Slavenka Drakulic

Contributing Editor

Slavenka Drakulic, a Croatian-born author, is a Nation contributing editor. Her latest book is A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism.

Serbia’s War Criminal Serbia’s War Criminal

Ratko Mladic may face justice—but what about the Serbs who voted for the politics of nationalism, hatred and war?

Jun 1, 2011 / Editorial / Slavenka Drakulic

The Generation That Failed The Generation That Failed

Yugoslavs were unprepared for the surge of nationalism that followed Tito's communist rule.

Oct 28, 2009 / Books & the Arts / Slavenka Drakulic

Jörg Haider’s Legacy Jörg Haider’s Legacy

Austria's most notorious right-wing politician died as spectacularly as he had lived--and in a Europe stunned by financial crisis, leaves a dangerous legacy.

Oct 20, 2008 / Feature / Slavenka Drakulic

Radovan Karadzic Captured After 12 Years on the Run Radovan Karadzic Captured After 12 Years on the Run

Radovan Karadzic, captured after twelve years on the run, possessed extraordinary levels of intellect, cruelty and power. And power wielded in a time of war comes at great price, w...

Jul 22, 2008 / Feature / Slavenka Drakulic

Rape as a Weapon of War Rape as a Weapon of War

The UN resolution designating rape as a weapon of war is historic, but provides no legal remedy for wartime victims of sexual violence.

Jun 23, 2008 / Feature / Slavenka Drakulic

Letter From Kosovo Letter From Kosovo

In this troubled region, secessions tend to be followed by terrible wars. Will it be any different this time?

Feb 21, 2008 / Feature / Slavenka Drakulic

Judging Milosevic Judging Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic died without a definitive judgment of his responsibility for war and crimes against humanity. Now others will judge him, precisely what he wanted to avoid.

Mar 19, 2006 / Editorial / Slavenka Drakulic

Bosnian Women Witness Bosnian Women Witness

About a year and a half ago I received a book from Bosnia. Its title was I Begged Them to Kill Me. It was a collection of some forty accounts by Muslim women who were raped, mostl...

Mar 1, 2001 / Editorial / Slavenka Drakulic

‘We Are All Albanians’ ‘We Are All Albanians’

The other day on the BBC news I saw a young, educated and eloquent Serbian woman speaking about the life of ordinary citizens under the NATO bombing. The Serbian citizens are af...

May 20, 1999 / Editorial / Slavenka Drakulic