No Wonder Pope Francis Admires Him: Thomas Merton Denounced the ‘Versatile Blandishments of Money’

But there’s more: Merton wrote for The Nation before he even became Catholic.

Richard Kreitner

Federal Service Workers Strike to Send a Message to Pope Francis

The people staffing the building where the pope will speak want him to speak up for higher wages.

George Zornick

Unions in Jeopardy

For decades the Supreme Court supported rules to protect collective bargaining. That era is over.

Lily Eskelsen García
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Special Report

Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Investment in Prison Reform Failed. Why Do They Consider It a Success?

This is why we shouldn’t expect a financial return on social programs.
Michelle Chen

You probably haven’t heard of “social-impact bonds,” but policymakers are already placing their bets on this complicated investment vehicle. Inspired by the market logic that can turn your risk into someone else’s reward, a social-impact bond is a financing mechanism that enables a private investor to front money to fund… Continue Reading >

The Score

What Amazon Didn’t Understand About Overwork

Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you… slower.

Bryce Covert

How the Rich Can Keep Their Homes, Businesses, Artwork, and Wealth Tax-Free—Forever

Dynasty trusts enable the wealthy to control their assets even beyond the grave.

Mike Konczal

The Stealthy Way Employers Keep Women Out of the Workforce

In the 21st century, the worker is still assumed to be a man.

Bryce Covert

Activists Unite

Tell the Democratic Party: We Need More Debates

With only six primary debates scheduled, the DNC is doing the party—and our democracy— a disservice.

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