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August 4, 2008 Issue

The Editors on Obama and Iraq, Gary Younge on Jesse Jackson, Matt Steinglass on China…

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Ari Melber tracks the continuing fight over FISA; Stuart Klawans remembers Thomas Disch.

Obama and Iraq

His plan to exit Iraq falls far short of the complete withdrawal most Americans want. But it's a place to start.


When COINTELPRO Came to Town

The Maryland State Police's Department of Homeland Security has devoted hundreds of hours and thousands of taxpayer dollars to harassing people whose only crime was opposing the wa...

I Read the News Today… Oh Boy

While some of America's smartest and most civic-minded people are trying to save daily newspapers, the media moguls who can make a difference seem to be completely off their rocker...



Among the Missing

This Week: Congresswoman Kang takes a powder, her chief of staff Chet Kimbrough is on the mend and two plotting lovers get vamped on.

Obama’s Berlin Visit

A nation whose citizens have been largely turned off to politics held Barack Obama in a fervent embrace, viewing America once again as a place of new possibilities.

Maliki’s Obama Endorsement

In a huge setback for John McCain and the Bush Administration, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki endorses Barack Obama's timeline for withdrawal--and the presumptive Democratic n...

More Meddling at Gitmo

New evidence sheds light on the inappropriate and corrupting influence of Brig. General Thomas Hartmann on the military commissions process.

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