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May 25, 2009

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Silver Lining

Albany, N.Y.


Momentum is shifting in Washington to to protect consumers from arbitrary rate hikes and other unfair and deceptive credit card practices.

Democrats in Congress are quashing criticism of military escalation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The outlines of the GM deal suggest President Obama is sticking with Rubinomics. Will other Democrats be brave enough to stand in his way?

Good news! Nobody is insolvent! While Treasury declares banks are strong enough to weather the storm, private-sector stress tests tell very different story.

Why is our public health policy driven by fear?

Momentum is growing for some form of official accountability on the Bush administration's practice of torture, surveillance and detentions without trial.

Heather Boushey on the Healthy Families Act; Katrina vandenHeuvel on Pete Seeger at 90

David Cole, Lani Guinier, Dahlia Lithwick, Linda Hirshman and others think outside the box for the next Supreme Court nominee.



If Nancy Pelosi and other lawmakers lacked the authority to publicly question a policy of torture, how can we condemn soldiers who thought it their duty to follow orders?

Major League Baseball continues to think that embarrassing individual players like Manny Ramirez is the best path to cleaning up the sport.

Elena Kagan has the intellect, toughness and fair-mindedness to make a great Supreme Court justice.

When it comes to prosecuting Bush-era crimes, the media's inside establishment would prefer to just keep on walking.


In "honor" of the ignominous end of the career of Lt. General Stanley McChrystal, at the hands of Rolling Stone magazine, let's take a moment to remember why Lt. Gen. McChrystal never deserved to be promoted lat year. He deserved to be indicted.

His new role can only mean an intensified campaign of secret--and dirty--warfare in the remote villages of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

There's a palpable disconnect between moms and young feminists. What will this mean for the next generation as they begin to raise children of their own?

A senator and congressman argue that free trade is the best way to improve US relations with Russia and Georgia. What's in it for us?

Fools look for a fight between newspapers and the net. The challenge is to defend print and digital journalism, in an age of big-media myopia.

The Obama administration is focused on cutting healthcare costs, but that may be easier said than done.

The TVA's efforts to clean up after its massive coal ash spill may create even more health hazards.

A "Long War" may be underway in South and Central Asia and the Middle East that could last fifty years. Only a fifty-year commitment to peace can prevent it.

What Mexico, now the picture of hell to many of us, looks like through local eyes from a Chevy Silverado.

When I interviewed Salam Fayyad in Ramallah at the end of February, he
was a worried man--and with reason.

The Nation's forum on the future of socialism continues.

The good times, as we have known them, are not coming back. Americans need a new vision that helps them deal with new economic realities.

Books & the Arts


Laura Miller's study of C.S. Lewis falls short of providing a coherent theory of Narnia's magic.


A new book on cold war espionage falsely accuses I.F. Stone of being a paid Soviet agent.