

Uganda’s antigay purge ("Noted."), Calvin Trillin on the Dubai credit crisis, Alexandra Schwartz on Ludmilla Petrushevskaya…

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Rick Warren's homosexuality double standard; UCLA students versus tuition hikes; a preview of upcoming Copenhagen coverage.

Climate Fog

Congress is finally ready to address climate change--but the American public seems headed in the opposite direction.

Obama’s War

In making Afghanistan the key to America's national security strategy against terrorism, Obama has chosen to perpetuate some damaging myths.




Obama’s Nine Surges

Despite the seeming specificity of the president's West Point speech on the Afghan War--30,000 new troops at a cost of $30 billion--Americans got little sense of just how big and h...

COP15: What’s at Stake?

The most important international summit in history? Given what latest scientific reports tell us about the quickening pace of global warming, the sense of urgency driving attention...

Labor’s Legacy

The "Seattle coalition" for fair trade has suffered some setbacks, but on the whole we have filled the political space we created in the tear gas and drizzle a decade ago.

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